The Great Vegan Bean Book by Kathy Hester

The Great Vegan Bean Book

Garbanzo. Cannellini. Fava. Calypso. Edamame. Adzuki. It’s true: beans have the coolest names ever. But besides that, they’re also one of nature’s most perfect foods. Packed with protein, nutrients, and flavor, you might even call them a vegan’s #1 best friend (don’t worry, we won’t tell the trail mix, veggies, or French fries!).But with so much versatility and variety, where does one begin? Right inside these very pages, that’s whe...

Details The Great Vegan Bean Book

TitleThe Great Vegan Bean Book
Release DateJun 1st, 2013
PublisherFair Winds Press
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Vegan, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, Reference

Reviews The Great Vegan Bean Book

  • Don
    Excellent collection of recipes that feature all kinds of beans. What strikes me is the wide variety of recipes. She includes soy free, gluten free, sweets and breakfast foods, snacks, main courses that highlight the versatility of beans of all varieties. The first chapter is a comprehensive tutorial on cooking beans that is appreciated by me. I judge a book by it's index and her's seems very well arranged and thorough.
  • Jenn Forte
    This cookbook contains many excellent-looking recipes, uses ingredients that most vegan cooks will be familiar with, and provides ample advice and ideas for customizing the recipes. Each recipe is labeled at the very beginning with considerations for particular dietary restrictions: the author has thoughtfully labeled each recipe so that readers will know if the recipe is soy-free, gluten-free or oil-free, or whether it can be made so successfull...
  • EsEfEm
    Ok. Hands DOWN, this is my favorite cookbook ever. For 2 weeks, my weekly menus have come only from this book, and I have spent less than $100.The serving sizes are very conservative; I usually get at least double what the recipes says.Everything has been absofuckinglutely delicious. In fairness, I'm not vegan, so my food probably doesn't taste exactly the way it should (used real Parmesan, honey instead of agave). But I've also made the cashew q...
  • Aja Marsh
    3.5-4: came upon this in library book store and took it home for a spin. Some fun recipes in here, curious to try a few and see how they hold up. On the whole nothing revolutionary, but still something I could make room for for a bit!
  • Maya
    Bought it because I am struggling to get enough protein and I need ideas to keep from getting bored. I was disappointed because it was advertised as having Gluten Free recipes, but actually that means there are asterisks on the gluten ingredient (e.g. tortillas for the Flautas recipe) with a note to remember to substitute. That's okay, but frustrating because some substitutions, like tortillas, do not behave the same (GF tortillas rarely roll wel...
  • Amanda
    Amazing resource if you are considering moving away from using canned beans. Why? Cheaper and you can control the ingredients. Intro chapter about how to prepare and the different types of beans is worth picking this book up for. There are a few recipes I will try, and if you need a resource for deserts there are some interesting alternatives.
  • July
    I really love this cookbook. There's great info about beans and how to cook them properly. The recipes are economical and don't use a lot of strange ingredients. Best of all, the recipes I've tried so far have been really tasty.
  • BookBec
    The one thing this book needs is photos of the different beans. Just a couple of inches per photo, like a seed catalog, is all it would take!
  • Lauren
    I love Hester's Vegan Slow Cooker book, so I was very happy to see this new book about BEANS! A great addition to my cookbook shelf - something I will use all the time!
  • Emily Lefebvre
    Everything I have tried has been amazing! 8 recipes and counting!
  • Callandrea Tibbs
    I agree that most of these recipes *look* great. I was pretty excited about trying them despite how much prep was involved and how heavily most relied on a food processor. However, I’ve now tried two and they were both pretty bad. I made the Lo Mein first which was quite prep heavy. I loved the variety of veggies in it, but ultimately it was bland and boring. Today I made the Mac and Beany. Super easy to make but I don’t even think I can eat ...
  • Misha
    This was very similar to those cookbooks that focus in a single method of cooking to the exclusion of others and like many others that focus on that one ingredient. Do I really want to make EVERYthing with beans? Yes I like anko (red bean paste) and use it in desserts, but I don't want a lot of desserts that newly add beans into them have a larger dessert chapter. It really felt like there were no recipe takeaways if you already cook and eat bean...
  • Patricia Romero
    One of the many things I love about this book is it includes non-soy and gluten-free recipes. Both of those things are a no-no for me. If you thought beans were boring, you haven't seen this book yet. If you ask my grandson what my favorite food is he will say quickly Beans! Since we don't eat meat, we get our protein from other sources, such as plants. And with over 100 great recipes, this book will quickly become a go to source!Well Done Ms. He...
  • Autumn
    This book looks amazing! I used a recipe in here for my very first batch of refried beans. My whole family loved them. Thank you, Ms. Hester. :) I can't wait to make more things from here.
  • Angie
    Lots of interesting ways to use beans! I'm going to aim to try one recipe per week, if we have the ingredients.
  • Laura
    I read somewhere today is World Vegetarian Day, so I thought I would review this cookbook. I am neither Vegetarian or Vegan, but in this time of uncertain meat origins and budgets, it's a good idea to explore other sources of protein. This is not a beautiful cookbook, but beans are a homey ingredient and I thought it was inspirational enough in the idea of using beans in baked goods and other unusual ways.
  • Patricia Studer
    A good way to add protein without cholesterol to your diet.
  • Dee Kuijer-Watts
    You'll never learn to appreciate the simple, economical but rich source of nutrition that is the bean, until you get AND USE this book.
  • Cherie
    A Wow, YUM. Some really interesting bean recipes. I have a few I am planning on trying when I return from my trip.
  • Janeen K
    How interesting to find so many recipes using beans.