Lucifer, Vol. 8 by Mike Carey

Lucifer, Vol. 8

The eighth volume of writer Mike Careys beguiling LUCIFER series continues the saga of the Lightbringer, who now faces a deadly new threat to both his Creation and our own. Fenris, the acme of ruin and destruction, has awoken into Gods absence, and he stalks the World-Tree Yggdrasil where he is destined to end of the world. Only Elaine Belloc, the Archangel Michael and Lucifer stand in his wayand their efforts may only hasten the end of all thing...

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TitleLucifer, Vol. 8
Release DateJul 1st, 2005
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Lucifer, Vol. 8

  • Cheese
    artwork takes a small dive in this and not much happens. Picks up at the end.
  • Devann
    By all rights this volume is kind of a mess with the different storylines, but it still weirdly works for me. I love the Lilith issue and how she kind of planted the seed in Lucifer's mind for rebellion. Although how exactly did she have a kid with that other angel because I thought none of the angels could have children [except Michael via loophole]? Does her magic vagina just trump the angels being sterile? Also why is the baby like the rest of...
  • Airiz C
    The Wolf Beneath the Tree brings us a step closer to apex of the Lucifer series, which is apparently the end of the world in the wake of Yahweh’s departure. The main story follows the Norse wolf Fenris who, feeling that the Armageddon/Ragnarok is closing in on the Creation, goes to spill kin-blood on the roots of the Yggdrasil. Lucifer teams up with Michael and Elaine to do what they can to stop everything from collapsing…This volume fills so...
  • Lil
    Loved the backstory with Lilith and the fall. Oh, you angels, just get over it! And bringing in some more of the Endless siblings made me squeal.
  • Mateen Mahboubi
    First couple one-off stories didn't do too much for me but the main story that is included here was pretty enjoyable. A focused, slow burn, it hit a lot of the notes that I enjoy with the series. Looking forward to seeing how it ends.
  • Tsumi Tsunami
    3,5wtf ese final D:
  • Zec
    Stories: Neutral Ground, Lilith, The Wolf Beneath the TreeNeutral Ground: was a cool concept, decent one-shot. Dark as hell.Lilith: intriguing if overlong tale that covers the origins of Mazikeen, Silver City and Lucifer’s rebellion. Somehow wasn’t as compelling or epic as it could have been.The Wolf Beneath the Tree: starts slowly but bursts into a brilliant climax, reaching some of the series’ highest points in the story and art.
  • Đenis
    Boží stolec je prázdny a všehomír sa rozpadá. Severský niečo ako boh Fenris - vlk, ktorý má zničiť svet narušením Yggdrasilu sa v spúčasnej svetovej situácii na cestu vydáva splniť svoj údel. Michael tvorca odmieta Luciferovu pomoc na záchranu sveta, čo sa zlomí až po večeri u Večného Osudu.
  • Brian
    I should have reread the last couple volumes before diving into this. I still enjoyed it, especially the Lilith story, but I think I'll appreciate it more upon a future reread with more of the past storylines fresh in my head.
  • James
    It's strange to see Fenris in this mythology.
  • Steven Werber
    Brilliant beyond words. Any graphic novel that has me running to the internet to use google translate and look up angel names is doing something right!!
  • Drizztl
  • Amy
    I love P. Craig Russell and his art in that one issue is still breathtaking.
  • SaraKat
    The wolf is a fun character that provides a scary and powerful antagonist.
  • Jason
  • Tomáš
    Skvělý byl příběh o Lilith, ale celkově nevybočuje výrazně z průměru.
  • Chris Miller
    The backstory about Lilith, Mazikeen's mother (and mother to all of the Lilim), was very interesting: (view spoiler)[ Her affair with the angel Ibriel (which resulted in Briadach), Mazikeen and Briadach being childhood friends as well as half-siblings, how the Lilim were the ones who built the Silver City for The Host, and how the Lilim were cast out of heaven when Briadach and Mazikeen avenged their mother's broken heart (which itself set the st...
  • Angela
    The Wolf Beneath the Tree is probably the hardest volume in the series for ne to review. In some ways, it’s a mess. A series of one-shots combined with a highly disjointed main arc which introduces a flux of new characters makes for bumpy storytelling, and the second issue contained here—regarding a demonic meeting of the minds and a law clerk/punk rocker—could easily have been left out of the series entirely and nothing would have suffered...
  • Tom
    Perhaps my favorite scene in the entire Lucifer run occurs in this volume. Lucifer, Elaine, and Michael have all met for dinner and conversation in the home of Destiny of the Endless. After Michael and Elaine have left, Lucifer tries chatting with Destiny (who he unsuccessfully tried to get a wager from earlier regarding whether or not Lucifer would do something not written in his book). Destiny is his usual incredibly formal and stiff self, whic...
  • Darrell
    “Try as you might, you can never be your own father.”Since Ted Naifeh did the art for the Neutral Ground story line, we get to see characters from How Loathsome make a cameo appearance. This one shot ultimately didn’t have an impact on the overall story line, however. Next, we get another one shot featuring the backstory of Lilith back before Lucifer rebelled against heaven and Mazikeen was still a kid. Gabriel (who died in a Hellblazer sto...
  • Robb Bridson
    I was starting to fear the series was tapering off, but here it starts building toward the final climax (4 volumes left... follows basically the same trajectory as Sandman, it seems) and, though this arc seems to be mostly bridge material, it is damn good bridge material.Since God's abandoned the universe, bad stuff has started. Michael wants to save the universe. Lucifer just wants to stick to his own universe and let our universe die, as you'd ...
  • Raj
    It's the end of the world and I feel fine. With God gone and his Name no longer holding everything together, the wolf Fenris emerges to destroy Yggdrasil while Michael journeys to take advice from Destiny of the Endless.The first part of this book tells the story of Lilith, Adam's first consort, and her liaisons with both Michael and Lucifer before the Fall as well as her part in it. This is an interesting story in fleshing out a character who ha...
  • PurplyCookie
    "Lucifer Vol. 8: The Wolf Beneath the Tree" follows the vendetta of the great wolf Fenris of Norse mythology against the banquet guests who long ago betrayed him, and the fate of a young man who bludgeons wife and child to death; when these plotlines merge, all creation, even Lucifer's domain, is imperiled. Lucifer now faces a deadly new threat to both his Creation and our own. Fenris, the acme of ruin and destruction, has awoken into Gods absenc...
  • Krystl Louwagie
    These are interesting, but I always feel like I'm missing things. Of course, that could be because I happen to be reading them a bit out of order-I only read the ones I get through paperbackswap, so I'm kind of at the mercy of that. Still, interesting is the furthest I really get with these, never really that attached or invested in how the plot is going.
  • Anchorpete
    I know the book said Lucifer on the cover and it said that Mike Carey was the writer but this really felt like Sandman, written by Neil Gaiman. I am sure the appearances of both Delirium and Destiny helped me get that impression, but there were other factors that reminded me of the classic Vertigo series. There were the references to North Mythology (Fenris and his history) and how horrifying they were when put into a real world narrative. There ...
  • Jennifer
    And thus we come to volume 8 of Mike Carey's Lucifer, in which backstory is given, a madman is ridden like a chariot of doom, and a wolf eats his way to the end of the world.The first third of the book fills in the gaps about Lilith and the Lilim (including everybody's favorite bloodthirsty assassin, Mazikeen) and the creation of the host's Silver City. While it's interesting to see the lead-up to Lucifer's fall, the real action takes place in th...
  • Aaron
    The series takes a sudden shift into the dark with this volume. Throughout the previous volumes we've been made aware that something is brewing in the realm of the Norse gods, and in this book we finally see exactly what has been wrong. And it's intense. Due to the way Carey sets this up, I don't feel like it's a spoiler to say that essentially Ragnarok is on its way, and the central characters must do everything in their power to stop it. As the...
  • Christopher Reynolds
    One of the three best Lucifer volumes. It's hard to choose which one of these is the absolute best, and a lot of it comes down to personal preference. I'd rank this one third simply because of the first story; "Neutral Gound", a side story from before the last arc which should clue you into it not having much bearing on the main story. It's a decent read but seems to lack some emotional weight to the proceedings. #50 is Lilith's origin story and ...
  • Paul
    So Lucifer quit his job as ruler of Hell in the pages of Sandman.Now God has quit his job as ruler of Heaven in Lucifer.You'd think in today's economy, one would try to hold on to their jobs... but I digress.So it's up to Lucifer and Michael and Mike's daughter to keep the fabric of existence held together.Meantime Fenris... from Norse Mythology is trying to make the whole thing crumble.CoolActually, the story has content and style for once (wher...
  • Nicholas Kaufmann
    The cosmos is unraveling now that God has left and the Word is fading from all of His creation. Since it appears to be the End Time, Fenris the Wolf returns to fulfill his destiny as part of Ragnarok. Lucifer, Michael, and Elaine join forces to stop him from reaching Yggdrasil, the World Tree, but things go very, very wrong. After watching Lucifer win through wit and foresight for seven books, it ups the ante considerably to see him struggle and ...