The Food52 Cookbook, Volume 2 by Amanda Hesser

The Food52 Cookbook, Volume 2

The Food52 Cookbook was named one of the Best Cookbooks of 2011. Now Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, the pioneers of the online community cookbook return with a second helping of delicious, seasonal recipes from the country’s most inventive home cooks.

Details The Food52 Cookbook, Volume 2

TitleThe Food52 Cookbook, Volume 2
Release DateDec 18th, 2012
PublisherWilliam Morrow Cookbooks
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Reference, Nonfiction

Reviews The Food52 Cookbook, Volume 2

  • Robert Hudder
    Maybe it is the fact that I am messing with a Thanksgiving recipe or just finally getting the draw of Food52 but this is the book that gave me the impetus for signing up for the website. I saved the recipes that I wanted from the book. These recipes are organized in a seasonal way and according to the site. So, the recipes located there are good but many are adaptations on a theme. I did save a few recipes and there was a reminder for making a sp...
  • Ariste Egan
    Excellent recipes, both savory and sweet -- and even a few delicious cocktail recipes thrown in. Beautiful photographs as well.
  • Rebecca
    Pictures of recipes? Yes.Commentary on recipes? Yes.Nutrition facts? No.Recipe Style? Lots of variations on familiar dishes.Any keepers? Not really.
  • Laura
    seasonal recipies
  • Stephanie Addie
    I only wrote up one recipe from the cookbook. It's for Salvadoran breakfast pancakes and it looks great and can not wait to make them in the near future
  • Erin
    I don't know that I would want to own this, as beautiful it is to flip through, because it is based on an online cooking community and most recipes will be found there. However the idea behind the project is unique and makes the experience for these home cooks worthwhile. Unless your recipe is included, or one of a family member or friend, this is one worth borrowing from the library as opposed to purchasing.
  • Libraryassistant
    Oh my! I love both volumes of Food 52. First, the recipes - everything I have tried came out scrumptious and a definite step up from the usual...But just as fun are the comments from those in the Food52 community who've tried it, varied it, etc. I know the recipes are likely on the website, but I want to buy this so I can get short rib juices and fig jam all over its pages instead of my iPad!
  • Julia
    I read 3 Food52 cookbooks at once. they all came in from the library at once. (Why does that always happen?) Anyway - I'm up to my eyeballs with eagerness to try many of these recipes and ideas. Love the Food52 community - what a great food resource!
  • Christine
    Photo's are lovely. Some of the ingredients are like WTF is that... I love that you can find all the recipes online on their website. I definitely saved a bunch to try later. Not a cookie cutter cookbook I really enjoyed it overall.
  • Christi Anthony
    The recipes are very good -- most are pretty simple, easy to follow. I had to adapt to make them gluten free.The book layout organization could use some work. Its not intuitive -- and the seasonal divisions don't necessarily fit.
  • Lisa
    Another fantabulous cookbook by Food52. I pretty much love everything they put together and how they present real-people recipes with some fun or serious love of cooking. Probably won't buy this one, but I'll check it out at the library every few years most likely...
  • Susie Steadman
    beautiful photos, tasty recipes. my favorite kind of cookbook. I'm looking forward to making a few of the cake recipes for new years day.
  • Heidi
  • Terry
    Did not think this one was as good as the first. A few good recipes though.
  • Heather
    An essential cookbook for any cook's library.