The League of Doorways (Doorways, #2) by Tim O'Rourke

The League of Doorways (Doorways, #2)

With a werewolf and a vampire for company, Zach Black makes his way across a vast apocalyptic wasteland in search of the box which contains the Heart of Endra. In the desert, they stumble across a mechanical man who tells Zach and his friends that if they want to reach the box, they will have to cross a desolate land inhabited by terrifying creatures, which have been smuggled from the other side of the doorways. But with a traitor amongst his mid...

Details The League of Doorways (Doorways, #2)

TitleThe League of Doorways (Doorways, #2)
Release DateSep 6th, 2012

Reviews The League of Doorways (Doorways, #2)

  • Lisa
    This was another awesome book in the Doorway series.Non stop action and adventure! I really loved the new character Faraday.Mr.O'rourke has a wonderfully wild imagination.This series is for all ages to enjoy!
  • Jenn Green
    Welcome back to Endra, the long anticipated 2nd book in the 'Doorways' trilogy is finally here & it was well worth the wait!!Action, adventure, betrayal & surprises around every corner await you in this book. Not for the squeamish or faint-hearted! Endra is filled with so many fantastic charaters & creatures, it's so easy to get completely lost in the read. The descriptions are so vivid you feel like you're right there. I must say the Delf & Thro...
  • Susan
    Zach Black and his motley crew pick up just where Book 1 ended. Much of their time is spent trying to cross a desiccated and abandoned war zone. William Weaver the werewolf and Neanna the vampire keep him company as they continue their quest to find the Heart of Endra. Meanwhile, Anna Black is still in the hands of the ghoulish pirates along with uncle Thandel. Throat and his evil sister, Delf, continue to make plans to take out Zach and his comp...
  • Gaele
    AudioBook Review: Stars: Overall: 4 Narration: 4 Story 4 The second in this trilogy picks right up where the first ended, or didn’t since the author is an apparent fan of the cliffhanger. While I understand the reasons for them, in titles geared to younger readers I am NOT a fan (not much for myself either) as I believe that each story should have some conclusion that makes you curious about what next, not struggling to sort out a long or drawn...
  • A Book Vacation
    To see my full review: O’Rourke is one of my all time favorite authors. In the last year alone, he’s written over 10 novels, many of which are for his Kiera Hudson series, which are dedicated to vampires and the vampyrus, but he’s also written real-time horror novels, werewolf novels, and, of course, his paranormal, alternate universe novels as well. Tim amazes me.Out of all O’Rourke’s novels, I’d say the one...
  • Sue McGarvie
    In this book everything happened fast, very fast making it almost impossible for me to put it down. In book one I got to meet the characters, in Book two I felt everything that happened to them, from Anna's fear to Zach's doubts and Throat's hatred. I became friends with them due to how well written they are and how well the author has expressed each and every one of their situations, emotions and actions. Their thoughts are easy to understand an...
  • Jackie
    Holy Macaroni batman! Another masterpiece by THE Master of keeping you holding on right to the end, then making you think “WHAT THE….!!??” I love Tim’s worlds, Endra is totally “mental” in so many ways, his creatures WE call werewolves, vampires, sorcerers, witches – Tim changes them into something that takes it to a TOTALLY different dimension. Where in the hell his ideas come from is beyond me! How he still manages to have a norma...
  • Claire
    Another great book following the adventures of Zachery Black and his friends a Wolf, a Slath/Vampire, a mechanical man among others, battling together to save their worlds with the help of some weird and wonderful mechanical creatures along the way . An action packed book full of adventures, betrayals and all the twists and turns you'd expect in one of Mr O'Rourke's books.You won't be disappointed!!!
  • Carol Sloan
    Loved it but when will I learn to check if the series is finished before I start a book! I hate waiting for the next stage. Sometimes I come across a concept that my brain sees as too big and I have to step out of the book to think about it. The levers is one of those in this book linking it to other series and I guess I will have to the end to see how it all fits together.
  • Harold
    Book 2 continues on a roller coaster ride of an adventure with more fascinating creatures, characters, and surprises -- plus a mystery ensues. Fred Wolinsky's narration for the audiobook is top notch, just like the first book. The book really comes to life. I can't wait until the third book is out!
  • Asl4u
    Book 2... its okay. Interesting story - just a little young for me I think..
  • Michelle Thomas
    Can't wait for the Queen of Doorways!
  • Laura Bowie
    Good readTim has done it again. a great read by a great writer. fantastic for more books in this series. a great start to the series