Gronk Volume 1 (Gronk, #1) by Katie Cook

Gronk Volume 1 (Gronk, #1)

Gronk is a monster... and not a very good one. Gronk tells the tale of a young monster who has turned her back on monsterdom (mostly because no one found her scary) and has become fascinated with humans. She moves in with her human friend Dale and her pets Kitty and Harli, a 160 lb. Newfoundland Dale wants to declare as a dependent to the IRS. Enjoy the first installment from this popular kids webcomic in a wonderful, full-color collection!

Details Gronk Volume 1 (Gronk, #1)

TitleGronk Volume 1 (Gronk, #1)
Release DateMar 3rd, 2015
PublisherDiamond Book Distributors
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Humor, Childrens, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Graphic Novels Comics, Juvenile, Picture Books

Reviews Gronk Volume 1 (Gronk, #1)

  • Mydnight
    This is such a cute book.
  • verbava
    чарівна історія про жінку, собаку, кицю (точніше, двох: живу і плюшеву) і монстерку, які живуть десь у глибокій канадській провінції. монстерці, суцільному втіленню мімімішності, погано ведеться у лісі з рештою чудовиськ, тож вона прибивається до л...
  • Li Or
    This Comic book is around 55 pages filled with short stories about Gronk, a cute, friendly monster who really acts a lot like a child, and her mommy-esque human housemate who took her in, Dale Wilco.About the Artwork: BEAUTIFUL illustrations that are of the highest standard you can get, in my opinion. All the characters are super cute - they'd actually make great plushies I think! I loved everything about the artwork from the style of the drawing...
  • Attila Cthulhuson
    I was intrigued by the beginning story where Gronk left the world of monsters, but once he started living with the human there was no overarching story, just single comics of cutesy monster things. This isn't so much of a volume of continuing stories as it is a compilation of single comics. Since this isn't what I was expecting I got bored half way through the book and quit. Flipping to random pages, most pages stand alone, and many are pretty fu...
  • A Reader's Heaven
    (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)Gronk is a monster... and not a very good one. Gronk tells the tale of a young monster who has turned her back on monsterdom (mostly because no one found her scary) and has become fascinated with humans. She moves in with her human friend Dale and her pets Kitty and Harli, a 160 lb. Newfoundland Dale wants to declare as a dependent to the IRS.This is a delightf...
  • Chris
    Review based on a digital ARC provided by Netgalley.Okay, seriously? This is the cutest comic I have seen in a long time! I absolutely adore Gronk - and all of her friends. This charming little monster who is too sweet to scare anyone is just wonderful. People of all ages will enjoy reading about her daily life, which features many adventures into her quite active imagination. The bit in which Gronk decides to join the cat in the box - and the sc...
  • Raina
    Cute short form pieces about the hijinks of an adorable monster (what?!? how groundbreaking!?!). Great, exemplary, but not exactly innovative.I mean, yeah, it's adorable and harmless and bright full color, but I don't feel like the gaze here is KID. The monster is definitely being seen from a parental view. Or maybe that's just where I am lately. Anyway, this and Copper by Kazu Kibuishi seem like they belong on the same shelf - ALL AGES, not Juv...
  • Lea Bowski
    One word: Adorable. This is the perfect book for kids and adults. I've been a fan of artist Katie Cook for a while now. In fact every year I make sure to visit her table at SDCC so I can get a small card sketch of my dog or a friend's pet. (She's awesome - she does sketch cards while you wait & only charges $5.00 for them. Get there early because she's so awesome there's usually a line!) Anyway, I've heard of her comic, Gronk, for a while but unt...
  • Diana
    I first discovered Gronk during FCBD 2015, but I wish I had been following Katie Cook's webcomic from the beginning because I totally LOVE Gronk! This adorable little monster stole my heart on page one, and now I look forward to a weekly update online. :-) This is a great all-ages graphic novel that the whole family will enjoy. While definitely kid-friendly, Cook slips many grown-up references and jokes into her comic strips for parents and older...
  • Andréa
    Totally adorable. Kid-friendly, but with plenty of references and appeal for grown-ups, too.Note: I received a digital galley of this book through NetGalley.
  • Scott Robins
    A slim volume of printed webcomics about a young woman and a cute little monster. Short gag comics that have dated pop culture references that kids might not get, but nonetheless still a fun read.
  • Jeanne
    A super cute, beautiful drawn and colored, comic strip about a geeky girl and her monster friend. As well as her cat and dog. Very enjoyable read.
  • Miss Ryoko
    What a cute comic!! And of course, I have to love Dale! She's got a good sense of pop culture love (loved her No H8 shirt!!) and of course, all the Harry Potter greatness (mostly Harli dressed as HP for Halloween)I'll definitely check out the others!
  • Ana
    Very cute collection of a webcomic series. Suitable for all ages. Loved all the "geek" references. I originally picked it up due to being a fan of the artist in general but really enjoyed this sweet little volume.
  • Heidi
    pretty cute!
  • Roy
    Katie Cook's artwork is a delight!
  • Kaitlin Smith
    Cute and simple.
  • Ian Wood
    This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either wor...
  • Dani Shuping
    Gronk is a monster....just not a very good one. She doesn’t fit in with the other monsters because she’s just too darn nice! She can’t really scare anyone, she doesn’t like scaring people, and well...she’s kinda cuddly looking. Monsterdom kicks her out and she’s kinda on her own until she meets her new friend Dale. Dale invites Gronk home to live with her pets Kitty and a 160lb Newfoundland named Harli. Gronk discovers there’s more ...
  • Mallory (toweroftomes)
    Review originally posted to my blog The Leaning Tower of Tomes: https://leaningtoweroftomes.wordpress...THE REVIEW:This review is coming to you in 5 parts.1) Gronk isn’t good at being scary, so she leaves her fellow monsters and stumbles across a young woman named Dale who lives with her adorable fluffy companions Kitty and Harli. This book is a collection of short stories concerning Gronk’s new life.2) Harli the 160 pound Newfoundland was ho...
  • Carmen Marin
    Gronk is a small, cute monster who doesn't act very monster like. Luckily for her, she stumbles upon a reclusive human who's more than happy to take her in.The cover is cute and adorable, and definitely sets the tone for the book, in case you couldn't tell just by the summary. It's straightforward and pretty to look at.The art overall is very much like the cover. A distinctive and adorable design with bright colors. Every character is distinct, e...
  • Bruce Gargoyle
    I received a digital copy of this title from the publisher via Netgalley.Ten Second Synopsis:A not so scary monster is adopted by a lady with a cat and large dog and learns to fit in with the seriously weird human world.Gronk is a little, not very scary monster. After leaving Monsterland, due to her lack of scaring ability, Gronk is picked up by Dale, a human lady, and taken home to live with Kitty (Dale’s cat) and Harli (Dale’s Newfoundland ...
  • BookmarksandBookshelves
    I’ve been following Katie’s work for years and I often see her fandom art posted around the internet. Despite seeing images of Gronk on her blog, I have never read her Gronk comic strip. So of course, when I found a copy of the comic book at the library, I had to give it a read!This comic tells the story of Gronk, the friendly monster, moving in with Dale and learning to live in her world. She makes many amusing mishaps along the way – bath...
  • Suzanne
    If you know someone who is afraid of monsters, they need to read Gronk. Gronk is a monster who just isn't very monstrous. She leaves the rest of the monsters who tease her and even rip her stuffed Kitteh in half. Luckily, she meets a lady named Dale who takes her in. Gronk settles in to Dale's household along with Dales' pets, Kitty and Harli. Each little situation shows how modern human life appears to an outsider - and how appealing pop culture...
  • Wayne McCoy
    'Gronk Volume 1' by Katie Cook is an adorable story of a monster who no longer wants to be a monster and the new family she finds herself with.Gronk decides to leave her fellow monsters behind because they just don't find her very scary. She's actually pretty cute with her mop of orangish-blonde hair. When Gronk chases a kitty, she meets up with Dale who overcomes her immediate reaction and makes friends. Dale lives with her cat, Kitty, and her h...
  • Lindsey Lewis
    I received a free digital ARC of this book from NetGalley to review. My review was not required to be positive and all thoughts and opinions on the story are my own.Gronk: A Monster's Story Volume 1 brings the popular webcomic ( into full-color print.The story focuses on an adorable, friendly little monster named Gronk. She is not like other monsters and she is teased for being cute and weak, until one day she meets the kind human ...
  • Tat
    Originally posted at Read. Run. Study.From the description of the book, I expected a cute graphic novel with an overarching story arc and that is what I got for the first few pages. Unfortunately, the plot is lost shortly after the adorably child-like monster, Gronk, begins living with Dale (the human). At this point, the book reads as a collection of connected vignettes.Thankfully, the stories about Gronk’s little shenanigans as Dale introduce...
  • Elaine
    The players in this very cute comic book adventure are the adorable monster Gronk, Dale Wilco, Harli, Kitty and Kitteh. Gronk is fed up of the other monsters picking on her so she goes out of their homeland and, en route, finds a lovely kitten . . . . and then her human, Dale, who invites Gronk to live with them and so their adventures start!The book is beautifully illustrated, the characters appealing and the adventures as Dale tries to teach Gr...
  • Keith Irwin
    This is a collection of Katie Cook's web comic Gronk which is about a small monster who comes to live with a human. On the whole it's cute and I enjoyed it, but it started out feeling like it was going to be a story with Gronk maybe having adventures getting to know the human world. Instead, it quickly turns into the sort of ordinary web-comic format where most pages are just a one-off joke or something similar. I bought this because of how much ...
  • Lindsay
    Lovely, sweet and amusing, Gronk is an inventive comic and the art and words depict a great sense of humour and fun. Gronk is a lovely monster who isn't interested in scaring anyone; instead she enjoys company, friendship and adventure, and she finds all this when she meets Dale and accepts her kind invitation to move in with her and her pets Kitty the cat and Harli the dog. One of my favourite pages was the one where Gronk gets in the cardboard ...