I Talk Slower Than I Think by C.D. Bonner

I Talk Slower Than I Think

I Talk Slower Than I Think - An Antidote to Helicopter ParentingAuthor: C. D. Bonner. Cover Illustration by Patricia Garrigus.In 52 Creative Nonfiction stories, author C. D. Bonner reminds grown-ups of simpler, more satisfying times and gives adolescents a chance to discover the fun of exploring the wonders just outside their door.Most of the stories will make funnybones ache, but a few will make heartstrings feel like fresh sutures. A child trie...

Details I Talk Slower Than I Think

TitleI Talk Slower Than I Think
Release DateAug 28th, 2012
PublisherC. D. Bonner
GenreDid Not Finish, Parenting

Reviews I Talk Slower Than I Think

  • Nicole
    This is a collection of stories to remind adults of every age of a simpler, more hands-on era.I Talk Slower than I Think is a nod to the good old days. Filled with southern expressions, each chapter relays an old family story passed down from previous generations. This book will have readers laughing out loud, as well as a few nodding along as they relate to certain events. Although there are some stories that are more emotional than entertaining...
  • Nick Wilkinson hansrote
    I have read and re-read this book and I can honestly say that it's as funny as it is inspirational. I really enjoy the "park the helicopter" aspect of the book and the idea of going back to a time when it's OK to get your hands dirty. A wonderful read that's inspirational but not preachy in any way.
  • Vincent Young
    This was absolutely the best book I have read this year. It has everything, comedy, drama and suspense from real life situtations. I feel everyone will be able to relate to these stories and every single story has a moral at the end to help keep the situation in its proper context. Everyone should read this book!
  • Mary Dansak
    Great fun! C.D. Bonner's stories of his childhood and family ring true to the young and old. Most are funny, some more poignant than others, all fun to read.
  • D.L. Mackenzie
    Might have been called "52 Slices of Life." I didn't grow up in the South, but the stories still rang true. There's something about those antique verities I hope never goes completely out of style.
  • C.D. Bonner
    Read what Kirkus Reviews had to say:KIRKUS REVIEWA debut memoir that bursts with Southern flavor and charm.Bonner recounts the lively antics of his rural Georgia childhood in the 1960s and 70s in this pleasant book. In each chapter, he provides a brief slice of Southern life with all the trimmings; for example, in The Importance of Biscuits, he waxes nostalgic for this small but crucial food (not just a side disha staple) and recalls the care his...
  • C.D. Bonner
    Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views:In I Talk Slower Than I Think, author C. D. Bonner shares poignant stories and unforgettable memories of growing up in Alabama and Georgia in the sixties and seventies.He deftly weaves absorbing stories of childhood adventures, and country comedy with family humor through the use of Southern humor, touching anecdotes on parenting, and treasured memories of his youth. He incorporates snippets of histor...
  • A.S.
    There were just a couple of laugh out loud moments; wish there had been more because the subject matter had potential to be hilarious. It needed some professional editing, but it wasn't bad.