The Fresh 20 by Melissa Lanz

The Fresh 20

The Fresh 20, the popular budget-friendly meal-planning service founded by working mother Melissa Lanz, is now a cookbook, offering families an all-natural and easy approach to mealtimes.Using just 20 organic, non-processed ingredients per week, home cooks can create 5 wholesome, delicious meals in just minutes. A busy home cook herself, Lanz understands the “What’s for dinner?” conundrum and has developed a program that gives parents healt...

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TitleThe Fresh 20
Release DateFeb 19th, 2013
PublisherWilliam Morrow Cookbooks
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food, Foodie, Health

Reviews The Fresh 20

  • Elizabeth
    The Fresh 20 is a meal-planning service that uses only twenty seasonal ingredients per week to cook five weeknight dinners. The mission is to improve family food culture by focusing on whole foods the entire family can enjoy.Really liked this simple cookbook. Many of the recipes are easy to make and the focus is on using unprocessed food. I have never been a big meal planner but instead prefer to do most of my cooking for the week on Sundays. I d...
  • Larissa Langsather
    I absolutely love this cookbook! It has helped me try different things and keep things seasonal. This book is laid out in 4 sections- spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season has 4 weeks worth of dinner meals for 4 people- Monday thru Friday (so a week of meals is 5 meals). My biggest thing when trying to switch over to real foods was getting rid of all my fail safe casseroles and pre-made soups. I really wanted to incorporate more produce i...
  • Stephanie
    Meh. I made a few things from here, and nothing was particularly exciting or delicious. The whole thing is essentially an attempt to sell their menu planning service.
  • lisa
    Love the shopping lists, and the lists of seasonal vegetables. I wish there wasn't so many recipes based on starch, but I can work around it.
  • Dana Thomas
    This cookbook is finally the book that I've been looking for! I've always struggled with meal planning (this book has 16 weeks planned, 5 meals per week!), making out a grocery list (each week provides the list for you!), picking recipes with the right fruits and veggies in season, too much wasted food when I buy an ingredient and don't use it all. It also has prep ahead steps laid out for certain recipes to help get dinner on the table faster! W...
  • Emily
    This book really helped me with meal planning. I didn't really save any of the recipes though, since they didn't really appeal to me and some of them weren't really what I needed. But I did apply the meal planning part, and it's worked out great so far.
  • Monique
    Well organized with simple recipes and readily available fresh ingredients. Seemed similar to the idea of whole food eating/paleo since processed foods are not allowed. The menus, time saving tips and leftover remakes will truly assist the working cook.
  • Hailee
    I just glanced at it and want to give it a try. It was a library book so I had to return it before I could make full use of it.
  • Laura
    Totally family-friendly, it's a technique as well cookbook. The recipes here don't use too many ingredients, and it's basically a way for you to get dinner on the table quickly, intelligently and relatively healthy. You do have to cook every night (and there's only one crockpot recipe), and there aren't a ton of lunch leftovers. But this is a smart cookbook for families.She really hypes her meal-planning service,and features some of her clients. ...
  • Jess
    I give the author of this book lots of credit for planning these meals out and actually following through with it. I don't think that I would follow this book word for word, but it gave me some great ideas. Some recipes looked very good and I'll hopefully get a chance to try them soon. The idea behind this book is great: more fresh food and no processed food. It's something that I've been trying to incorporate lately.
  • Monica
    Save your time and money. This is a great concept, and maybe the weekly online version works. However, there are some problems with these recipes. This is especially true for a beginner cook. Most people that already cook on a regular basis are already using this concept. I really wanted to like this because this is the way people could get the most out of cooking. The recipes leave too much detail out for the average cook.
  • Nicole Hanson
    My husband and I own a LOT of cookbooks and this one is by far my favorite! Our family wanted to try eating more unprocessed foods and we really didn't know where to start. We were getting so bored of our usual rotation of baked everything so I turned to this book for help. Not only is every meal DELICIOUS, they are also NEW and have allowed us to try so many things that we probably would have turned our nose up to before. If there was a lunch co...
  • Stephanie Weaver
    Gorgeous book, perfect for busy families who need meal planning and want to eat healthier. Some vegetarian recipes, and gluten-free options are noted. Not recommended for vegans. Here's my full review with photos of what I made:
  • Lisa
    Love the idea of having someone else do my meal planning, make my grocery list and make sure I have a plan to use my leftovers. I also appreciate that the book takes advantage of seasonal food. I've tried a summer week and my family liked the meals so will be trying out some of the other menus.
  • Nancy
    Interesting concept, but nothing most cooks don't do already such as making extra rice for a meal later in the week. The menus are very thin on components. Most have only two dishes and frequently just one! Very few people will be satisfied eating just spinach strata for dinner without even a salad on the side. Or just pureed strawberry gazpacho and crostini as an entire dinner.
  • Erin
    This cookbook is unique (to me!) because each "chapter" is divided into a week's worth of meals. For each week there is a shopping list and "prep ahead" list. I would love to own this eventually because it's exactly how I plan (and how my mom taught me to plan) grocery lists and dinners each week. The recipes are easy to follow and healthy, too!
  • Jennifer
    I needed a reboot to my meal plans, and I liked the free plan I tried online. The book has good variety of flavors. My food budget did rise a bit (there was far more meat served than we usually eat), even when subbing out tofu and lentils in places that call for shrimp and ground meat. There were many recipes later in the book that don't seem like full meals.
  • CharityJ
    Great photos, good writing, informative and well organized, like the way it's organized by seasons and that there's a weekly shopping list. Recipes seemed rather quick, easy and like stuff you'd actually eat.
  • Elizabeth
    This book is a great help for me- I have been looking for an affordable meal planning guide to assist me in my goals to eat more organically and totally eliminate processed foods. I really like her practical advice. I really liked it!
  • Andrea
    I wanted to like this book, and I want something like this to work for me, but this is not going to be it. Most of the stuff in here is either things we wouldn't eat, things my husband would not consider "a meal", or things that take way more time than I have.
  • Amy
    Love this cookbook. I have made 6 recipes and my whole family has loved them. Can't wait to make the rest on my list. No processed foods, the home made ketchp was fantastic and I dont think I will be buying ketchup again.
  • Erika
    Some of the recipes in this book sound delicious and I loved the idea that they were organized by the week. Unfortunately, I never found a whole week of recipes that sounded appealing, but I certainly found a few new ideas to try.
  • Kathryn
    I so liked the layout by season of this cookbook. Being retired my husband and I don't have the rush at getting dinner on the table anymore as we did when we were both working. This cookbook has some great meals, easy shopping lists and she also has a website with more meal planning.
  • Maureen
    Couldn't really enjoy the book because it's organization was confusing & the worst part were the errors in directions. The info she was giving was just plain common sense. When I tried checking out the website I found that you have to pay for a subscription to view anything.
  • Sarah
    I love the concept of the book. The menu plans using seasonal ingredients. Well laid out and lots of good pictures. However, the meals are not very frugal. For this frugally minded lady, I can do the same thing with more affordable ingredients.
  • Paula Luna
    Great recipe book that helps plan a week of groceries and meals using mostly whole fresh foods. The kids have even liked the recipes I've made so far.
  • Bunny
    Clever idea, but I only ended up with one keeper recipe.
  • Ruthie
    Another great cookbook. I liked this one so much I added it to my collection when I returned the copy I'd checked out from the library.