Home Made Summer by Yvette van Boven

Home Made Summer

Home Made and Home Made Winter blew readers away with their stunning packages, delicious recipes, beautiful photos, step-by-step instructions, and hand-drawn artwork throughout. Now, in Home Made Summer, Yvette van Boven takes the same signature approach and presents her absolute favorite recipes for spring and summer. Inspired by her childhood in Ireland and her frequent sojourns in France, van Boven has created a collection of recipes that will...

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TitleHome Made Summer
Release DateMar 26th, 2013
PublisherHarry N. Abrams
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Food, Cooking, Nonfiction

Reviews Home Made Summer

  • lisa
    This is one of those lovely, but smug and impractical cookbooks full of recipes that no one with a real life could ever make. Oh well, at least the pictures are beautiful.
  • Jen
    Beautiful photos and recipes. However, none of these recipes are for the every day reality of family meals. I would probably not make any of these recipes. This is a beautifully put together book though.
  • Suzanne
    I adored this book! I can't wait for my garden to start producing veg so I try some of the recipes! I have already made the "Mint Lemmo" (a mint/lemon syrup)...I drink it with soda water but I want to try it in mixed drinks too. All in all the book is well organized and the photos are amazing! I checked it out from the library, but I am considering buying it because it was so FULL of great ideas!
  • Eh?Eh!
    http://www.seriouseats.com/2015/10/ho...my favorites, things that made my eyes widen when I tasted themrolled-up spinach omelet with creamy filling of goat cheese and dried tomato*melanzane sott'olio**Baby squid à la Horasrhubarb pie with almond pasteCarrot pie with Apple & goat cheesecava sangriaquinoa patties with feta, zucchini, and cornArtichokes "en cocotte"Melon Jam w/ TarragonBanana Crumble Muffins*"It's really worth chopping/processing t...
  • Amy Paget
    Home Made Summer is a beautifully designed book. It's a cookbook written by Yvette Van Boven, with wonderful photography by Oof Verschuren. Every second page contains a full page photo of the ingredients/recipe item. The book is from stewart tabori & chang, an imprint of Abrams. It's appropriately European in context, given Van Boven's day-to-day life in Amsterdam, Paris and Provence. The recipes themselves are remarkably simple and feature the a...
  • Pam
    Pretty book but... Realistically the photos just can't make a cookbook. While Yvette Van Bowen promises dishes that don't take much effort in the hot kitchen in the introduction, she fails to accomplish that goal. The cold soup recipes often require an hour on the stove after chopping and sauteing. One of the recipes she includes is beef stew-sorry but that isn't my idea of summer food. Likewise corn risotto, sounds good but I am not going to sti...
  • Erin
    What I like about the "Home Made" series: it's a combo of a journal (maybe that's a stretch too far, but the best way I can describe it!) and cookbook featuring all Summer recipes. Once in a while the recipe is "handwritten" with whimsical illustrations.There is also a lot of typical Summer recipes (Strawberry Shortcake, anyone?) but also features a lot of fun recipes (pomegranate & pear-lime rockets (Popsicles)!). Great pictures. The cover is a ...
  • Christine K
    I agree with most others! An absolutely beautiful book that will make you beg for dinner parties on southern nights. Beautiful pictures, beautiful layout. I love reading the little quotes and stories that went along with some of the recipes. Also, thought the illustrated recipe pages were wonderful, a real homage to old southern cookbooks... reminds me of something you might have seen in a community cook book picked up at a small town rummage sal...
  • Shanlie
    Loved. The author took this project to heart and you tell by the tender loving care illustrated throughout. Full of whimsy and deliscious meals, desserts and summer drinks taken from her life in France, childhood in Ireland and ancestry from the Netherlands. Heartfelt, heartwork....and so good! Curl and dig in, i guarantee you'll feel well traveled and hungry (thirsty!) afterwards. Fun and beautifully photographed.
  • Minna
    Lovely photography, food and otherwise. The few recipes I was intrigued enough to make, I read through and realized: who am I kidding? I barely have enough time to make grilled cheese most nights, let alone cook this beautiful but elaborate food. I guess if my job was a food blogger and I didn't work 8 hours a day with an hour round trip commute, I would try more of these recipes.Verdict: beautiful, but impractical/unrealistic.
  • Naomi
    Read my full review: http://bit.ly/1bxt9IKMy opinion: I found this book to have interesting recipes, but only a very small handful that I would say tickled my fancy or moved me to make them. The pictures were beautiful and I loved the "down home" journal feeling to the cookbook. As for recipes though, I preferred the book Paris to Provence more than this one. Both were from the same region of France.
  • Jennifer
    Fabulous cook book. I am making up a handful of the summer drinks for a party. Baked the carrot, apple, onion and goats cheese tart last week, it was as amazingly delicious as it sounded. There is something about reading these recipes that I love, they stimulate the taste buds with their flavour combinations ... you know they're going to be good!! Highly recommend!
  • Tina Dahm
    This is a really pretty cookbook but I get cookbooks for recipes. I have made 3, arugula cake with pine nuts which tasted awful, cake with raspberries, blueberries and coconut which while it tastes good, says to bake for 35 to 40 min but even after 45 minutes the center was raw. carrot pie with apple & goat cheese while delicious would never fit in the size pan she suggests.
  • Tracy
    This book has lots of great photography and a few recipes I'll try. I was most interested in the syrups you could make and keep in the refrigerator and then put into water, seltzer or alcoholic drinks. There are other things I might try, but these just seemed like something I hadn't really seen before.I need to go back through it again.
  • Karen
    3.7The layout is really cute, but the taste is somewhat esoteric. Other than a couple of great cookie recipes in the back and a lemon soda in the front, the recipes seem like more trouble than they're worth.
  • Rachel
    This book wasn't exactly what I was expecting and I'm not really sure why. Recipes using fresh fruits and veggies. maybe I expected both recipes and crafts. Some of the recipes seem strange to me and i just was disappointed by it but its hard to say exactly why.
  • Kathryn
    The photography is so good I felt like I could smell the food. The recipes are just not me. The dishes are from Amsterdam and Paris using all fresh summer ingredients. I am more of a hamburgers and potato salad in the summer type of person.
  • Kelly Philpott
    I really enjoyed the beautiful pictures and food styling in this book, but I felt that the recipes were pretty to look at and not for me to attempt. I did find a good recipe for using up some of the wild mint growing in my backyard.
  • Kirstin
    Lovely photographs; some interesting recipes, particularly in the breakfast/brunch/lunch section. However, there are a lot of recipes that call for things that are not readily available around here. Samphire/sea beans, for instance?!
  • Laura
    I want to make every single recipe in this cookbook. I'm not sure if I've come across any other cookbook that I can make that statement about. Visually interesting, pretty amusing, I pretty much must buy this book.
  • Love & Flour
    As lovely as Home Made Winter. Like taking a kitchen vacation.
  • Katy
    Samphire = "sea beans." Now you know.
  • Ady
    I loved both Homemade Winter and Homemade Summer. They are cozy, uncomplicated, and just like my own normal style.
  • Minneapolani
    Nothing super interesting in here, but I like the journaling style- almost like a graphic novel.
  • Beka
    Solidly good, but nothing particularly stood out.
  • Cat
    Another good recipe book filled with yumminess!
  • Cassie
    A lot of recipes that call for fancy ingredients. No thanks.Pictures were amazing though.
  • Lin
    It's interesting to read a Euro-centric cookbook with memoirs. Dutch with french is an interesting combination. There are some recipes I have been trying.
  • Micah
    This cookbook had beautiful pictures, but between my dietary restrictions and budget, I only found a small handful of recipes I could actually make.
  • emyrose8
    Love the little notes from the author above the recipes.