Likeable Business by Dave Kerpen

Likeable Business

Dave Kerpen's follow-up to his bestselling "Likeable Social Media" gives business owners and marketers time-tested strategies for growing revenue"Likeable Business" lays out the eleven strategies small- and mid-sized companies can use to leverage likeability to increase profits and spur growth. Kerpen explains how to ensure that every aspect of a business communicates transparency, accountability, responsiveness, and authenticity--which customers...

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TitleLikeable Business
Release DateOct 30th, 2012
PublisherMcGraw-Hill Education
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction, Leadership, Social Science, Social Media, Buisness

Reviews Likeable Business

  • Casey Wheeler
    I read this book as the monthly selection for the 12 Books book club group.How dare you settle for less when the world had made it so easy for you to be remarkable? – Seth GodinAs the author, Dave Kerpen, states in the book, there is not really anything all that new in the 11 principles in the book. What he does do is present them in an engaging and entertaining way so the material does not come across as “I’ve read about this in other book...
  • Dane Cobain
    Dave Kerpen is a thoroughly Likeable guy, deserving of the capital 'L'. He's led an interesting life, too - he appeared on Paradise Hotel, an American reality TV show, and he married his wife Carrie in a sponsored wedding at the Brooklyn Cyclones' Keyspan Park during a baseball game.Oh, and he founded Likeable Media as well, a social media and word of mouth marketing company based in New York City, that has the distinction of being #146 on Inc Ma...
  • Grace
    Basically, this is a book about relationships. The principles and practices that make for good marriages and friendships are the same for good business. I won't sum up the book here, but in a nutshell, if you want to be likeable - as a person, a brand, or a corporation - this book is full of illustrations of how to do just that.
  • Richard Angelus
    Dave Kerpen ends this book with Seth Godin’s quote but I’ll put it at the beginning: “How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?” All individual is inherently likable said Dave. With all the advancements and accomplishments in the world today especially in technology and social media, it is easier (high probability, great potential) for us “to be remarkable” – and at the same time, unli...
  • Anthony Alvarez
    This was such a fun book that wasn't overally self-serving. I enjoyed the ideas presented and will use them at my business. Thank you!
  • Rachael Kelly
    I read Likeable Business through 12 books group, which is an online book club that features a new personal development book to read and discuss each month, and it is definitely a book that I can see myself referencing back to often in the future. This material addressed in this book is by no means a new concept, which the author fully acknowledges, however it is presented in a way that significantly makes it easier to grasp and understand why the...
  • Jary Welker
    What Dave Kerpen has done in this impressive, but incredibly readable, book has been to reduce to the most basic, those elements in today's business world necessary to be not just 'likeable' (or one that can and does endure) but also most positively memorable. With real-time examples of businesses that measure high in 'likeability' (and some that don't) we see first hand how the construct of his "likeable pyramid' fits neatly together. The eleven...
  • Jacob
    This week I finished reading “Likeable Business” by Dave Kerpen. When I found out I would be reading this book in 2013 as part of my book group I decided to first read “Likeable Social Media,” fearing that I might be reading a sequel without reading the first book. That wasn’t the case.I’m glad I decided to read Likable Social Media first because the book was awesome. It was the best hands on “how-to” book on social media for busi...
  • Bia
    4 solid stars!!!!Ok, I finished this one some time ago, but work wouldn't let me write a review and post it here. I'm making it right now!!!Currently, it is very difficult to manage a business, especially if we want people to like our business. As a professor at some universities, this book brought an interesting insight on the topic and I'll hopefully apply it in the disciplines that minister as a way to show a little of what can be done if the ...
  • Kara
    I would highly recommend this book to any manager or anyone in a customer-facing role. Kerpen has a fresh look of what it means to be a likeable business in today's hyper-connected world. His tips are listening, storytelling, authenticity, transparency, team playing, responsiveness, adaptability, passion, surprise & delight, simplicity, and gratefulness. These sound simple and are discussed thoroughly in many different books, but Kerpen different...
  • Daniel Taylor
    To make the most profits in the 21st Century, your business needs to move from being ordinary to being exceptional.Kerpen outlines a clear path to do this. Start with a foundation of listening, storytelling, passion and team playing. Build your wall higher with authenticity/transparency, adaptability, surprise and delight, responsiveness and simplicity. Then top your pyramid off with gratefulness.He brings together leading ideas from contemporary...
  • LeikHong Leow
    I first read Kerpen's Likable Social Media couple of years back and it was marvelous. When I found this book at the bookstore, immediately without a second thought I took the book.It's really a simple and easy to read, and I found some valuable lessons for me. One of the lessons was being gratitude. Always appreciate the people around you, your business partner, employees, clients and whoever help you in a way or other.That sparks me with an idea...
  • Jay
    Good as an example of how to be liked in business. I most liked Kerpen's stories of how his company has consulted with companies on being more liked, as well as his personal anecdotes of dealing with companies. The prescriptions were pretty broad in comparison to other current books focusing on topics lightly covered here, such as business storytelling and the power of handwritten thank you notes. Good for an overview and worth reading more by th...
  • Ken
    This was a book I read for 12booksgroup.comGreat practical advice highlighted by a plethora of examples from well-known and not-so-well-known organizations, and from the author's personal own (sometimes embarrassing) experiences in development. The actionable items at each chapter was helpful in immediately applying the lessons from this book. Plus, I'd be remiss to leave out that my rating was influenced by the author's commitment to being avail...
  • KungFu Drafter
    There aren't too many "revolutionary" ideas here, but the author is clear that there isn't supposed to be. Instead there are plenty of small case-references that point out things that we should all know, but probably ignore. Mr. Kerpen writes in a pleasant, easy-to-follow manner that is very easy to follow. Overall it is enjoyable and worth reading for the occasional thought-provoking passage.
  • Rick Yvanovich
    A must read for anyone who wants their business to be more likable. Actually, its a good read for any business whether you want to be more likeable or not as if you think you do ot need to be more likeable as a business then you likely need to definitely read this.
  • Barbara Lovejoy
    I can't remember where I heard about this book, but it is definitely a winner. I will be referring to it again and again.
  • Shane
    Great book on being a business that goes beyond the numbers, and becomes likeable.
  • Ilya Mrz
    That's nothing new for me. BE authentic, storyteller, listen customers and etcetera.. Like a transparency, team...There is a tons books like this one.