Club Monstrosity (Monstrosity, #1) by Jesse Petersen

Club Monstrosity (Monstrosity, #1)

Natalie’s one of Frankenstein’s creations and works in a New York City morgue. So of course she needs therapy. She and her friends—er, fellow monsters—have formed the world’s most exclusive, most dysfunctional support group. What could go wrong?Undetected in the modern world and under pressure to stay that way, Natalie Grey, Dracula, Bob the Blob, and others (including the fetching wolfman Alec) meet regularly to talk about the pressure...

Details Club Monstrosity (Monstrosity, #1)

TitleClub Monstrosity (Monstrosity, #1)
Release DateApr 29th, 2013
PublisherPocket Star
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, Vampires, Shapeshifters, Werewolves, Humor, Horror, Zombies, Fiction

Reviews Club Monstrosity (Monstrosity, #1)

  • Bonnie
    My rating: 3 of 5 starsA copy of Club Monstrosity was provided to me by Pocket Star/Edelweiss for review purposes.In the basement of the Holy Heart church a group of individuals meet for Monstofelldosis (MFD) Anonymous meetings. These meetings are basically the most dysfunctional support group, as all of these eclectic individuals are monsters. Real. Life. Monsters. Natalie is one of Frankenstein’s creations, Alec is a werewolf, Kai is a mummy,...
  • Clare dooley
    Omg!! Is it appropriate to start a review that way? Oh anyone who reads mine knows I don't give a fuck! see I even spelled the word "fuck" in a review for people to read! I don't care:) Oh an annoying emoticon pleasure is waning. So before I completely get off track I want to say I loved this book! I'm totally crushing on all of it! Even while arguing with my man, the allure of Doctor Who, & in general not being excited by ANYTHING I've re...
  • AH
    3.5 stars - If you are in the mood for a funny book, this is it. Club Monstrosity is a hilarious read! Imagine all of your favorite B movie monsters in a monster support group – Monstofellodosis Anonymous. They meet weekly in a church basement and all they want to do is fit into society and live quiet, peaceful lives. But all is not well in their world. Ellis the invisible man has been beaten to death and Bob the Blob has missed a meeting. Turn...
  • Heidi
    Three stars: A short but satisfying read with all the old time favorite monsters. Natalie tip toes into the Monster meeting, late again. She attends a weekly meeting for monsters. Her counterparts include: Dracula, a werewolf, mummy, swamp monster, Jekyl and Hyde, the Invisible Man, The Blob, and Natalie who is one of Frankenstein's monsters. For years, the monsters have hidden from humans to protect themselves. These days, they have earned a bit...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    Before I begin, I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a Netgalley advanced copy of this kooky little book which certainly doesn't hide its intentions to provide pure and unadulterated comedic entertainment. It's quite cheekily successful at it too, if I may say so myself! This book will be available on April 29, 2013.The basic premise behind Club Monstrosity is the question, What if all the monsters and paranormal creatures that hav...
  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: April 29, 2013Publisher: Simon & SchusterImprint: Pocket StarAuthor’s Website: Source for This Book: EdelweissPart of a Series: Yes, Book 1, Monstrosity SeriesSeries Best Read In Order: N/ASteam Level: ChastePet Peeves: No Smexin’Favorite Tropes: Physically Imperfect or Scarred (Heroine), Secret IdentityThough c...
  • Donald Armfield
    Petersen has created a monster. All those old school monster, black and white cliques come together in a group in a basement to discuss there hidden progress. When one of there own are offed they must work together or become the hunted.This has to be Petersen's breakthrough novel. a sequel on the horizon and great dialogue with all the monsters. Frankenstein's monster, swamp dweller, Dracula, werewolf, the blob and a few more a must read cult pop...
  • Melliane
    Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewI really enjoyed the "Living with the dead" series by Jesse Petersen, so I immediately wanted to get into this new one when I discovered its existence. I must say that the summary also really intrigued me. Why is that? I admit that I only had to read " Frankenstein’s creations " , "Dracula" and "Hyde" ... What an explosive mix would you say? And it is exactly that! I was very surprised to see so many famous...
  • Kathy Davie
    First in the Monstrosity funny chicklit/urban fantasy series revolving around a group of monsters just trying to survive.My TakeAt last! Petersen gives us the monsters' side of things. And it's too funny. I love it! I love getting the perspective on the daily issues monsters face. I love how Petersen melds the concept of the AA meeting with our idea of monsters. They're just regular people concerned about their jobs, being mugged, and obsessing a...
  • Rabidreading
    **Find this and other reviews @ The Demon Librarian**I love the premise for this book. I mean, c'mon, literary monsters holding regular support group meetings to help them survive and cope with life in the human world? Someone hunting down those same monsters and trying to kill them, just as they were killed in their stories? I was hooked before I even finished reading the book's blurb.Natalie Grey is the last surviving Frankenstein's monster (no...
  • Katie_la_geek
    For this review and more my blogYes, Jesse Petersen, Yes!I am a big fan of the urban fantasy genre but I do sometimes get a little fed up with the repetitive nature of it. Sometimes it is hard to find something new and original and I often find that they tend to follow the same patterns. Then Club Monstrosity came along and proved that there is still originality and imagination to be found in Urban Fantasy.This book was just such a breath of fres...
  • Jessie Potts
    3.5 StarsWhat it's about: Jesse has created a world where the monsters of the world are actually in need of a support group. The monsters meet once a week to talk about the pressures and issues with being infamous. There's every kind of monster in the group: Frankenstein's daughter, an Egyptian mummy, Dracula and a very cute wolfman. When one of their group members, the Invisible Man, is found dead the group must band together and find out the tr...
  • Wayne McCoy
    A group of monsters hiding in a modern city meet once a week in a church basement. It's a support group for the struggles they go through, but after all the years, it's gotten a bit tedious. Members include a mummy, a vampire, a werewolf, Jekyll & Hyde, and an invisible man.When the invisible man turns up dead, it's suspicious. When the leader of the group, a blob called Bob, also ends up dead, it seems like someone is hunting the monsters down. ...
  • Theresa
    Club Monstrosity (Club Monstrosity #1) by Jesse Petersen, is a light hearted story on the whole, but interesting none the less. What do you if you were a monster in the modern world? How would you fit in? There are self-help groups for alcoholics, for gamblers, and every other diverse form of life, why not monsters? At least that was what our characters thought they were dealing with. Just working through the modern world with all their history, ...
  • Mel
    I have so many other books to read right now and though I made it about halfway through Club Monstrosity, I just couldn't seem to get into it enough to want to finish the book. Maybe when I have more time I'll go back and try again but when you have a TBR list as big as mine and numerous books to review, you can't force yourself to read a book you don't love. I love the old monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.) so there was a a lot of potential ...
  • sj
    I'm having a difficult time figuring out what to say about this, since it is dangerously close to something I started writing last year for NaNoWriMo. Mine didn't feature monsters, but [REDACTED] instead - other than that, though, this story is eerily close to my outline. Blergh.
  • Alica McKenna-Johnson
    So much fun!!!! I have never read a book like this one, so unique, good mystery, believable monster characters, and SO SO funny!
  • Ziggy Nixon
    3 and 19/28ths stars! What an absolutely wonderful surprise!"Club Monstrosity" has shown up a few times recently in my recommended reading lists and after finding it for just around 3 bucks on a 'major supplier of e-books', I thought what the heck, let's go for it: if it stinks what the heck, I'll just click delete and toss it, right? But seriously, I couldn't be happier to let you know that I found this to be a very fun read and I'm so glad I br...
  • Cinzia
    Original, funny, unusual and so cute.I enjoyed a lot reading the story told in this first book of the Monstrosity series, I didn't know this author and she was a wonderful surprise.Natalie’s one of Frankenstein’s creations and works in a New York City morgue. So of course she needs therapy. She and her friends—er, fellow monsters—have formed the world’s most exclusive, most dysfunctional support group. What could go wrong?Undetected in ...
  • Christine
    I liked the characters in this book quite bit. Enough to investigate the next in the series.It was a fun ride, recommend.
  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    There are many support groups out there for all kinds of problems – and even the monsters have problems, albeit, rather more unusual ones than most people’s problems.Chief among them is not actually getting caught (made difficult because Dracula will not stop wearing that damn cape); but even that fades when they start disappearing – and turning up dead. And dead by the same methods as is found in their stories.This causes Natalie - Franken...
  • Dark Faerie Tales
    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales. Quick & Dirty: It’s hard enough to get through every day in New York as a monster straight out of the old horror movie, but its even harder to get through every day when there’s some lunatic trying to kill you and your friends.Opening Sentence: The basement of the Holy Heart Church on East 125th St in New York City smelled like a strange combination of dust, hundreds of years of age, and the leftovers of ...
  • Jaki
    So…The Wolfman, Dracula, The Mummy & Frankenstein’s Monster go into this bar, right?Wait, no, that’s not it. Not a bar…a therapy group, that’s it!Well, why not? There are therapy groups for everything – alchoholics, sex addicts, overeaters, bookaholics – so why not a therapy group for monsters? It must be tough in today’s world to be a monster – hiding from everyone yet trying to live a normal life, finding lotion for dried out ...
  • Mel
    Disclaimer I received this book for free through NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.To see the review with all the Glitz and Glam drop by My Blog and check it out.My ReviewWhen I requested this book at NetGalley, I did it solely because of its blurb. Who could turn down the chance to see our favorite classical monsters adjust to modern day times? That they feel that they need to have a support group in order to be able to deal with all th...
  • Jo
    Review copy provided by publisher via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest viewOriginally reviewed for and posted at Vampire Book ClubRating (out of 5): 4 starsI’m not entirely sure I would have picked up Club Monstrosity if I hadn’t been reviewing it, which would have a huge shame. I would have missed out on a fun, quirky and quite heartwarming story that was unlike anything I’ve read before.It centers around Natalie Gray, one of Frankenst...
  • Kristin
    3.5 stars My blogging bestie, Lisa at Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Reviews, mentioned this book to me so off I went to check it out (she orders me around a lot :) ). I thought it was such a unique premise that I snapped it up on Edelweiss. I really looked forward to reading it. As I read the ARC, I had some issues with the POV(s) and it took me a little bit to get into the groove of the story but once I did, I really enjoyed the eclectic group of...
  • Sarah
    See more reviews on The Best Books Ever!I didn't really know what to expect in reading this book, but I ended up loving it! Club Monstrosity was a fresh, unique look at traditional monsters in a contemporary world, and combined the best aspects of a crime/mystery stories, romance, and comedy into an engaging story. The book follows Natalie, a creation of Dr. Frankenstein himself, and a group of other monsters (vampire, werewolf, mummy, swamp crea...
  • Mirna Garcia
    Club Monstrosity Arc Received Via NetgalleyReview Title-- Costumes and allMonster lovers everywhere, rejoice. If you're too old for Monster High and secretly are a fan, or if, like me, you devour all things Monsterly; then I'm certain you'll love this new bit of book candy. The fantastic Monster goodness I speak of is Jessie Peterson’s Club Monstrosity. It's delicious!Set in the city that never sleeps, Club Monstrosity details the lives of mons...
  • Jaclyn
    "Hello, my name is Natalie and I'm a...Frankenstein's Monster. It's years or so since anyone last discovered my true identity."Club Monstrosity was a ton of fun and brought your favourite horror movie characters to the Big Apple. Every week Monstofelldosis Anonymous meets, one of the many group therapy sessions held in the smelly basement of a church. Like the other meetings of this sort, the group introduces themselves and they...
  • Shelley
    *Genre* Urban Fantasy, Off Cut Humor*Rating* 3-3.5*Thoughts*Imagine, if you will, that there are actual monsters made famous by B movies, who actually live in NYC. Imagine that these "monsters" meet on a regular basis in a church (Holy Heart Church) of all places in order to hash out a way to resolve their issues while living among humans and keeping their true identities a secret and counting the number of days it has been since humanity discove...