Whence Came a Prince (Lowlands of Scotland, #3) by Liz Curtis Higgs

Whence Came a Prince (Lowlands of Scotland, #3)

The Scottish Lowlands, Summer 1790Jamie McKie is determined to return to his ancestral home in Glen Trool and claim his inheritance—a harrowing journey that will test the depth of his courage and the strength of his sword. Haunted by a shameful past and wrestling with an uncertain future, Jamie must outwit his devious Uncle Lachlan and confront the two men he most fears: Evan, the brother whose inheritance he stole, and Alec, the father whom he...

Details Whence Came a Prince (Lowlands of Scotland, #3)

TitleWhence Came a Prince (Lowlands of Scotland, #3)
Release DateMar 15th, 2005
PublisherWaterbrook Press
GenreChristian Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Christian, Fiction, Romance

Reviews Whence Came a Prince (Lowlands of Scotland, #3)

  • Cynthia
    The third book's plot is equally annoying. In the third book, Jamie is tormented by his love for Leanna but his duty towards Rose. Oh poor Jamie--yeah right. But in a short two months, he is in love with Rose! Talk about flip flopping.Jamie decides to leave his miserly uncle with both Rose and Leanna--and get this-- both are pregnant with his child. Leanna again the unselfish one, helps Rose thoughout her pregnancy. Just before reaching Jamie's h...
  • Royce
    Getting sick of this family and their angst. This is how it goes... Boy meets girl, falls in love. Girl does not love boy back but girl's sister loves him, secretly. Boy proposes to indifferent girl. Girl accepts after her father insists. Girl stuck in a storm, cannot get back to marry boy so (besotted) sister marries him by PROXY. Unfortunately, spends the night with him by proxy too. Boy does not realize he has the wrong sister in his bed til m...
  • Rebecca Kurtz
    Shame on Christian authors who re-write the Bible...So what's next from this author? Joseph goes to Egypt, has a passionate affair with Potipher's wife, and starves his family to death for sinning against him?Oh wait, we can't have a Joseph, because Joseph's character is miscarried in her series. In the Bible, God blesses and speaks to Rachel's (Rose's) children, not Leah's. It seems to me that in God's eyes, Rachel was Jacob's intended. Yet in t...
  • Carolyn C.
    I have completed reading all three books in this series of historical novels which take place in the Scottish Lowlands late 1700's. Book 1 - "Thorn in My Heart" (I should have gotten a clue when I read the title!!) I found myself thrown into an emotional upheaval...what was this author doing to my mind and emotions?? Twist, twist, twist...rip, rip, rip...angst, angst, angst!! I hate feeling manipulated!! I gave the book 3 stars...but then, of cou...
  • Trisha
    LOVED this book. It pretty much concludes the story of the 3 main characters, even though there is a 4th book in the series(that one focuses on the next generation). I was so reluctant to read these after the first few chapters of Thorn in My Heart. I know the Bible story of Jacob/Leah/Rachel-it's not a happy story, so I wasn't sure I wanted to read a fictional retelling, let alone one contained in 4 volumes! It wasn't until I hit the halfway poi...
  • SavageGrace
    I could not help but shake my head and fists in frustration over these books. The fact that ANYONE would overlook how manipulative and simply heartless Rose was, was just so unbelievable! Rose was, simply put, a wholly unlikable character. I did not find her "love" to be true at all; she was obsessed with Leana (whom I keep calling as Leah...) and Jamie and set-out to make Leana as unhappy as possible and win Jamie, despite knowing he and Leana b...
  • Anne
    After reading #2 in this series, I jumped over books which I shoud have read first, because I just could not wait to see the final story of Leana, Jamie and Rose. This too will tug at your heartstrings, and cause you to wonder-"could I be so brave?" I do not think I could, and it has to have a tragedy happen in order to have a happy ending. These three books are all highly recommended. A must read for lovers of Scottish Historical fiction.
  • Lela
    I started reading this book, and after the first 3 chapters (when I realized what it was about) I put it down. Its about an interesting subject, and I highly reccomend you don't read this book. Its very strange.
  • Kristen
    I lost alot of sleep for these books! But it was totally worth it :) I could not stop reading, and when I absolutely had to, I couldn't stop thinking about getting back to reading. As with any good story, finishing is bittersweet. I'm sad there's no more(since I already read the next one), but I'm glad to know how it all worked out. I don't think there was a time in the whole series when I didn't absolutely love Leana and most of the time wanted ...
  • Elizabeth Gaskins
    I loved this book as much as I loved the other two. I honestly recommend it to everyone!! It is a wonderful end to a long, emotional journey and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However for those who worry about the change from the original Biblical story, I will repeat what I said in my review of Fairer is the Rose:"While I understand people's frustration (I hate incorrect division of the Word of God as much as the next person) but I think what would he...
  • Sheeroh
    I loved this book! The portrayal of the characters gave me a new perspective on the Bible characters Jacob, Rachel and Leah...and I've always thought of Leah as the bad girl who interfered with Jacob and Rachel's romance, but, after reading this book, I understood the complexity of the situation much better.I can't wait to read the other books in the series.
  • Susan Kauffman
    I did not even get very far in this book...it was awful..and way too long. One of the reasons that I wanted to read this series was to find out how she would modernize this story from the bible...and it was not done very well! I am a huge Liz Curtis Higgs fan so this book/series is a huge disappointment!!
  • Kim
    Amazingly, Liz Curtis Higgs brings the story of Rose, Leana and Jamie to a place you where can accept the character's decisions and be content with the outcome , even though it was an emotional ride along the way. This was a wonderful story told over the span of three books - all great reads!
  • joy *the clean-reader extraordinaire*
    70% fabulous10% skim-time stuffing20% somebody take me to scotland NOWpg with adult themes and events
  • T.J.
    You know the story of Pride Prejudice. Of Sense and Sensibility. Of one man falling in love with one woman and wooing them until they're wed. Do you like those stories? Well this story is nothing like that. I cannot say that I "read" this story. I pretty much "skimmed" the last two and a half books in my haste to find out how this story could actually end with me feeling less infuriated than I was while reading it. (I do admit to having jumped to...
  • Joleen
    Two words...560 pages! (OK that was a number and a word...whatever!) But seriously, 560 PAGES!! Only 54% into this book and it feels like it will never end.Apparently the series is based on the story of Jacob and Esau. It's not truly a biblical retelling because it's not biblically accurate. The Leah and Rachel type characters (Leana and Rose) are actually reversed. But the story is very similar, albeit based in 18th century Scotland. For anyone ...
  • Rose
    I loved it! I had mixed feelings in the end. Although I was happy for Leana, I was sad how it all worked out. I loved Rose’s spunk and her revenge on her father! Then how she resolved it. Throughout the series I was impressed with the author’s knowledge and understanding of the Bible and her ability to use them as a strength for the faithful characters and as a weapon by others. I also loved how she illustrated throughout the series how forgi...
  • K.J.
    If you finished book two and you're contemplating burning it- don't stop there! READ BOOK THREE!!!!!! Oh my goodness, this book series is one that will stick with me forever. I cannot get enough of Ms. Higgs' writing. Phenomenal. Her characters are both lovable and loathsome. She has a true talent and is not one to pass over!! Book three was a beautiful finish to the story of Rose, Leana, and Jamie.... though I'm excited for Book four which explo...
  • Kw
    I'm ambivalent about this book. Crazy plot and a hard-to-believe love story - or stories. Also it was very long, though fairly predictable. But I finished it, so I must have enjoyed it! An interesting look into Scots history, but the dialect became pretty tedious. I love Scotland and always look forward to novels set there, but enough is sometimes too much!
  • Georgie
    It's the perfect ending for these characters. This book makes you anxious, makes you cry, and laugh. You so desperately want them to get together. Liz Curtis Higgs is my favourite author. She writes in a way that really makes you feel for her characters. These are a must-read.
  • Christina
    So harrrrd! Considering the parallels to the story of Rachel, Jacob, and Leah in the Bible, this is a frustrating read. But overall, the writing and story are good.
  • Karye Cook
    Without giving away any spoilers, this is the heaviest book (emotionally) in the series.
  • Jeff Danhauer
    A pleasant read. A very thinly disguised retelling of the Biblical story of Jacob & Esau Rachel & Leah.
  • Daisey
    Finally, resolution. If you like to be sad, cry and be furious read the whole series. Otherwise, stop at the first book.
  • Karen Amburgey
    Could not make it to Chapter 3. Boring.
  • Jenny
    I could not have imagined a more fickle man than the main character in this series. I don’t know why I kept reading each book.
  • Ruth
    This was a wonderful finale to the tale of Leana, Jamie and Rose. I simply adore Higgs' writing style. I truly feel like I've stepped back in time to the late 18th century in Scotland each time I open the book. I love the poem excerpts at every chapter heading. I have to admit all three books were incredibly painful to read for me, but then I believe that was the point. The story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel is far from a fairytale romance, and I be...
  • Kathryn
    Third in a Romantic Historical trilogy. This story is loosely based on the Biblical story of Jacob. Quotes from the book and the summary from the cover: “Leana sank into a curtsy, thinking to put their relationship on the proper footing. “ I will make myself useful in the kitchen, dear cousin.” Jamie placed his hand under her chin, slowly lifting her face until they were poised a handbreadth apart. ‘Cousin?’ he said, his voice rough wit...
  • Deborah
    In the Scottish Lowlands, it is the summer of 1790, and Jamie McKie is the prodigal returning home in the hopes they have forgiven him from his shameful past. His father Alec, whom he deceived, and his brother Evan, who's inheritance he stole. Wrestling his fears of a confrontation, and trying to stay a step ahead of his devious uncle Lachlan, Jamie is pressed on all sides to make the hardest decisions of his life.Two women lay claim to him and h...