Finding My Father by Kevin Albright

Finding My Father

Fathers have a profound impact on their kids. Kevin grew up as a Preacher's Kid (PK). His dad was the pastor of a dynamic church in southern California, and he wanted to be just like him. That is, until his life was ripped apart when a lady violently broke into their home. After beating his mom with a lead pipe and shooting her several times she was left for dead, and Kevin's life was crushed. Yet, nothing could have prepared him for what he disc...

Details Finding My Father

TitleFinding My Father
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
PublisherWestBow Press
GenreNonfiction, Christian, Christian Non Fiction

Reviews Finding My Father

  • Kathleen Morris
    This book belongs on the New York Best Seller list! I couldn't believe the magnitude of this story. It moved me in unimaginable ways. Based on a true story, it will not disappoint. Its action packed pages scream thriller, yet there is a softness there that pulls on your heart strings. It brought tears to my eyes as I journeyed with Kevin through a life of pain and suffering, and a struggle not against flesh and blood but the evil forces of this d...
  • Becky Ruffer
    Powerful reading. Excellent depiction. This book has blessed me, moved me, and taught me. The way the story is told, the depiction of our spiritual realm and the powers of darkness around us is so well written and real. Kevins story is amazing and his faith and strenght is even more amazing. This book helped me to realize just how much our children, family and friends need prayer coverage. I find that everytime I do something, I am now asking God...
  • Patricia
    Well, I don't know where to begin.When Ruth Wharton delivered this book to me,she said you probably won't be able to put it down. I thought to myself "yeah right", I am watching my 3 sick grandkids and not feeling so hot myself.Boy was I ever wrong. This book is such journey to go on with Kevin. I don't know how he did it....but then he explained it, "His Father."One can only hope to find the love of the Heavenly Father as Kevin did.His testimoni...
  • James Mcarthur
    I had never heard of either Kevin or his book prior to meeting him in the GTA last November. After meeting Kevin, I purchased a copy of his book at the event we were both attending that day and am very thankful I did. I found the book to be a riveting read. It is a blow by blow journey that will draw the reader immediately into the author's story. One of the key structural elements is the way each chapter is divided into 3 sections. The first tel...
  • Gail Warner
    This was an awesome read! I believe there are forces that tempt us and we have to be strong in our faith! Would highly recommend this book!