Paper Chains by Nicola Moriarty

Paper Chains

A heart-warming story of love, friendship and forgiveness - and the crazy twists of fate that shape our lives…Hannah and India are new best friends. Although true friendship means always telling each other the truth, doesn’t it…?Hannah, you see, is running from her life back in Sydney. Now in London, she’s trying to put the past behind her, and finding this amazing new friend is a positive step forward. If only she could stop punishing he...

Details Paper Chains

TitlePaper Chains
Release DateFeb 1st, 2013
PublisherBantam Books
GenreContemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction

Reviews Paper Chains

  • Phrynne
    A short, light and enjoyable read about two women with big secrets. Overall I enjoyed the story but occasionally felt irritated by how long it took to discover what the secrets were. In the meantime Hannah in particular became increasingly exasperating with her melodramatic statements and actions. So much so that by the time I discovered her problem - which was indeed a serious one - I did not have much sympathy left for her. India on the other h...
  • Nomes
    Paper chains has so much cool going for it:Set in London! And Australia :) and other snippetty travel scenes and flashbacks.Two mysterious girls (ladies) both holding secrets. What is going on?Those gorgeous moments of serendipity that I adore.Chain letters.Prose that you sink Ito, sentiments perfectly captured.Most ever so importantly, characters to care about. To get under your skin. Two gorgeous girls, so different. And all their worlds (inclu...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    I was charmed by Nicola Moriarty's debut novel, Free-Falling and I have been looking forward to the release of Paper Chains. This wonderful contemporary adult novel reveals the secrets of two young Australian women, India and Hannah, who meet while in London. The deceptively lighthearted introduction to Paper Chains slowly gives way to a compelling tale of heartbreak, loss and hope.As backpacker India considers her next travel destination, she ch...
  • Brenda
    Hannah had recently arrived in London from Australia, and fairly quickly found herself a job at the gift shop in a Museum…she wanted to work every day, but her boss insisted she have at least one day off. But when she had that day off, she punished herself by jogging, running everywhere. Beside the Thames, down the sidewalks and between the cafes. She ate very little, told herself she needed the punishment, that she was a bad person and didn’...
  • Kathy
    I highly recommend this beautiful and moving story. Paper Chains is about two Aussie girls who meet in London – both have secrets (which does get a little frustrating at times, but does keep the pages moving to find out what they are!) . This story delves into some really tough issues but I loved it all – the friendships and family, and the journey that brings it all to a heartbreaking ending. 5 stars for sure……what a talented author!
  • Bree T
    Hannah is living in London, working all the days she can in a gift shop when she meets India. Hannah is amazed by India’s ability to go up to anyone she sees, introduce herself and become their friend. It’s been a long time since Hannah had a friend, but it seems like India is going to fulfill that role.Both are Australian and both have found themselves in England for quite similar reasons. India knows that Hannah is hiding a secret. There’...
  • Helen McKenna
    Hannah is not your usual twenty-something Australian living in London. Unlike the thousands of other travellers and working holidayers that make the city home for a time while they party their way around Europe, Hannah spends her nights alone in her flat and her days off jogging all over the city to the point of exhaustion. By a stroke of fate she meets fellow Aussie India, who is as outgoing and funloving as Hannah is serious and reclusive. Alth...
  • Lauredhel
    Content note for (view spoiler)[postnatal depression, suicidality, child abandonment, character death (hide spoiler)]Oh, this book. This book. It shattered me into tiny pieces. And not from what you who've read it already might expect. (view spoiler)[No, it was the first-person view of postnatal depression that got to me. We hear what it is (for some) like from the inside, the feeling that your body has turned to rotting wood and torn cardboard, ...
  • Paula Weston
    I ordered this book at the library after reading Nomes' fabulous review on Inkcrush. I'll admit, when I took a closer look at the cutesy cover, I thought the library had wrongly marked it as adult fiction, because it definitely had a YA vibe (and while I'd read the synopsis and knew the story appealed, I obviously didn't read it enough to realise it wasn't YA).I should know better: don't judge a book by its cover. The nature of the relationships ...
  • Alex
    The Plot: Living in London and working behind the counter at a Museum's store was not exactly where Hannah planned to be in her late twenties, but she doesn't have much to choose from since she ran off from her life in Sydney and doesn't want to think about or remember what she left behind.Meeting fellow Australian India one day at the Museum, and later at the park was a surprise, as Hannah doesn't believe she deserves friends, or fun or anything...
  • Leanna (daisychainbooks)
    3.5/5 --was definitely heading towards a four there for a while but I felt the ending was a bit rushed and I never totally warmed to either character. I feel like I didn't get to know Hannah or India -and I really should have. I've read another book that deals with a similar subject matter as this one and it pretty much ripped my heart out -repeatedly- so it's not just because I'm cold and emotionally disconnected that I didn't cry at this one. O...
  • Sharon
    What a beautiful story. This was my first Nicola Moriarty and I really enjoyed it. A story about friendship,family,love and forgiveness. I found it hard to put down. I would certainly recommend it.
  • MarciaB - Book Muster Down Under
    The Blurb“India smiled. ‘Everything is fixable, Hannah …’Hannah and India are new best friends. Although true friendship means always telling each other the truth, doesn’t it?Hannah, you see, is running from her life back in Sydney. Now in London, she’s trying to put the past behind her, and finding this amazing new friend is a positive step forward. If only she could stop punishing herself for what she did.India knows Hannah is hidin...
  • Susan Wishart
    As the star rating indicates, it was OK. A vanilla romance with two young Australian women, India and Hannah who meet by chance in London. Both are running away from a traumatic event in their lives which they do not wish to reveal. Spoiler alert; India has terminal cancer and Hannah has walked out on her loving husband and two very young children. I guessed India's secret on page four and it took me rather longer to realise that Hannah's problem...
  • Emma Tingay
    For the last two months, Hannah has been living in London and working in a museum shop. She has run away from her life in Sydney, Australia, and has been punishing herself because of something she did back home. Then she meets India, who is also an Australian travelling overseas. India is the complete opposite of Hannah – outgoing, friendly, and wants to help people. The two become friends and India makes it her mission to prise Hannah’s secr...
  • Sheree
    Absolutely loved it!Australian women Hannah & India meet by chance in London and forge a friendship marking the beginning of a insightful, sensitive, heartwarming journey of serendipity. A story of contrasts, much like Hannah and India ... Hannah a deep well of pain & self-loathing, fragile, and withdrawn, India intuitive, outgoing, bubbly and confident. As first Hannah then India's secrets are slowly revealed this highly emotive novel addresses ...
  • Katy
    Well, all I can say is Nicola Moriarty knows how to pull on those heart strings. I don't think I have cried so much for a very long time reading a book. I was so invested in the characters of this book, and being the time of my life that I am, I could really relate to the subject matter. The thing I loved most about this book was it's pace. Each chapter was just long enough to read and really enjoy. So much so that I could read a bit each night, ...
  • Sallyann Van leeuwen
    A sweet book of two Aussie girls who meet in London, one an introvert, the other an extrovert. Both have secrets. India skips from one country to the next, experiencing all she can, whilst Hannah is holed up in London dealing with self-worth issues. Quirky fun read of girls running from love, only to have it chase them down! However the cover made me think they were closer to teenage years not mid 20s. Therefore I was surprised with Hannah's secr...
  • Kerrie Paterson
    WARNING - do not read the final chapters of this book in public. Unless you don't mind sobbing brokenheartedly in public that is :)Paper Chains is the story of two Aussie girls who meet in London. I loved the way Nicola slowly revealed each of the girl's secrets - it kept me turning the pages wanting to find out more. I also loved how the story of the letter was woven between the chapters - each of those glimpses could have been a story in themse...
  • Leslea
    Great book with a difficult topic which was handled very well. I really liked the characters of Hannah and India and thought their friendship moved along quite well. I was disappointed with the ending - too coincidental and a bit rushed but over all I really enjoyed this story and would read something else by this author.
  • Molly
    I found this story confusing at first; I like other readers had the impression that the main characters were younger than they turned out to be. I also found the range of characters a little bland, without the diversity existent in both London and Sydney and the ending a little pat.
  • Jacinta
    Wasn't that sure about this book to begin with, but the middle to end really got me in. Very moving story.
  • Feistykel
    Beautiful story with beautiful characters and just enough mystery. Such a lovely story of friendship and love and the reality of life.
  • Marg
    4.5/5Going to be difficult to review this one without spoiling!
  • Tania Wilmann
    Hannah described how I felt exactly. It was such a lovely book to read.
  • Rebecca Rutland
    A lovely story about Hannah & India and how their worlds collide. Very touching an emotional, a very enjoyable read.
  • Marina Mcmaugh
    Another great novel by Nicola.. laughed and cried reading this.. such a beautiful story of love and friendhsip
  • Rachel Piper
    Enjoyed this at the beginning, but the last third or fourth took a treacly turn I wasn't really expecting and didn't enjoy. I much preferred "Free-Falling."
  • Julie Brown
    It was ok. The story, as someone else mentioned, felt very vanilla. The secrets were drawn out too long and then the ending felt sudden and rushed. All in all a bit cliche.