Finding Family by Richard Hill

Finding Family

Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA is Richard Hill's true and intensely personal story of how he pieced together the long-kept secret of his own origins. This highly suspenseful book is a page-turning saga of personal detective work that will appeal to anyone who loves a good mystery. But this isn't fiction. It's an engrossing account of an adoptee trying to reclaim the biological family denied him by sealed birth recor...

Details Finding Family

TitleFinding Family
Release DateAug 17th, 2012
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, History, Biography, Parenting, Adoption

Reviews Finding Family

  • Richard Hill
    Since it's my personal story and I wrote the book, I love it. No surprise there.
  • Lauren
    This book offers so much more than genealogy and DNA! From the perspective of an adoptee who is an only child, his idea of family is loaded with some great expectations. Mr. Hill has many insightful revelations about what this word means to him throughout his journey to find his biological parents.This a wonderful human interest story along with enough suspense to prevent the use of a bookmark.
  • Annette Cook
    I could not put this book down. The author's search and success in finding his birth father through a combination of research and DNA testing, long after his father's death,was an inspiration for me in my search. Riveting and inspiring!
  • Matthew Harbowy
    Overall, this is an excellent book for the beginning genealogist. Many people will be inspired by the successes and difficulties that Richard faced, and he has written this in a very readable, linear narration. With so many unknowns and blind corners as he faced, this book should also appeal to people who love a good mystery novel. I think this story has the potential to become a timeless addition to some reader's shelves.This book also provides ...
  • Kelly
    I came across this book last weekend while searching our local library's catalog for basic books on DNA and genetics. I am an adoptee currently searching for additional biological relatives. The information Mr. Hill provided regarding the various genetic testing options available was extremely useful for me as I find it overwhelming at times to sift through all of the information returned in a Google search on this topic!Reading Mr. Hill's accoun...
  • Helen
    This memoir is a tale of perseverance over many years in one man's search for answers about his origins. The effort he put into his search is enormous. I understand what drives him because I am still searching. It is one of very few books that incorporate the magic of DNA testing as an aid to crack such a case, although you can encounter many similar stories online now. I would especially recommend this book to those looking for easy answers and ...
  • Jeri Corbitt
    I couldn't put this book down. I was intrigued from page one until the very last page. Mr. Hill did an exceptionally good job at telling his story, beginning from when he disovered he was adopted and through his journey to find his birth parents and family. A great lesson in using genealogy, pure detective work, DNA tests and perseverence to attain your goals. He is an inspiration to all of us who have family mysteries/history to solve.
  • Barbara
    Because I love family history, this book was a great read. It's about a man that was adopted and his journey to find his biological family. It was a fast read. I read it in two days. I thought it was a fascinating story. It also broadened my understanding of DNA and its use in family history.
  • Carola
    I loved this book, it was an easy read, hard to put down, with lots of suspense to keep the reader interested. I think an audience from late- teens to 100 years old would enjoy this book. It would make a good birthday or Christmas gift.
  • Doug
    I was introduced to this title at a genealogy workshop we recently attended. In addition to a fascinating human interest story, this book includes numerous insights in record searching and discovery also of use in genealogy research.
  • Kristie
    I couldn't put this down (except for sleep and work)! It's a fascinating true story of one adopted man's quest to find the truth about his biological parents and heritage.
  • Beth
    Great genealogy book! Loved the research and the great discoveries
  • Janice
    This self published book is the story of an adoptees search for his birth parents. He was one of the first people to successfully use DNA testing for genetic genealogy. He documented his search, over the course of about 30 years. Mr. Hill was very resourceful and his book is full of great tips, ideas and information that would be helpful to any genealogist, adoptee, or birth parent. I also reviewed this book at WikiTree, my favorite genealogy sit...
  • India
    I found this book uplifting and emotional because it paralleled with my own search for family. I admire his strength and courage because I know just how much you need to pursue this topic. I’d recommend this book to anyone searching for family or if you like to see a real mystery unfolding.
  • Kim
    Scrolling through the Nonfiction section at NetGalley, I saw the title of this book and it grabbed my attention. I was curious about the author's journey in finding his truths because I too wondered about my own ancestors. While my own discoveries were interesting, the author's road was a lot bumpier and filled with many twists and turns. Finding one's roots was more difficult in decades prior than today. Sites like Ancestry and Familysearch didn...
  • Edith
    My review as posted on Netgalley: I very much enjoyed reading Richard's story of discovering his origin. The book had a wonderful pace and the real life characters were well developed. The author wrote beautifully about his parents, the Hills, Jackie and the people in her life, never judged anyone involved for the choices they made - to hide his adoption, to have extramarital affairs, to divorce, to be promiscuous, or to drive under the influence...
  • Karen
    Finding Family was an engaging read with the best possible outcome for the author. Mr Hill's decency and thoughtfulness rang through this book as he made the decision to search for his biological family. I appreciated how thoroughly he outlined the process and how he never whitewashed how complicated and fraught it can be. He took on many poignant issues as he searched for his birth mother and father, especially around the sexual lives of his bir...
  • Bob Grenier
    This is a true story about a man who discovered he was adopted. His adopted parents never told him about his birth mother although they supported her during the last months of her pregnancy and paid all expenses. He learns about this accidentally just before starting college.He begins his search many years later after his father tells him that he has a brother and urges him to find him.There are many frustrations with the inaccuracy of records - ...
  • Mary Alaga
    This book was fascinating from beginning to end and filled with useful information, not too hard to understand.It was also an eye-opening book in that I never thought about how hard it must be for those who were adopted and have no starting point to begin a search for family. I need to quit whining about my problems with my genealogy search. At least I know who my parents were. I initially bought this book as I wanted to know a little more about ...
  • Lyn
    Finding FamilyWhat a wonderful book. Richard Hill accidentally learns of his adoption. What he does next is remarkable. Hill continued to respect and honor is parents waiting until the best time to reveal his knowledge. Later we follow him on his journey towards the discovery of his birth family and the secrets surrounding his adoption placement. This is a book of DNA and scientific facts – yet it is filled with love, hope, mystery and family. ...
  • Connie
    One of the best books I have ever read. It's about a man who finds out he's adopted and doesn't decide to persue it until he is 32. But his story is about him doing DNA testing to find his biological roots. I think his first DNA test was in the late 80s-early 90s. Tests that long ago aren't as accurate as they are today so he is even more confused. SO he takes another one. And it gets better from there. I highly recommend!!
  • Michele
    Wonderful story. I enjoyed the ups and downs of Richard's journey to find out who he really was genetically. This book will be a great help to anyone who is researching their ancestry/adoption using DNA. I bought an extra copy and donated it to my locale library hoping it will help others in their search.
  • Trish
    This was an interesting read, especially since, as an adoptee, I am in the process of trying to connect with my birth father. The story of this man's search, combined with how he ended up using DNA to settle once and for all who his father was, could provide good information for any member of the adoption triad seeking to connect with another member of that triad.
  • Diane
    Great real life mystery story!Fascinating story of Richard Hill's decades long search for his biological parents. Lots of twists and turns and misinformation complicated his search. Along the way he met new family and friends that might have been but didn't turn out to be family. An early user of DNA testing he learned along the way.
  • Shari
    I read this book in one night. I really couldn't put it down. I'm not adopted, yet one doesn't need to be. The true story pulls you in right away. I had already done the Ancestry DNA test, but this inspired me to take the 23andme test as well as the Family Tree mtDNA test.
  • Evelyn
    Using DNA to find relativesInteresting story of author's search for his birth parents. He was adopted in a closed adoption (1940's) and takes the reader along on his journey to discover who his birth parents were.