Over the Wall by Peter Wartman

Over the Wall

A great wall separates an ancient metropolis from the surrounding country side. Abandoned, shrouded by time, forbidden to all. No one may enter the mysterious city...Who dares to go over the wall?

Details Over the Wall

TitleOver the Wall
Release DateAug 13th, 2013
PublisherUncivilized Books
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Comics, Young Adult, Adventure, Fiction

Reviews Over the Wall

  • Skye Kilaen
    Mini-review: Seriously under-appreciated fantasy graphic novel, but the sequel's recently come out, so it's a good time to discover it! A young girl lives outside a walled-up city. Boys go in as a rite of passage, but her brother didn't come back out. She's forgotten his name, but she's determined not to lose him, even if it means fighting the magic inside the city with the help of a talking demon. The story is compelling, and the art is lovely. ...
  • Raina
    A city has been overtaken by alien demon monster creatures. Humans are living outside. One girl attempts a rescue mission over the wall.I'm trying to put my finger on why this is getting shelved in YA as opposed to J. It seems to me to fit perfectly well on the shelf next to the work of Scott Chantler, Kazu Kibuishi, and Kean Soo (ok, the colorwork might be helping me lean in that direction). The story is straightforward and simple, though it ...
  • Stephanie
    A young adult graphic novel that follows the journey of a young girl into an abandoned, walled off city in order to find her brother that she can't quite remember. In the city she encounters the reason why all the humans have left, demons now roam freely. She must choose to continue her quest, or turn back.I usually do not read graphic novels, but this is a pretty good story for young readers and has lessons such as good winning over evil, courag...
  • Derek Royal
    I've had this book for a couple of years. I got a proof copy of it not long before publication, but I put it aside and then forgot about it. Then in our recent webcomic show for the podcast, http://comicsalternative.com/webcomic..., we decided to review Wartman's Stonebreak. Over the Wall is the prequel to that, so I had a perfect opportunity to finally read this book. This is something I should have read much, much sooner!
  • Jennifer
    I'm putting this at a 4 because I'm assuming it will have a sequel, and if it does, I can see it turning into a great series for middle schoolers!
  • Alyson Hurt
    Lovely art. The story here feels incomplete, and the author sets up a world I want to know much more about. I hope there are follow-up volumes.
  • Snow
    reviewing for Booklist
  • Skjam!
    The girl shouldn’t be here. Only boys come to the walled city, and only for their coming of age ceremony. The city has nothing in it but demons who eat names, and bones.But the girl’s brother did not return from the ceremony. Perhaps he got lost, perhaps he has lost his memory? Surely he is not already dead! The girl is determined to find out, and if he’s not dead, to bring her brother home. She’s already partially forgotten him. If only ...
  • Simon Chadwick
    Wading through the enormous choice of cartoon and comic related books each month creates something of a quandary as to what to take a chance upon, but every now and again it results in a real gem falling into your lap. So is the case with Over The Wall by Peter Wartman, a solidly realised fantastical tale of a girl searching for her brother. The wall in question surrounds an enormous and ancient city, but the human population have deserted it and...
  • Vania
    Over the Wall has a female protagonist on the search for her missing brother in the abandoned city near her village. It's cute and clever with its artwork and technique by only using a purple, black, and white color scheme to represent the night-time setting. The pictures themselves are incredibly detailed with intense care given to each detail.What is it missing? An ending.I was expecting a sequel by the time I finished, googling up the book to ...
  • Stacy268
    When Jesse tells me I need to read a graphic novel, I read it! I really enjoyed the world of this debut, however, a single panel kept this from being a 5 star for me. I'm wondering if it will bother others...
  • Edward Sullivan
    Girl goes over wall into abandoned ancient metropolis in search of her brother and encounters a demon. Good adventure/fantasy tale.
  • Michelle
    Started well but disappointed with the abrupt resolution to this story. The different viewpoints about the history of the city could have been explored in more depth.
  • Jessica
    This was a beautiful book, heartwarming and sweet, but I feel their was so much more potential to world building. I'd have adored it if there had been more story! So much was left unexplored!
  • Lexie
    I picked this up a bit ago and for some reason didn't read it right away. A story about a young girl who wants to save the brother she is beginning to forget, this is a quickly paced volume.Anya doesn't stop - not when presented with a demon from the stories, not when she finds her brother (broken and forgetting himself) and not even when a greater demon (a Named demon) threatens her.We're given much of the background of the world in chunks, thou...
  • Suzanne
    Anya climbs over the wall into the abandoned city looking for her brother. He and the other young men his age entered the city the day before for their manhood trial and he is the only one who didn't return to his family. Memories of him are slowly escaping from their minds and Anya can't even think of his name, but she is determined to save him.Inside the city, everything is desolate and there are only demons left in the places that used to hold...
  • Jessica
    This was such an adorable story. A girl goes into a demon city to try and save her brother and finds a new friend. I really enjoyed this story, it was quick, cute, and an easy read. I think this one would be great for ages in middle school to high school. The artwork was great and I loved every second of it. I hope that we learn more about their world and culture in the next book. I think this would make a very cute cartoon.
  • Ann Latini
    A great start to new graphic novel series, I am looking forward to seeing where the story goes. You want to get this from the library, it is a one sitting kinda read. My library has it shelved in Young Adult but it is definitely appropriate for 5th grade and up.
  • Claire (Wezet) Winternheimer
    I loved the beautiful two-color art and enjoyed the world of Over the Wall, but would've like to see the story and world-building fleshed out even more. What happened to Anya's brother? Did he remember his name and get his memories back?
  • Kristina Jean Lareau
    Dark and bold, ths gn takes us over the wall in search of an almost forgotten brother. There is one spread that is incredible-all black with spot illustrations makes the reader feel frozen, isolated and alone in silence. Incredible.
  • Amber
    More like a 4.5 stars but rounded up for good measure! It was a pleasure to read. The art was beautiful and the story only lacked on some parts because of the length. This was a whimsical story with a brave young girl for a protagonist, what more could I ask for?
  • Sarah Schanze
    A really good story with great art. The limited colors worked especially well since the whole story took place at night. Sometimes action panels felt a little stilted, but the characters had appealing designs and the world is interesting enough I'll have to go look for the next book.
  • Gail
    Felt like an incomplete story. Not for me.
  • Kateri
    Sweet lil read with a neat premise
  • Alison
    Very quick story. Most of it lies within the artwork
  • Barnaby Haszard Morris
    Excellent art (especially the purple/black/white colour scheme) in need of a larger, more involving tale.
  • Grg
    A fun, sharp comic about an abandon city and the demons who roam the streets.
  • Peter Parker
    I love this book.
  • Lindsay
    A quick and pleasant read. South American flavor.
  • Mckoylyn Davis
    It was a fast read.