The Space Book by Jim Bell

The Space Book

We live in a truly golden age of astronomy and space exploration that may allow us to unravel some of the biggest mysteries of all: How did the Universe begin? Are there other Earth-like planets out there? Are we alone? The Space Book is a gateway into these kinds of questions—and more—for anyone interested in the worlds beyond our planet.Expanding the series that began with the highly successful volumes The Science Book and The Math Book, as...

Details The Space Book

TitleThe Space Book
Release DateMay 7th, 2013
GenreScience, Nonfiction, Astronomy, History, Physics

Reviews The Space Book

  • Paul Kinzer
    This isn't a book you'll read in one, or even a few sittings, it probably falls in the "coffee table" category. For space / astrophysics geeks, it's fun to pick up and read a few pages, then put down for a few days. Going at this pace, it took me nearly a year to read. Its written in chronological (though not linear) order, from the beginning to the end of time, with each pair of pages (one text, one illustration) devoted to a very specific space...
  • Jeremy
    This is simply fantastic. By the authors own admission, limiting this book to just 250 of the most significant events and discoveries is by no mean easy, but yet Jim Bell has still managed to put together a captivating book that starts from the very beginning of time. All of the content is explained well enough that your average joe (see: me) with an interest in space and astronomy can understand it, and it's often hard for some authors to toe th...
  • Peter Mcloughlin
    This book takes a look with over 250 entries on historically important events related to Astronomy and space exploration from the Big Bang to the end of the universe. A fun little guide for Astronomy fans and space buffs. Learned some factoids I didn't know about here and I have read a lot on astronomy. It is a coffee table book and has familiar entries on the big bang, the galaxy the solar system and planets. It has some cool things on the space...
  • Mizumi
    Mostly an introduction to various topics in astronomy, but a nice read (and very gorgeous photos and illustrations). It runs from the big bang until the possible end of the universe, noting years of milestones in between. It also attempts to bring in astronomy through the ages from other parts of the world and talk more about women's influence in astronomy. It's very marginal in both cases, unfortunately, but at least an attempt was made. Astrono...
  • Jessica
    This was a novel concept that actually worked out quite well. 250 most important moments in astronomy, from the beginning of time to the end of the universe. Each event was condensed to one page, with a lovely photo on the accompanying page. A nice book for an armchair astronomer like me!
  • Laura
    ***** if you like science.
  • Eric
    Awesome coffee table book!!!
  • Bethany Williams
    Perfect for the beginning/casual astronomy fan!