暁のヨナ 8 [Akatsuki no Yona 8] (Yona of the Dawn, #8) by Mizuho Kusanagi

暁のヨナ 8 [Akatsuki no Yona 8] (Yona of the Dawn, #8)

悪徳領主・クムジを討ち、阿波を救ったヨナ!緑龍・ジェハも仲間になり、残す四龍は黄龍のみだが!? 一方、戦がなくなり、自国を守れない現状を歯痒く思う地の部族長・グンテ。そんなグンテに、池心城を訪れたスウォンは模擬戦&お祭りの開催を提案。スウォンの真意は!?

Details 暁のヨナ 8 [Akatsuki no Yona 8] (Yona of the Dawn, #8)

Title暁のヨナ 8 [Akatsuki no Yona 8] (Yona of the Dawn, #8)
Release DateMar 19th, 2012
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Romance, Shojo

Reviews 暁のヨナ 8 [Akatsuki no Yona 8] (Yona of the Dawn, #8)

  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more manga and graphic novel reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...This is a review of volumes 7-8 which I read together back to back. See the plot section for my thoughts on the individual volumes.Princess Yona is the pampered daughter of her kingdom's king. Isolated and doted on she has two childhood friends, Hak, a general who also protects her and her cousin, Soo-won who helped her mourn her mother's passing and who she is crushing on...
  • Evelyn
    Yona's search for the dragons continues. Now she's looking for the final one, the yellow dragon.But the real question is...what will she do once she's gathered them all?And what exactly has Su-won been doing during these past 3 months? Yeah. It's only been 3 months...............And now time for a small outburst from a fangirlOHMYGOSH! THAT LAST PAGE! MAY THE SHIP SAIL AND LET NO CANON DESTROY IT~
  • Emi
    Este tomo me ha parecido un poco aburrido.
  • Karen
    This volume basically comprises the chapters at the end of the anime. Now I'm getting into the rest of the story and I'm so excited because I'm in love with this manga. I love the story and the characters are the best.
  • Sarah ~Sehrenity~
    This is a consistently good series.
  • Jessica (HighFantasyFanatic)
    Honestly this is starting to get a little boring can we get to something important...
  • Dilushani Jayalath
    Sio-Won looks majestic here. Hate him but the pic isn't too bad.
  • AlenGarou
    E giungiamo in pari con l'anime.Inutile dire che pretendo una seconda stagione (anche tre o quattro) perchè più avanti ci saranno dei momenti così kawaii che... boh... Seriamente, gente. perchè non l'hanno più rinnovato.Ad ogni modo finalmente la compagnia ha acquisito l'ultimo membro: zeno :3
  • Julia
    Yona und ihre Freunde kommen in diesem Band fast nicht vor, da sich alles um den Erdklan dreht. Eine scheinbar witziger, aber auch wichtiger Band. Und all the damn feels are real!
  • Ken Yuen
    Yellow dragon is a bit underwhelming compared to the other dragons so far, but he seems alright. Loved the Su-Won substory.
  • Jessica Headlee
    So I have mixed feelings about this volume. Overall, it’s wonderful and totally worth reading. It’s not as fantastic as the previous volume, but not every volume can be written in gold. What has me on the fence are the three chapters in the middle of the volume that are Su-won centric. We haven’t seen that guy since the first few volumes, except for briefly in some of the flashbacks and in one of the last few chapters in volume 7. So I felt...
  • Ruthsic
    This volume is Soo-Won centric, although it must be noted that the first and last chapters are still about our main squad. But the antagonist of this story, Soo-Won has remained more or less a mystery so far. While Yona and her group have been going around collecting the four dragons, Soo-Won has been rebranding the kingdom. He has a different vision from the pacifist King Il, but he also is not focused on war as earlier thought. The story is abo...
  • Lady of the Quill
    5/5 stars!Gosh, it was good to see Su-won again! I've always had very complex feelings about him: I still can't place him as either good or bad for now, not until I learn more about him--it would be very interesting to see the moments before he killed King Il, to see their confrontation.Anyway, Volume 8 was a refreshing thing to read. We got to see Su-won again, and once more we could witness just how easily he manipulates people--not necessarily...
  • Eugenia Argerami
    I hate Su-Won.I just cannot understand his character! The author makes him out to be some happy-go-lucky airhead, but when it comes down to it, he's an evil bastard that murdered King Il and ordered Yona to be killed as well. He's such a fake, yet it's confusing because there are so many jokes made about his carefree personality and so many side stories-slash-alternate universes that include him being all nice and clueless. It is just incredibly ...
  • Deepra Hasan
    I cannot help but be amazed by Soo-won. He may be a terrible person (for the cold-hearted murder of Yona's father) but I feel like there is still some goodness in him. And he is also showing his prowess in ruling a kindom and uniting the tribes. He surely is an interesting character and I would love to learn more about him. Also, I feel like Soo-won would die at the end, because when he said he cannot die yet because he has somethings to do, I fe...
  • Sovannah
    I am so in love with this entire story! The art is awesome, and the characters are amazing. I haven't felt this much anticipation in a story for a long time. I love Yona's character growth and I'm excited to see her become a total badass warrior princess. Kusanagi does a marvelous job on that, personally I think that a lot animes mess up on the character development, where it's like "poor weak me" then one episode later "I'm the strongest of them...
  • CJ - It's only a Paper Moon
    I downgraded this a bit because I don't really care about Su-Won - I know he's a master manipulator and Giant AssHat, so I really didn't want to spend time with him. Although, his piece did make me wonder whether or not Yona will be able to bring the Earth tribe under her banner because they all seem to love their General and he is intrigued but Su-Won.I would've liked more time with the Yellow Dragon. Also, the last chapter was my favorite. I to...
  • Mary
    This volume (and the corresponding part of the anime) intrigues me, as it would be really easy to just ignore Su-Won and paint him as evil. But that isn't happening and it's interesting to see Yona's mixed feelings about it, and it makes me really wonder where things will end up in the end. The end of the volume though is one of my favorite Hak & Yona scenes.
  • Celinda Reyes
    Loved the beginning & ending chapters about Yona & the gang but couldn't stand the Su-Won chapters. I don't know if it was just me but everything with only Su-Won was so boring! Considering Su-Won took up more than half of the manga, I had to give this a lower rating than usual. Excited to see if volume 9 picks up the story a bit!
  • Nazish Ahmed (Nazish Reads)
    I rate this volume 3.5 stars.This volume was kind of boring, especially compared all that's happened in the anime (and the previous volumes).Fortunately, the next volume is a lot more interesting, I need to read volume 10 NOW!Full review coming soon.My twitter account: @NazishTVDSwiftMy Instagram accounts: @nazishreads, @nrcharmed01, @nrdisney, and @nazishcosplay
  • Skye (Skye's Scribblings)
    I was fully invested until they anti-climatically found the last dragon, and then the story shifted for a time to the King and politics, which I ended up skimming. It returned to Yona but her story is rather aimless now that she's completed her main objective, so I've pretty much lost all interest - not sure if I'll be continuing.
  • Belén
    El primer y último capítulo de este tomo son geniales (sobretodo esos momentos entre Hak y Yona), pero los centrados en la tribu de la Tierra y Soo-Won me aburrieron. Que sí, que parece débil e inofensivo pero en realidad es un pinche manipulador, blah blah. Aunque fuera un súper maestro del engaño y en realidad tuviera buenas razones para lo que hace, no podría importarme menos.
  • Henrietta
    hak just killed me :')))))) it was so beautiful. soo-won confuses me i don't know how i should feel about him but i loved that whole arc aND THEN YONA TRYING TO TAKE UP THE SWORD. AND SHIN-AH!!!! i started crying the moment he showed up he's so sweet and good and precious and i adore him. AND ZENO. I LOVE HIM SOOOOO MUCHHHHH SDFNGJGDKFNJD
  • Sarina
    3,5 Sterne Mir war es zu viel Su-Won und zu wenig Yona und die Drachen :( Ich freue mich trotzdem schon sehr auf den nächsten Band, da ich unbedingt mehr über den gelben Drachen erfahren möchte. Irgendwas stimmt mit ihm nicht...
  • Shaya
    Es un manga que por una parte me ha parecido muy divertido y por otro lado, encontramos al último dragón que faltaba, el amarillo, y si es verdad que hay cosas que no me terminaron de cuadrar hare una reseña más extensa en mi blog, cuando este os dejare por aquí el link
  • Courtney (courtney & books)
    This volume is the last volume that’s included in the series. And oh my gosh it was so good. This contains some of mu favorite scenes so far, and I can’t wait to continue. The characters this story everything is just so amazing! I can’t stop loving this series!!!
  • Miss Susan
    a little dull in comparison to the prior volumes although i feel like showing su-won to be a competent ruler is setting up some interesting future conflict (what do you do when the man who murdered your father might actually be a better king than he was?)3 stars
  • Ruba Sham
    "Lord su won is a rabbit, he's nothing like thunder beast! in a real battle he would be dead!in a real battle, you would've wasted your time with me here.... Not realizing that the rabbit had already done his move...DAMN SU WON YOU'RE SO INTELLIGENT AND ITS SO SCARY AND CREEPY😂😭
  • Jesica
    BLOG: www.adictaxictoxico.blogspot.com.coWaaa necesito conseguir con el siguiente tomo...!!! me ha gustado que se ha visto como la protagonista a madurado y como se esfuerza también para no ser una carga para los demas.
  • Kareena
    This volume was so good! You see different sides of the characters and meeting the final dragon was not at all like I expected. I can't wait to see what happens next!