Every House is Haunted by Ian Rogers

Every House is Haunted

In this brilliant debut collection, Ian Rogers explores the border-places between our world and the dark reaches of the supernatural. The landscape of death becomes the new frontier for scientific exploration. With remarkable deftness, Rogers draws together the disturbing and the diverting in twenty-two showcase stories that will guide you through terrain at once familiar and startlingly fresh.

Details Every House is Haunted

TitleEvery House is Haunted
Release DateOct 15th, 2012
PublisherChizine Publications
GenreHorror, Short Stories, Fiction, Anthologies, Fantasy, Supernatural, Paranormal

Reviews Every House is Haunted

  • karen
    3.5 starseven though i have come a long way w/r/t my feelings towards short stories, i still have trouble writing reviews for them. i have written reviews in which i have painstakingly reviewed each individual story, but that is such a pain in the ass, because sometimes certain stories in a collection will just leave me cold, and once you've committed to that structure of a review, it's like "AARRGGH what was i thinking?"and that is why i am not ...
  • Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror
    I have had the best luck in horror lately! Two great collections back to back! This collection by Ian Rogers is totally different than Bracken MacLeod's 13 Views of Suicide Woods that I reviewed earlier.Yet still a five star collection. Just goes to show you that authors have totally different voices and you really get a feel for that in a collection like this. I've seen Ian Rogers compared to Shirley Jackson's style and I would totally agree wit...
  • Mindi
    I have been killing it with these short story collections lately! Of course, this one was recommended to me a while back by my friend Sadie, so I decided to finally add it to my Halloween TBR. I have so many books that are just sitting on my TBR bookshelf calling to me. I can't read fast enough.This is a superb collection of horror stories that are divided into sections of a haunted house. I love that! It really added to the atmosphere of each st...
  • Alana
    The stories in this book weren't exactly what I expected (straight up horror), but I greatly enjoyed this collection nonetheless. Quite a few of them seemed to fall more into the realm of fantasy, though there were definitely some creepy moments in there. I also liked the variety in this collection in tone, mood, and length.I liked all the stories, but I think my favorites were "The Dark and the Young", "The Rifts Between Us", and "Charlotte's Fr...
  • Isidore
    An impressive debut collection by yet another talented Canadian writer of weird fiction. There is a wide range of style and subject matter on display, which I suppose can be seen either as a young writer's excitement at experimentation, or as exploration in search of a distinctive voice. Not all the experiments succeed, but Rogers is never dull, and always intelligent.He has a gift for the surreal, especially piquant in its lack of pretension. Hi...
  • Tobin Elliott
    Full disclosure: I am a friend of Ian Rogers and we've both been published by the same publisher (Burning Effigy). That being said, I'm still going to be completely honest and forthright in my review.Reading any short story collection is an interesting experience for a reader. Instead of getting a single, all-encompassing insight into the author, you're treated to several different facets which, to me, put that author into a better perspective.In...
  • Orrin Grey
    Full disclosure, before I get into the meat of this review: Ian and I are friends, though weve only met in person a couple of times. Ive known him since we were both published together in Bound for Evil back in 2008, and we both did our first ever book signing at that years Readercon. You can rest assured, though, that while our friendship affects how excited I am to see him have such a handsome book in print, it wouldnt be enough to make me be a...
  • Bonnie Randall
    Well written with some pieces reminiscent of Stephen King, but....the storytelling style wasn't my cuppa; too many of these stories plopped the reader into a white box and goals / motivation were murky or there was no clear beginning / middle / end to the tales. So while these were all really cool 'snapshots', any narrative drive felt like it was missing and so I needed to set this collection aside and move on.
  • Spencer
    This is an exceptional collection of short stories, each one is enjoyable with an easy to read style and surprising depth.Ian likes to keep you on your toes as each piece is very different to one another. The styles, tone and subject matter varies throughout but the quality is always high, its particularly impressive for a debut collection.I'll definitely have to check out more of Ian's work! This is an exceptional collection of short stories, ...
  • Gef
    I love ghost stories, so by the title alone I was instantly drawn to this book. The stories, however, are not focused solely on apparitions and spooky old houses. The book does have its fair share, though. I think Paul Tremblay puts it best in his introduction: "Ian's stories are explorations of the cosmic, social, and paranormal what-ifs, of the terrible and wonderful awe of possibility. Yeah, that's this book in a nutshell.The book is segmented...
  • Marie
    Loved this! Every piece is wonderful. Rogers has a great cinematic style and is great with imagery.
  • Jacopo Gualtieri
    Such an impressive debut. I really loved this story collections and has become one of my favourite ones. Ian Roger's writing style is amazing and even in the stories I liked less, I found that the concepts he introduced were really interesting and you he creates characters that you can empathize with in a few lines. I can't wait to see what this writer is planning to do next
  • Josh
    A few stories into Every House Is Haunted, Rogers debut collection, I thought I had it pegged. A little bit of Matheson, some Lovecraft, a dash of Frank Capra (yes, you read that correctly. Dont worry, Ill explain). Moving further into the nooks, crannies and dark corners of the haunts contained herein, I came to appreciate the sheer range of Ians imagination and his skill as a weaver of words. If you want something easily consumed, labeled and s...
  • Barry
    I'll be the first to admit/point out that I didn't finish this book.The stories aren't bad or poorly-written. Mr. Rogers has very cool ideas at work in his noggin, and it's great that he gets to explore them, yet at times, they appear to lack clear endings. Often, a story will open, unfold, slowly revealing its dark machinations--and then abruptly stops.For one thing, "Aces" was beautiful, touching, and more than a little creepy; I loved it. "Aut...
  • Chantel Coughlin
    really fantastic collection. I think the first story, Aces, was my favorite.
  • Mike
    A strong collection of horror stories!
  • Krista
    I was ready for creepy, haunting, and totally scary. What I received, cheesy, short (one story I classify as a blurb), and not good. I was so excited to read this, how disappointing. I really felt that some of the stories were really unfinished, like the author could think of nothing more to say, so it just ended.... My least favorite and the shortest, short story at only a few pages, was Autumnology. Which made no sense to me on how it was suppo...
  • Julio Gagne
    I loved this collection. So many stories and all with different ideas than Ive read before. Some more fleshed out than others. Some borderline flash fiction but not a dud in the box. Thats pretty damn rare!Reminded me of reading Night Shift. I loved this collection. So many stories and all with different ideas than I’ve read before. Some more fleshed out than others. Some borderline flash fiction but not a dud in the box. That’s pretty damn...
  • Laura Helle
    Nice collection of short stories that are spooky, scary and brief. A few probably qualify as horror. I'll be watching for this author in the future.
  • graveyardgremlin
    Standouts:Cabin D - Intriguing beginning gave way to fascinating ending.The Nanny - This just made for a neat ghost story.The Cat - I could use a cat like this, but I don't know if I'd survive.Charlotte's Frequency - Creepy and weird. Me likey. After reading, I wondered who'd win in a Cat vs. Charlotte battle. (view spoiler)[I vote for draw, or else they team up and annihilate humanity. That's probably more likely. (hide spoiler)]The Tattletail -...
  • Corey
    Winner of the ReLit Award for Best Short Fiction, Ian Rogers debut is a corker, a paean to everything that scares us. Like the best of horror fiction, Rogers stories defy easy categorization. A jazz club may or may not be Hell, but is certainly not a place you want to visit. A loveable housecat proves adept at exterminating pests of all sizes. A campfire story takes an unusual turn. And in Deleted Scenes (my favourite in a collection rife with no...
  • Sean
    Much better than I expected!I've purchased books from unfamiliar authors in the past and am usually disappointed by the level of writing. However, Mr. Rogers' tales are extremely well written, inventive and, more often than not, will send more than one shiver down the reader's spine. I would describe some of the tales as being Raymond Carver-ish. If you're familiar with his work, you'll enjoy Every House is Haunted. Even if you're not, I'd highly...
  • Udolpho
    I would have given this five stars, but I had one issue with it. A lot of the stories seemed like snippets from much longer stories, or like they could have been developed into full length books. I became frustrated when they ended so quickly, especially when I though were clever premises. As I read I found myself chiding myself, "Don't get too attached. This is going to end soon." Maybe this is an unfair criticism, since I knew the book was shor...
  • Robert
    Probably the most satisfying short story collection by a single author that I've read in over a year. Rogers goes for the dread rather than the gross-out, which is a nice change of pace from the recent batch of work from newer horror authors. Some may not like many of the stories ending on a note of ambiguity, although it never hurts to exercise one's mind every now and then. Highly recommended.
  • Suellen
    Wow! I really like the way this guy writes. This is a book of supernatural/horror short stories. Each one of them had the feel, to me anyway, of an episode of The Twilight Zone. I didn't find them terribly scary but they definitely were all disturbing on one level or another. Good collection!
  • Nicholas Kaufmann
    A fantastic collection of short horror stories. Rogers has an immensely original and unpredictable imagination. Stories like "Aces" and "Inheritor" are absolutely captivating. I can't wait to see what he writes next!
  • Elizabeth
    Had to put this down while I binged all three seasons of "Penny Dreadful;" if you'd do that, then this book is for you. I took off one star because it was too short! More writing, please!!!
  • Melissa
    Aleithia I think you would enjoy this book...
  • Lauren
    Do you know early on if a book will be a 5 star read? I usually have an inkling whether or not I'm going to love it. With Every House is Haunted, I knew from the opening line of the first story that I was going to love it. Truthfully, I fell in love with the table of contents but I reserved my judgement until I actually got to the stories. The stories were broken up into five sections - The Vestibule, The Library, The Attic, The Den, and The Cell...