Dracula's Brood by Richard Dalby

Dracula's Brood

The most famous vampire of all is Bram Stoker's Dracula, published in 1897. But it was neither the first nor the last. This anthology presents 23 rare vampire stories written between 1867 & 1940. B&W illus.

Details Dracula's Brood

TitleDracula's Brood
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
PublisherDorset Press
GenreHorror, Paranormal, Vampires, Short Stories, Classics, Anthologies, Fantasy

Reviews Dracula's Brood

  • Dfordoom
    Some of the many great vampire tales that pre-date Dracula. Terrific stuff.
  • Michael Sorbello
    A mixed bag with a few gems that completely outclass the others. Princess of Darkness, the final story in this anthology was phenomenal, some of the best vampire fiction I’ve ever read next to Dracula, Carmilla and The Vampire of Kaldenstein. I thoroughly enjoyed most of the tales with the exception of only two. The final story was worth the entire book alone.
  • Hannah Givens
    An excellent anthology of post-Dracula vampire stories, in which there were no stories I disliked, and only a few that disappointed. There was a lot more variety than I expected, and I enjoy the 1890s style.
  • Kim Selegean
    It was a nice collection which showed off different meanings of vampirism that are typically lost on today's media radar but aside from some really good stories, most of these were very dry. Still worth a read if you are in want or need of some vampiric themed inspiration!
  • Adam Baxter
    Enjoyable series of vampire tales from the past. A few maybe have not aged as well as others but if you like your vampire lore then you will find a few great tales in here.
  • Sabina Sasu
    It was an enjoyable book to read. The stories do get redundant at some point as the structures are extremely similar, but they were still very interesting to read.
  • Frank McAdam
    An excellent anthology of little known vampire tales from the years 1867 (i.e., before Dracula was published) to 1940. All the stories are well written and most are truly original. The best by far is Conan Doyle's The Parasite. A fun read for anyone with a love of the horror genre.
  • Tim Petersik
    Collection of enjoyable short stories on the vampire theme.