Tempting the Highlander (Highlander, #4) by Janet Chapman

Tempting the Highlander (Highlander, #4)

She has the power to tempt him beyond all reason.... Catherine Daniels arrives in Pine Creek, Maine, at just the right time for Robbie MacBain. She is on the run from her ex-husband, and Robbie is a sexy, single foster parent who needs a housekeeper while he travels back in time to medieval Scotland. Unbeknownst to Catherine, Robbie's looking for a book of spells to save the future of his family...and little did he expect to find a burning passi...

Details Tempting the Highlander (Highlander, #4)

TitleTempting the Highlander (Highlander, #4)
Release DateSep 1st, 2004
PublisherPocket Books
GenreRomance, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Fantasy, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Tempting the Highlander (Highlander, #4)

  • Quinn
    4.5 starsI really am enjoying this series. I don’t know exactly why that is – they are not thought-provoking, angsty, dark, complex or deep and meaningful. Hmmm. Maybe that’s precisely why. I zipped through this one in a day – see what a difference it makes when I’m really enjoying the ride?In this, the fourth book of the series, Robbie is all grown up and has embraced his Guardian responsibilities more fully than anyone could have expe...
  • BJ Rose
    It took my mind a little while to move from the 9-year-old Robbie in Wedding the Highlander to the grownup hunk of highland manhood we see in Tempting. But once that happened, I just sat back and enjoyed! We learned in Wedding that Robbie is the Guardian of his family, and here we see that carried out. What I found interesting - and different - is that he has always accepted this as his calling, not just his duty. And I loved the expansion of his...
  • Lori McD
    If you've been following the series, it seemed like like quite a "skip" to jump from the 1st generation MacBains and MacKeages to the 2nd generation in this book. We've seen Robbie as a baby in book 1, not even talked about in book 2, and then an 8 year old in book 3. In book 4, Robbie is a grown man. Boy, does time fly! While Robbie's age isn't specifically mentioned,he left to join the military at age 22 and was in the special forces for at lea...
  • Jess
    This had a few of my favorite things involved in it. There was a nice smattering of Scottish brogue, an appealing hero, an interesting heroine, time travel, kilts and hot romance. Needless to say I was a happy camper with this pick. The plot moved quickly and it was a really easy read. I again started this series at the end, but that's okay because it gives me more books to look forward to. I didn't find it to hard to follow along with despite st...
  • Elaine
    I came very close to rating this a 4. I didn't like it as well as the others but it was close. I wasn't impressed with the travel back in time. Robbie had come back two times needing to be stitched up. When he went back with Cat, the most excitement came from the warriors chasing after Cat to marry her...please..There were 355 pages in this book. I really can skip the sex scene if it occurs 20 pages before the end of the book. Yes, page 335, by t...
  • Carolyn
  • Beth
    I view time travel romances that involve Scottish men and have the word "Highlander" in the title through a pair of very expensive rose-colored glasses. I am inexplicably and unabashedly in love with the genre. That being said, my criticisms of the fourth book in Chapman's Highlander Series would likely be harsher was it not for the aforementioned factors. Even so, minus one star because it's not even close to being the best in the series. And mi...
  • ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
    Well, This is my least favorite of the series. Here is a woman who is so skittish because she is running from a recently paroled husband (they are divorced)with 2 small children. They are taken in by Robbie McBain who travels through time to find a root to grow a new tree of wisdom/life. If you read the series it makes sense.This was my least favorite because of the woman's (catharine)character. She was freaked out by all men and wouldn't let the...
  • Barbara
    4.5 stars.
  • Paranormal Romance
    The hero is a guardian and he takes this responsibility very seriously. He always says that there's room in his heart for more caring and he seems to live by the rule. Not only is he a guardian for his large family, all the uncles to have traveled forward in time to the present as well as all their wives and children, he is also the foster father for 4 teenage boys. They are reputed trouble makers and on last chances before they find themselves i...
  • Katelyn
    I like this series for a good light hearted read. It's a romance but it's not heavy on the love making like some romance novels are, it's more about two people finding each other. Robbie is now an adult, which really only matters if you've read the previous books, and has accepted his role of Guardian in more ways than one. Cat is on the run from her ex-husband with her two children Nathan and Nora. Naturally Robbie finds himself drawn to Cat and...
  • Sharon
    Loving story This is an excellent example of Janet Chapman’s work. She is able to portray the point of view of an abused woman, recovering with the support of strong men. Lots of fanaticism and adventure.
  • D.M. Davis
    This was my favorite of all Janet Chapman’s Highlander books. Don’t get me wrong, I love Grey and the other ancient warriors and the women who love them. But Robbie just takes it to the next level. Maybe it’s part of his unique magic. If you haven’t read this series, you need to. Immediately.
  • Sandra Walker
    I think I want to do a little time traveling!!! Not really, but I did like this one a lot. Robbie sounds like my kind of guy.
  • Nancy
    I hadn't read the first three books in this series and i think kept me from knowing all the back story. I wanted to knock Catherine in the head several times but Robbie was a winner
  • Patty Ames
    Excellent seriesThese books grab you immediately and keep your interest to the end. I've read them all a number of times and they will continue to be one of my go to series
  • Muse Here
    Much better than the previous one. Really enjoyed reading Robbie's story after getting to know his so well in the last book. I do like how the author keeps the story moving forward quickly through time as opposed to long drawn out day by day stuff that some romance authors use. I did like the connection between him and Cat, they were really cute together and all the kids were great as well. I liked Cat's journey down the road of self discovery as...
  • Lyndsay
    This is my second favorite in the series so far. (view spoiler)[Catherine is on the rhn from her ex husband who is out jail. He was there for domestic abuse. We first meet her "stealing" eggs. Robbie tries to catch her but she is really fast. The stakes get higher when we learn she is on the run with her two little kids. Robbie has to keep traveling back in time to get the book of speels for wizard. If he doesn't accomplish his goal in the time f...
  • Atunah
    So far my least favorite in the series. But still good. What didn't work for me was the heroine and some of the time line math. The heroines greatest joy in life is sewing. Those are her own words. Placing tiny invisible stitches. Someone shoot me now lol. The hole thing was just a tad to "homey" for me with all the kids and cuteness. The love story here was just a bit overly sweet. I would have liked Robbie to get a bit of a better love. The end...
    Well, lessee... beyond the fuzzy math - H's dad TTed 35 years ago, H was born 30 years ago. H enlisted at 20. H spent 10 years in military. H got out 5 years ago "because dad wanted him to" (wasn't aware the military allowed that sort of thing).Think author confused herself (sure confused me).Also. Don't like to read romances featuring men (or women) whose childhood features too prominently in earlier books of series. Makes me feel a bit...like I...
  • Laurel Richards
    Pros: I really enjoyed the heroine, Cat, in this book. She was an interesting mix of vulnerable and tough, which made her a more complex character. Robbie was super sexy, not only for his physical attributes but because Chapman made him such a good man. He was easy to fall in love with. The minor characters also added a great flavor to the book, rather than fading into the background. The time travel elements were well done, too. They added the f...
  • Tonya Warner
    Really great!Robbie MacBain is all grown-up and finds his own little Cat who becomes the guardian angel for the guardian.Catherine Daniels has been on the run from her abusive ex-husband with her two young children. Meeting up with the larger than life Robbie, helps her to learn to stand on her own, even when she is standing with the man she has grown to love.Trying to save his family from being torn apart by the magic that had brought the origin...
  • Ria F
    Robbie McBain is all grown up and settled in his role as a Guardian. He has several foster boys that no one else wants to take in. He now has to travel back in time to where his father came from to try to save his clan. In the process he meets Cat (Catherine) running/hiding from a violent ex. One word ended my fantasy of traveling back to those times. Bedbugs. shudders... The side story was heart wrenching. Ian McKeage wants Robbie to take him ba...
  • Linda
    The fourth book in Chapman's "Pine Creek Highlander" Series finds Robbie MacBain as an adult caring for juvenile delinquents. Amid all the day -to -day chaos that goes along with caring for 4 teenage boys, someone is robbing Robbie's henhouse. His life is about to get more complicated when he discovers the thief is a mother of two children trying to survive and take care of her family. Also, Father Daar (the meddlesome wizard that concocted the s...
  • Michele bookloverforever
    I enjoyed this book quite a bit. A survivor of spousal abuse finds a knight in shining armor who teaches her that not all men are rotten and some are quite noble of character. He helps her find her backbone and helps her realize her strength of character and inner goodness. They find love together. She stands up to her abuser and finds he can no longer damage her self esteem. She marries the man of her dreams and makes a home for her children and...
  • Nola Arganbright
    A great time travel read. I loved the characters. Robbie is a gentle giant of a man who is the Guardian of his family. Catherine is a single mother running from an abusive husband. I enjoyed watching Caterine grow into a confident woman and strong survivor. There is a good amount of humor in the book if you enjoy wizards and magic. The children are an integral part of the story. I enjoyed watching the power of love as it was introduced into their...
  • Lady of the Lake
    Another fast fun read full of magic and true love that was meant to be. These books COULD be read on their own but to really get the full experience and fall in love with this remarkable magical family start with the first one in the series. I did read book two first not knowing it was an entire series and I understood what was going on but would have really enjoyed it much more if I read it in order.
  • Lisa
    This is the story of Robbie MacBain, ordained to be the guardian of the MacKeages and MacBains. He also takes on four wayard boys and a woman with two children who are running from an abusive husband. I love Robbie's character and enjoyed the relationship he has with Cat. My favorite characters in the book are the four juvenile deliquents he takes care of; they are witty and grow into good young men.
  • Mareli
    Okay, the children and the guys were a big bonus for me but the story was really good. This time the paranormal factor was very strong as Robbie has to come back to the past in order to help the druid (I cannot stomach him, it's an ambulant disgrace!) and during one of those trips he brings Catherine with him (it's an incident).The fun thing is that Catherine is telling herself that it's all a dream... and not that she's going crazy... Very good!
  • Kathrynn
    This is book #4 and it kinda dragged for me. This book and book #1 are the only two that actually do any time-traveling. In this book Robbie (who is the infant that Grace brings to Maine in book #1) is grown up. He has some special abilites....that's all I can say on this without posting a spoiler alert. It's worth reading because part of the series, but I found it to be slow in several parts.