Symmetry by Hermann Weyl


Symmetry is a classic study of symmetry in mathematics, the sciences, nature, and art from one of the twentieth century's greatest mathematicians. Hermann Weyl explores the concept of symmetry beginning with the idea that it represents a harmony of proportions, and gradually departs to examine its more abstract varieties and manifestations--as bilateral, translatory, rotational, ornamental, and crystallographic. Weyl investigates the general abst...

Details Symmetry

Release DateJan 21st, 1983
PublisherPrinceton University Press
GenreScience, Mathematics, Nonfiction, Physics, Art, Philosophy

Reviews Symmetry

  • Manny
    - Now Hermann, have you quite finished preparing your lecture?- I have, darling. - You've practiced it?- Three times, darling.- I suppose it's about something terribly complicated that I won't understand.- Not at all, darling! This one will be non-technical. I want to reach out to a broader audience for once. - Really! And what is the title?- It's very simple, darling. Symmetry.- That's it, "Symmetry"?- Just one word, darling.- Are there pictures...
  • Stephen
    This is a short but very dense fix-up of four lectures given by Weyl on the eve of his departure from the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, wherein he builds motivation for the mathematics of symmetry out of real-world examples: art, biology, crystals, atoms, and spacetime. And it's meaty stuff: the difficulty spikes sharply towards the end of lecture 2, and anyone without a broad undergraduate level understanding of math and science mig...
  • Hao Ca Vien
    Excellent Expository and Mathematical Survey of Symmetry from Notion to Reality to Concept. He brings a grand tour of the Mathematical History and Application of Symmetry in and of life.A great read. Vivid, riveting, and inspiring.
  • Chris
    Barf. This is tasteless, pretentious, and devoid of insight.There are many much better books about the title topic. (see my other reviews)
  • So Hakim
    Let's start with a question. Who was Hermann Weyl?Hermann Weyl was, if you're unfortunate enough to know him while studying math, a terrifying figure. Not that it mattered much in this book. Weyl who wrote "Symmetry" was Weyl the popularizer of math, while tying it to examples in world culture.The book begins by explaining bilateral symmetry in ancient civilization. From Greek sculptures, to Sumerian and Medieval European art, Weyl tried to show ...
  • Mangoo
    Before the substantial and then formal distinction between the "two cultures", there abunded pamphlets that could seamlessly merge humanities and science. Such hybrids, as we could rather inappropriately call them today, are still produced, if in lesser quantity, and strand those perceivedly opposite loci of culture. This quick book is a conspicuous example. In this gentle, fascinating and smooth essay, that recollects and expands some lectures d...
  • Weston Beecroft
    A clearly written and interesting introduction to the mathematical notion of symmetry, starting with concrete examples of symmetric works of art throughout history, then analyzing several particular symmetry types using the notion of a symmetry group, and finishing with a fully abstract discussion of symmetry, groups, and their more general role in mathematics. The language is a bit dated at times and the technical difficulty is uneven; that said...
  • Alexandre Guay
    Un classique! La plus convaincante argumentation en faveur de l'identification du concept de symétrie à celui de groupe d'automorphismes. Je demeure sceptique sur ce point, mais j'admire le travail.
  • Santaraksita
    Excellent popularisation of a key concept in modern mathematics (and therefore, physics) by one her most outstanding artists this side of Poincare.