Archetypes by Caroline Myss


Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to certain people, ideas, or products and turned off by others? Are you constantly searching for something you can’t put your finger on, or wondering whether you are living a life that truly fits?In Archetypes, New York Times best-selling author Caroline Myss delves into the world of archetypes, which have been the subject of her work for more than 25 years. Archetypes are universal patterns of behavior...

Details Archetypes

Release DateJan 8th, 2013
PublisherHay House
GenreNonfiction, Psychology, Self Help, Spirituality, Leadership, Philosophy, Language, Writing, Audiobook, Sociology, Education

Reviews Archetypes

  • Yaaresse
    Anyone looking for Archetypes to serve up a scoop of Jung or Greek mythos is going to be sorely disappointed. Anyone expecting deep thought about what makes people tick will be equally disappointed. Anyone looking for the kind of no-nonsense straight talk Myss dished out in Why People Don't Heal or Anatomy of Spirit is really going to be disappointed. This book seems to exist primarily as a lead-in to yet another social networking site -- as if t...
  • Cynthia
    In "Archetypes" Myss provides some interesting broad categories of personality types. She aims her book toward women. The categories make sense and provide some insight concerning what motivates people. She also gives her thoughts on the pitfalls inherent in each orientation as well as what their strengths are.There's nothing terrible or wrong thinking about the book but I think others have provided better information for instance enneagrams espe...
  • Sarah Ansani
    I didn't care too much for this book. Prior to reading the book, I visited the website to see what the test consisted of and what archetypes I possessed. Taking the archetype test was no more complicated than a Cosmopolitan quiz that tells you where you rank on the kinky scale. I thought that the test was obvious and poorly created. Also, I felt that the archetypes themselves didn't allow ENOUGH wiggle-room for other personality...
  • Michaela
    Nepýtal sa ma niekto na túto knihu nedávno? Archetypy: Zistite svoj typ a pochopte, kto ste. od Caroline Mess. Ono ten názov všetko vysvetľuje, škoda aj čítať. Autorka sa pohybuje v oblasti energetického liečiteľstva - jednotlivcom ohodnotí zdravie ich energetického anatomického systému (úprimný job, kde hovorí, čo si myslí, že prečo si ktorú chorobu zaslúžite :)). A ak neviete, aký archetyp ste, prečítajte si jednot...
  • house targaryen
    Eh. I don't want to choose my personality type from a list where "Fashonista" is an option. (Isn't 'Fashonista' the absence of personality - or at the very most a hobby?) Would rather have a more scientific basis. But it may be good for some people who are just starting the journey.For me The Wisdom of the Enneagram: The Complete Guide to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for the Nine Personality Types was more useful/relevant. This is just way ...
  • Esma Tezgi
    Kitabı arka kapak yazısından etkilenip almıştım açıkçası beklediğim gibi çıkmadı. Yazar arketipleri güzel ele almış ancak bazı arketipler biraz sığdı, sanki biraz daha üzerine uğraşılmalıydı. Arketipler düzenliydi ve güzel anlatılmış özellikle önerilerde yazar çok güzel kısımlara değinmiş. Dili akıcıydı, yazarın örneklerle konuyu anlatması da kitabı sıkıcı olmaktan kurtarmış. Kolay okudum, sık...
  • Zenon Mesić
    I was wondering why all recent reviews were 3- stars. Now I understand.The author is not stupid, but she's not that smart either. I wish this was written by someone with a bigger picture in mind. This was too shallow for my taste.Before writing about percentages and possibilities, the author should take a lession in probability theory lol. This was ridiculous.
  • Jaymi
    Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book from Jung defines archetype as an ancient, or archaic image, which derives from the collected unconscious. Archetypes help us identify themes and learn ways to connect to the world around. I'm a tarot reader, and in tarot, archetypes are important. Which is why I was curious to read Archetypes by Caroline Myss. This book introduces the reader to archetypes "and how they affect every a...
  • Deb
    **Who are you?**Obviously, that’s not the easiest question to answer, and one that hangs in the background for much of our lives. Although self-discovery is an infinite and ongoing process, many systems and approaches have been created to help us define and understand just who the heck we are. This book looks at how archetypes have contributed to that self-discovery quest: “The language of archetypes is the universal language of the human so...
  • JoAnn
    I love Caroline Myss' writing. I find her deeply thoughtful, always offering up new topics and/or new ways to approach what we think are old topics. I've read Sacred Contracts, but found the self-investigative work exhausting (this, from someone who has made a life of understanding herself deeply!). TAKE THE ONLINE QUIZ!!! Start there. It will give you answers in a nano-second that would otherwise take you hours to get to, and some of those answe...
  • Ashley
    I've always loved and understood archetypes, so I enjoyed the personal application of them to my life and personality. (For the record, I am an Artist, a Caregiver, and an Intellectual.) I think that the writing style was very accessible and objective, however, I did miss the author's personality a little. I do think that the objectivity was appropriate, though, or else it would have felt like she was imposing her personal philosophy on me. As it...
  • Arminda Lindsay
    I'm a fan girl of Caroline Myss and make no effort to hide that fact. Anything and everything she says, I'm paying attention. She is my go-to resource for all things archetypes and all things chakra-related. The Audible version is a live presentation in which she discusses her book of the same name, so I have not yet read this book. My comments relate only to the presentation I heard. The one thing I will say is depending on which presentation yo...
  • Allison
    This book is formed on a somewhat incorrect premise. There are personality types, which is what the Meyers-Briggs Test or the Enneagram measure, and there are archetypes, which represent an idea, or blueprint for what we wish to be. We do not fit into archetypes, rather, we choose archetypes. Other people can perceive you as an entirely different archetype than what you would choose for yourself. Actors are often cast in terms of archetype.In add...
  • Herve Tunga
    Good for Archetypes description. Not for much else as it's plague by stereotypes of various kind (some valid other less so in my opinion).
  • Fack You
    Repetitive, nothing new... I felt a slight twinge of feminism in the writing, and it was all kind of the same for every archetype. There were only a couple that I actually thought were appealing, so obviously, I didn't read all of them. The whole thing feels like it was written in about 2 seconds, mostly copied and pasted, and you would expect better quality for a hardcover book that's popular in current non-fiction. All the information in the bo...
  • Rj Price
    Total waste of my time
  • Lori
    interesting, but not "revolutionary"...could easily pick out some of my friends! lol But I'm a "mutt" of an archetype!Took all of a hour to absorb...!
  • A'isha Rahman
    Excellent ReadAs always, Caroline Myss provides guidance and insight into not only our minds but our spirit. My fav author this year!!!
  • Jessica
    to be fair -- i mostly just skimmed through this entire book. but my overall impression was that it wasn't as helpful as i thought it should be even if it DID help me to clarify for myself where my strengths and proclivities lie. it was actually pretty interesting to discover that i'm not really what i've always thought i was. if that makes sense. i guess what i should say is that i've always thought of myself as more of an "intellectual." but ba...
  • Kami Bumgardner
    *Allow me to preface with the fact that I listened to this on an audio book* While the subject matter was highly interesting, it kind of felt like being yelled at by your mother most of the time. I'm sure Caroline Myss is one smart cookie, and she clearly knows her stuff....she does like to put it to you a bit harshly. I will be investigating more on archetypes, though, so I guess it was effective!
  • Milda
    The feminist part of me was getting angry way too often while reading this book. I wish the book was written to everyone, who is interested in archetypes and not directed (mostly) for women. I only read the parts, which I think describes my type, but a week later I already don’t remember anything apart of the unpleasant feeling left by the book.
  • Kirsten
    I rated it three stars but I didn't actually "like" the book; I liked the ideas in it. The book is pretty dry and boring. I could probably have just bounced around on the website and gotten the same information. If you like personality tests and things of similar ilk, I recommend the website for typing and familiarizing yourself with the concepts and keeping the book as a reference.
  • Jo-ann Albano
    Loved the book. Love the archetypes. The way it is layed out helped me to get to know the archetypes. I feel like this is one of those books that you need to own and revisit. Certain archetypes are more present in different parts of our lives and the chapters serve as a reference for looking in deeper.
  • Dace Puga
    Vēl viena sistēma ar kuras palīdzību iespējams sevi un citus definēt un atrast lielajā personības dažādo šķautņu "kokteilī". Viegli lasāma grāmata pēc kuras gribas uzspēlēt online testu savas personības atklāšanai caur arhetipiem (ja nu gadījumā to neizdevās atrast, lasot par populārākajiem un vusbiežāk izplatītajiem).
  • Bek Graham
    A clear overview on the various different personalities and finding your own archetype to enhance your development in both the workplace and personal life. I found this book applicable to me for understanding my own personality traits
  • Cass
    Fascinating insight into Jung’s archetypes, though the addition of new types such as fashionista and networker were a bit odd (probably because I don’t understand either). It was fun to go in assuming I was one thing and then discovering I fit into a completely different category.
  • Janet Mary Cobb
    With a focus on archetypes for women, I find this a quick and easy read to tap into what drives you. Whether you are just discovering archetypes or looking for a fresh perspective - Myss provides great insight.
  • Karen
    This is an amazing introduction to Archetypes of the soul and what that means. It is a good general understanding, but the archetypes listed seemed a bit one-dimensional. Even with that, it is well worth the read.
  • Beatrice
    Ļoti klišejiska. Katru arhetipu varēja analizēt arī dziļāk.