The Perils of Sherlock Holmes by Loren D. Estleman

The Perils of Sherlock Holmes

Authorized and licensed by Estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!Award winning author Loren D. Estleman's Sherlock Holmes stories and essays collected in one volume, including "The Serpent's Egg," the opening chapter of a planned pastiche to be a "round-robin" novel by multiple authors including Issac Asimov, Ruth Rendell, and others.This entertaining book also includes three previously published essays, "Channeling Holmes," "On the Significance of Bo...

Details The Perils of Sherlock Holmes

TitleThe Perils of Sherlock Holmes
Release DateOct 18th, 2012
PublisherTyrus Books
GenreMystery, Short Stories, Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Perils of Sherlock Holmes

  • Susan
    Some stories in this collection were good, some only so-so and unfortunately there were more so-so than good ones. While the writer captured Holmes and Watson's mannerisms, the magic was missing and there was no chemistry between the characters. I can't believe that the Arthur Conan Doyle estate authorized this pastiche. There are so many other better renditions, The House of Silk and The Italian Secretary, to name a few. So, if the Holmes and Wa...
  • Randy
    I'm a long time fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories, read the originals and a great many pastiches. Loren D. Estleman wrote two Holmes novels years back that I grabbed up as soon as I found them: Sherlock Holmes VS Dracula and Dr. Jekyll and Mr Holmes. THE PERILS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES collects short stories by the author previously published in various Holmes multi-author anthologies over the years, with the exception of one seeing print for the firs...
  • Christopher Taylor
    I have long enjoyed Estleman's work, particularly his frontier fiction, but as his first published novel was a Holmes Pastiche (The Adventure of the Sanguinary Count), this has always been one of his great loves.This book is a set of short stories written by Estleman in the style of and regarding the famous characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Estleman has a gift with language and carries the feel and tone of the Holmes stories far better th...
  • Margaret
    A lovely volume of Sherlock Holmes stories written by one author.Mr Estleman manages to incorporate real and fictional characters from Tiny Tim to Sax Rohmer.Stories are pretty much true to the spirit of the original canon.Highly recommended for all Sherlockians.
  • Karl
    Table of Contents:"The Serpent's Egg" published here for the first time."Channeling Holmes" from The Ghosts in Baker Street."The Adventure of the Arabian Knight" from Murder in Baker Street."The Adventure of the Three Ghosts" from Holmes for Holidays."The Riddle of the Golden Monkeys" from Murder, My Dear Watson."Dr. and Mrs. Watson at Home: A Comedy in One Unnatural Act" from The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes."The Adventure of the Coughing D...
  • Rozonda
    In these days of Sherlockian pastiches by the dozen, which means there is a lot of crap around, the prose of an author like Estleman, who knows his Holmes and how to deal with him, is very consoling. All pieces aren't equally good, but the quality is high. It includes one of my favourite Sherlockian parodies ever: the short play "Dr. and Mrs. Watson at Home: A Comedy in One Unnatural Act" which I read many years ago in another anthology, and it's...
  • M. Langlinais
    Not much by way of "Perils" involved here and the stories are somewhat simplistic. It takes no great genius to work out the mysteries involved, much less do the stories require the talents of Sherlock Holmes! Instead the tales are predicated largely on bringing Holmes and Watson together with characters like Tiny Tim (of Dickens' "Carol") and Wyatt Earp among others. Still and all, Estleman does a fair to middling job of capturing Doyle's style. ...
  • Michael Brown
    More new short stories of which some are ok, some good, some not so good.
  • Allison
    These seem to be very lovingly done. You can tell the author was a Holmes fan and that they put a lot of work into making these as authentic as they could. That said, there were a few stories here and there that were weaker, and at times the characters seemed to be lacking. I still think it was a fun read, and I'll keep it around for a while yet. I will say I was a little disappointed with the unfinished Holmes story (though it was unfinished thr...
  • Robert Scott
    A collection of Sherlock Holmes short stories all written by the editor along with several essays and explanations that give insight and definition to the author's reasoning, the original characters and the place of the Baker Street Irregulars.
  • David Elkin
    A nice addition for the Holmes fan. Some of the stuff you figured out before the end, but I did enjoy the volume. Worth the time to read.
  • Monica Willyard Moen
    This is over all a very nice collection of short stories, though they are a bit hit or miss.
  • Julie
    Most of the short stories in this anthology are entertaining. The author does U fine job of emulating Doyle.
  • Serena
    3.9 starsthe Adventure of the Arabian Knight ****the Adventure of the Three Ghosts *****the Riddle of the Golden Monkeys ****Dr and Mrs Watson at Home ***the Adventure of the Coughing Dentist ****the Adventure of the Greatest Gift ***the Devil and Sherlock Holmes ****the Serpent's Egg ****My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.
  • Ed
    #3 in the Sherlock Holmes series. This 2012 volume came as a surprise, since #1 and #2 were both published in 1978. The book is a compilation of material, not recently written (excepting 3 paragraphs referring to Jude Law at the end of the piece on Boswell's). For example, the suggested reading list has nothing more current than 1980.Channeling Holmes - is a foreward.The Adventures of the Arabian Knight - a short story wherein Holmes performs a s...
  • C.O. Bonham
    From the author that gave us Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula comes a collection of Sherlockian short stories most with a literary twist. Can Sherlock solve a case of a Christmas haunting? What trouble has the author of Fu-Manchu gotten himself into? Will it take all 1001 Arabian Knights to find a hidden Egyptian king? Will Sherlock put Watson's soul on the line when he matches wits with the devil himself?Find the answers to all these mysteries and mo...
  • Jacqueline
    An interesting mix of stories that takes the Great Detective out of his comfort zone and into new areas. I particularly enjoyed the Christmas tales because they showed both Holmes and Watson in a softer light. The one story I did not like, and the reason this collection is four stars instead of five was "The Serpent's Egg," but that I believe was because it was unfinished and I felt the author short changed me by not finishing the story himself b...
  • Jc
    Sorry Loren, but the stories in this book are NOT your best work -- not up to the level of your "Sanguinary Count." That being said, for the lover of Holmes, a few of these are better than many of the seemingly unlimited short story Holmesian pastiches available out there. However, the true student of Holmes SHOULD have a copy of one of the essays in this collection: "On The Significance of Boswells." This is an update of an essay Estleman’s 19...
  • Laura
    Loren Estleman writes THE BEST Holmes pastiches - I have read and enjoyed Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula and Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Holmes many times so I was thrilled to see this collection of Holmes short stories on the shelf at the librar. While The Canon is always a delight, reading Estleman's Holmes gives nearly the same amount of pleasure. If you are a Sherlockian, you cannot miss with these books.
  • Jeffrey
    This is a delightful collection of short stories that perfectly captures the style and atmosphere of the great mystery fiction by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle starring his famous duo of Holmes and Watson.In some of these imaginative tales you will meet other famous people from history and literature including Wyatt Earp and Lord Chislehurst who as a child was known as Tiny Tim Cratchit from A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Dickens. Several essays are also included...
  • Kayla
    The book was awesome. That is the easiest way to sum up my opinion on the book as a whole. I had to force myself slowly read through this book over the weekend so not to read it all in one day. Being raised where I was, the story with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday become my favorite. I gave the book four stars because there were a couple of the short stories I that weren't my favorite. One of which sort of left me feeling like the case was never rea...
  • Mary
    Actually better done, as a late Victorian/early Edwardian pastiche, than "Dodger". The stories are clever and the characters - in character. Very nearly four stars, but somehow I didn't find many of the plots very memorable. I did thoroughly enjoy all the stories when I was reading them, however. Suspense, humor and cleverness: nicely done.
  • Beverly
    The 3 essays were very interesting; and the several short stories were written in the style of AC Doyle; Estleman managed to include some famous historical people in the stories, such as Wyatt Earp, Doc Halliday and Sax Rohmer. One story solves the mystery of Scrooge's Christmas ghosts. Very well-written and entertaining.
  • Joe Slavinsky
    A series of short stories, and commentary, by one of my favorite writers, who also happens to be a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. Estleman writes very well in the timbre, and style, of Conan-Doyle. This was a very entertaining book.
  • Deb
    This may be the least engaging collection of Sherlock Holmes stories I have ever read (and I read everything I can get my hands on). Weirdly, it's one of the few I've read claiming to have the approval of the Conan Doyle estate. Whodathunkit? If you must, find it at the local library.
  • Nikki Cutts
    Entertaining, however I would suggest reading in piecemeal. The author, an American, conveys the story almost as we'll as Conan-Doyle, however, there are certain phrases, uses of grammar and historical inaccuracies that belie his research and passion for the subject.
  • Melissa
    Not many writers delving into ACD's world of Holmes have the ability to match the voice and rhythm of the original but Estleman is up the the task. This is a fun read for the Sherlock fan. You can even hear the dialogue in the voices of Freeman and Cumberbatch...but sadly, only in your head :)
  • Wayne Presnell
    A couple of the stories were okay. Some... not so much. It would have been better to not push the envelope with the Watson family one act play and Sherlock meeting Wyatt Earp. The incomplete story was kind of pointless.
  • Indyyy
    So much literature not by ACD, right? Usually most of it rings of fan fiction when I even try...but these little stories? They mostly read like the real deal to me...or at least were consistent with how ACD's Baler Street duo were. Just a humble opinion though! :)