Hiding Gladys (Cleo Cooper Mystery, #1) by Lee Mims

Hiding Gladys (Cleo Cooper Mystery, #1)

A rock fortune inspires family betrayal and murderCleo Cooper is either about to strike it rich or lose it all. Discovering a huge and rare granite deposit is a geologist's dream come true. The multi-million dollar quarry deal will also benefit Cleo's friend Gladys Walton, who owns the rural North Carolina property. So what could go wrong? Finding a dead body in Gladys's well, for starters. A hitchhiking rattlesnake and a near-fatal accident duri...

Details Hiding Gladys (Cleo Cooper Mystery, #1)

TitleHiding Gladys (Cleo Cooper Mystery, #1)
Release DateJan 8th, 2013
PublisherMidnight Ink

Reviews Hiding Gladys (Cleo Cooper Mystery, #1)

  • Melody
    This is my first-ever cozy mystery. I suspected I wouldn't like it. I told the nice woman handing out the ARCs of this at the ALA booth that I was quite sure this wasn't my thing. It was early on at the conference, though, and I hadn't quite perfected my stony but cheery "Not my thing, thanks!" dismissal. So I took this, and since I took it, I felt an obligation to read it. I can confirm that this is SO not my thing. As the publisher mentioned, t...
  • Leah
    http://theprettygoodgatsby.wordpress....I love my cozies. There's something so fun about curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and discovering the identity of the murderer. I was ecstatic about receiving a copy of Hiding Gladys the first in a new series, and couldn't wait to jump in.Cleo Cooper is a geologist. Super cool. She discovered a bed of granite on Gladys Walton's property and its excavation will make both women fabulously rich. Unfor...
  • Ruth Hill
    Sometimes it is really tough to know what rating to give a book. And this one happens to be one of those books. This is the first book I have ever read by Lee Mims, and it was easy to tell that she knew about geology. She added in plenty of details, and her writing style was very readable. In fact, there was never a dull moment. And even though the reader is pretty sure about who is involved, I have to say that the author put in a twist I didn't ...
  • Ivyd
    Cleo Cooper is set to realize every geologist’s dream. She’s discovered a huge and rare granite deposit under her friend Gladys Walton’s land; however, someone doesn’t want Cleo and Gladys to reap the rewards. HIDING GLADYS is a wonderful debut with a distinctly Southern heroine, of a certain age, aided and abetted by an excellent supporting cast. Cleo’s age was a big plus for me. Sometimes you get a bit tired of bright young things and...
  • Susan
    When I finished this book, I let out a deep sigh, blinked, and immediately looked around for the next Cleo Cooper mystery. Alas, there is not one. Yet. Though I have heard there is potentially another in the making. Lee Mims, take all the time you need to do your craft. I can wait for excellence. Simply, I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery and I want more. This book didn’t try to outreach itself and kept the story line simple, fun, and engag...
  • Lovey Dovey Books
    Cleo Cooper, divorced mother of two and geologist turned amateur sleuth, rocks in Lee Mims' debut mystery. Action, drama, and science has never come together quite so entertainingly as in Hiding Gladys.Hiding Gladys begins with a bang when Cleo's caught on the road with a rattle snake slinking through her jeep as she's heading towards her latest job. She's found granite on her friend Gladys Walton's land and is expecting a big payout if her testi...
  • Raelyn Falkin
    The Writing: For a debut novel, this is rather well done. The writing was short, sweet and to the point without losing the necessary descriptive detail. I enjoyed that it was also easy to read and made for a perfect fast read.The Plot: I was intrigued by this geological mystery when I first heard about Hiding Gladys. What would have been nice was a less obvious plot twist. I had inklings near the middle of the novel and wasn’t too surprised abo...
  • Lia Burres
    My husband's review:ok story goes like this,a geoligist named cleo cooper made a very profitable find on a large lot of land owned by a woman named gladys granite worth millions.she has an ironclad agreement to survey and eventually mine the material,seems simple huh,not quite she has a nasty suprise in her jeep as she is heading out to the farm a rattle snake,in a effort to seek help she runs into not one but two saviors,Nash Finley a smart nice...
  • Laura
    *Book provided by JKS Communications in exchange for an honest review.*I’m a big fan of mystery, in case I haven’t mentioned that already, so when I read the description for Hiding Gladys, I was immediately interested. As far as mysteries go, this one was pretty good. The mystery is interesting and held me captive throughout the book. I truly wanted to know whodunit. I was really invested in the book for that aspect: who was the killer, why w...
  • Hecate
    *Provided by JKSCommunications for an honest review*I've always loved a good mystery. I love the thrill I get when trying to figure out the plot of a story, who the real antagonists were, and what else could possibly go wrong. That is one of the reasons I'd originally agreed to read this book.Despite my initial excitement, as I read the book, I found that it was alright. In all honesty, I was more interested in the plot than the actual protagonis...
  • Ed
    #1 in the Cleo Cooper series. This debut novel starts clumsily with an encounter with a never explained rattlesnake bringing central characters together. Once the author gets into the flow of things, the writing smooths out - although I found our protagonists description of post coital muscle aches to be cringe inducing. The protagonist is a female 45 year old field geologist working in coastal North Carolina, so the author gets credit for avoidi...
  • Harry Krebs
    HIDING GLADYS by Lee Mims is the author’s first entry in the Cleo Cooper mystery series. Cooper, a geologist by trade, has entered into a mineral rights agreement with Gladys Walton, a woman in her seventies. When Cleo begins the operation to test drill the land in question, mysterious events begin to take place—accidents, a human body discovered, and both Gladys and her housekeeper cannot be found.Did the human remains belong to her elderly ...
  • Brenda Rumsey
    This is the first Lee Mims book that I have read and I truly enjoyed it. It was so much fun watching Cleo as she tried to brush all the bad events aside as coincidences until there was no denying the facts...someone was trying to kill Gladys and she could become collateral damage. Cleo is a smart, strong character trying to make her dream come true in a job that is dominated by men. One of her strengths is that she "cares" about people and would ...
  • Linden
    Geologist Cleo Cooper seems to have located a large deposit of granite not far from her home, promising to give her financial security. However, the children of Gladys, under whose land the granite rests, are anxious to talk Gladys into letting them take charge of their inheritance before her death--instead of selling it to Cleo. The story includes much interesting information about a geologist's profession along the way of unraveling the mystery...
  • Betsy Hover
    I was delighted to receive this book thru GoodReads Giveaways!The mystery is interesting and held me captive throughout the book. I was really invested in finding out who the killer was in this mytery, however I was not impressed with the character Cleo Cooper.I would recommend this book on the pure basis of a mystery read.
  • Robin
    I was all excited about a geology mystery, but the writing style and the main character just aren't clicking with me. Accurate geo stuff is nice, but I might have to abandon this one. Not recommended.
  • Lisa Long
    Apparently this was her debut novel and although I haven't read many mysteries, I really enjoyed this!
  • Faith
    Quit after one chapter. Disliked heroine.