Leaving Haven by Kathleen McCleary

Leaving Haven

In Leaving Haven, Kathleen McCleary, author of A Simple Thing, explores the intricacies of love, friendship, and parenthood.Georgia longs for a baby, but she's had miscarriage after miscarriage since her daughter was born more than a decade ago. Through a miraculous egg donation, Georgia is thrilled to find herself pregnant—until she makes a startling discovery that changes her mind about how much she really wants the baby…Georgia’s best fr...

Details Leaving Haven

TitleLeaving Haven
Release DateOct 1st, 2013
PublisherWilliam Morrow Paperbacks
GenreFiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Adult Fiction

Reviews Leaving Haven

  • boogenhagen
    Emotional porn for angst junkies with no resolution or even an attempt at one. This is the story of a selfish egotist who sees a baby as an accessory to build her own ego and another selfish egotist who "gets even" with her rival by stealing her husband, then refuses to accept the consequences of her actions on her own family. Sounds harsh, I know but when you write a trainwreck there needs to be an outcome, to fail to provide a resolution means ...
  • Catherine McKenzie
    I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this wonderful novel. The novel starts with a punch - a new mother abandons her baby at the hospital. Why would a woman do this? Told out of sequence over the course of a year, her actions become understandable, if difficult, and the ties that bind herself to her family and her best-friend unravel. Highly recommend.
  • Laurel-Rain
    Georgia and Alice have been best friends for so many years that their lives seem irreversibly entwined.They are more like sisters, and their families are bound together as well. Daughters Liza and Wren have been in each others' lives since birth.So when Georgia's attempts to have another baby meet with severe challenges, like a series of miscarriages and failed IVF efforts, it seems only natural that Alice would offer to donate one of her eggs.Wa...
  • Amy
    Oh, faithful readers. I really liked this book, and I'm still a bit annoyed that it ended.The titular Haven in question is a newborn infant whose parentage is somewhat convoluted. His forty-year-old gestational carrier is Georgia, who has a teenage daughter with her chef husband John. Georgia and John always wanted more children, but years of lost pregnancies and failed in vitro procedures left her ready to forsake another attempt. Ready, but not...
  • Jamie MacDonald
    Leaving Haven is a great, humane book full of moral complications by a fine novelist. Deep empathy, gentle humor and graceful narrative marks Kathleen McCleary's writing. She reminds me of Richard Russo, John Casey and Richard Ford in those regards (sorry that I have no female points of reference; I was introduced to McCleary by happenstance and seldom read women's fiction). These seasoned middle-aged novelists show a non-judgmental, affectionate...
  • Laura Kay Bolin
    http://www.anovelreview.blogspot.com/...Let me start with, go buy this book! No joke! Go buy it! I absolutely loved LEAVING HAVEN! I am going to try very hard to not giveaway any spoilers.During the novel, the reader is given both Georgia and Alice's perspective--which really really allow you the reader to relate to both women and this makes things trickier. You need to pay attention to the chapters because you get back story and forward moving s...
  • Carrie Ardoin
    I am a mother, first and foremost, so I was definitely intrigued by a book that had a mother leaving her baby the day after giving birth. When I read how much the woman, Georgia, wanted the baby, it made even less sense to me that she would abandon him. But as the book delved deeper into the reasons for Georgia's actions, it became clear to me that she was a very broken woman indeed.Georgia and Alice have been best friends for 13 years--until som...
  • Kate Moretti
    I loved this novel. The characters were perfectly drawn to be both likeable and flawed. There was no happily ever after, and I strongly suspect McCleary isn't done with Alice and Georgia based on the ending (which would be fine with me). The only part of this novel I struggled with is the backward AND forward timeline. I don't mind working for the plot a bit, but I did have to keep flipping back and forth to understand who was in what point in ti...
  • Sarah Flanagan
    Loved this! It is dying for a sequel! How can you like all of these characters when they are in such a messy situation?
  • Patty
    Leaving HavenByKathleen McClearyEssentially...This is a book about families and friendships that take a really wrong turn!My thoughts after reading this book...Georgia and Alice are best friends. They vacation together, they both have daughters the same age, they talk daily. Georgia is something of a baby whisperer and unlike Alice has been trying to have a baby for the last ten years...unsuccessfully. She needs an egg donor and Alice decides to ...
  • Cheryl
    Physical infidelity is the signal, the notice given, that all fidelities are undermined. - Katherine Anne Porter"Leaving Haven" was a difficult book for me to read. Excellently written but difficult. I tend to place myself in character's roles (as most of us do, I think) and I found myself pondering what I would do in the many different situations found in the book - from all the characters points of view.The storyline is a bit convoluted with va...
  • Sandie
    I loved this book!It's mostly the story of best friends Georgia and Alice. They are both mothers with daughters the same age. Both are married, but live totally different lives and had radically different backgrounds.The first half of this book jumps around in time, but by part two you understand the backgrounds of both women and their husbands and daughters.Both Alice and Georgia make choises that will forever change their lives and the lives of...
  • Janice
    I have mixed feeling about this book. I had great hopes with the unique twist in the story line. The book had the opportunity to be so much more than it was - a soap opera of a story. I could not connect with the characters. I don't know if I buy that one of them would have an affair with her best friend's husband just months after doing a selfless act for that very friend. I think the feelings for the baby and each other and their marriages were...
  • Maxwell03
    Drew me in from the first paragraph, and I couldn't put this book down. Told from the alternating persectives of two women and bouncing from past to present , McCleary examines the most complex relationships (mother and daughters, husbands and wives, best friends) with emotion and empathy. Although this is each woman's individual and connected story, the dialogue and narrative reveal the supporting characters' motivations and feelings, too. Didn'...
  • Laura
    Love love love this story. I'm hoping we will see these characters again in another of Kathleen's novels. I would enjoy seeing how Haven grows up with this interesting family situation. I laughed and cried my way through this uniquely presented story. And I wish Georgia and Alice lived in my neighborhood!(
  • Kim
    I really enjoyed this book. I really hope for a sequel to see Georgia and John try to heal their marriage. so many unanswered questions and it would be enjoyable to read how they can get past the cheating I am not a fan of Alice!I highly recommend this book,and hope to read more!
  • Anita
    http://anita-womanwifemom.blogspot.co...Loved this book. Nothing all pretty and tied up with a now in this book. A story of friendship, family, betrayal,loss, and forgiveness...or at least the attempt to forgive. So good!!
  • Melinda Lang
    Loved it! This writer reminds me of T. Greenwood, who is one of my favorites. The writing is great and she developed the characters perfectly...they could all be people in one's everyday life. One of the best parts about the story is that it doesn't have a sappy, spoon-fed ending.
  • Jennifer
    To Do Stay married... Everything else flows from that.“I’m in the middle of divorcing my husband, who has been sleeping with my best friend, who, by the way, is the biological mother of this baby. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to explain to my 13-year-old daughter that the little brother she was so excited about isn’t genetically related to me and is not going to live with us, not to mention the fact that said little brother is...
  • Adensanti
    hmm... i hope the auhtor will make a sequel w/concern focus on giorgia n john. since we dont get enough of how these two handled their problem.about alice n duncan, i think it's more clear where their direction will head to. or at least we knw their plan is until the next 6 months. since the affair broke out, we got more side of alice-duncan story as in how they both interact and how duncan's acted towards alice and their every day's life. but we...
  • Diane
    Leaving Haven is a wonderful novel about friendship, family and marriage. Georgia is married to John, a sexy, hardworking chef, and they have teenage daughter Liza. Georgia has been trying for years to have a second child, but she has suffered many miscarriages and has just about given up all hope when her best friend Alice offers to donate a egg.Alice is married to Duncan, a practical, hardworking lawyer who provided a safe haven for Alice, the ...
  • Austin
    Spoiler AlertAn interesting / unique story line, despite all the characters sounding the same. I would have appreciated Georgia's chapters sounding like Georgia and Alice 's chapters soundings like Alice.Another thing I didn't like was blaming Georgia for John's affair. He made a choice. John could have chosen marriage counseling, he could have discussed his issues with his wife. And, it seems he's having an affair (probably not his first) with o...
  • Cheryl
    Georgia and her husband have hit a rocky spot in their life. They have only one child. Georgia has struggled with many miscarriages. She wants to try for one more child but her biological clock is ticking fast. Alice and her husband are also experiencing troubles in their marriage. When Alice hears that Georgia is in need of some eggs, she offers up some of her's. Then the unexpected happens...Georgia gets pregnant and Alice starts an affair with...
  • Becky
    I'm not usually a big fan of books that involve cheating. However, I found myself unable to put this book down and when I did, I was still thinking about the characters. McCleary's writing got me very quickly involved in the story and wanting to know what happened. I think it may be because this book starts with meeting best friends, Alice and Georgia, and Georgia abandoning her newborn son in the hospital. I quickly found myself wanting to know ...
  • Nancy
    This is the story of best friends Georgia and Alice. Georgia desperately wants another baby and Alice donates one of her eggs. The story begins with Georgia abandoning her baby in the hospital. Kathleen McCleary does an excellent job building the story of what has transpired in the lives of the main characters. Georgia and Alice's characters came alive for me and while their actions at times were selfish and wrong, the story was told in a way tha...
  • Susan
    This is a family drama, and I do mean drama! The characters are cookie cutter, approaching stereotypical. The author provides us with characters who basically marry themselves. So much narcissism, so many pages and no real resolution. If you are going to drag the reader thru the muck of the tiresome lives of Alice and Georgia, then at least write a better developed resolution. Perhaps its me. I read this to escape from crazy, busy life I am in ri...
  • Mary
    Leaving Haven is a story of female friendship, marriage, infertility, and betrayal. This is a good choice for book clubs because it offers a a lot of topics for a lively discussion. Georgia struggles with infertility. Alice, her best friend offers her egg. The book opens with Georgia abandoning her longed-for baby at the hospital. What could drive a woman to such despair? Readers are immediately hooked. McCleary’s characters are women you will ...
  • Lori Van Buskirk
    I really liked this book! Loved the way the author wrote too! There was a way about how she made you "get" the characters that I really liked. And the characters and the way they did things were real, you could actually see yourself acting/reacting those ways. I was dying to find out what happened at the end but I didn't want their stories to end. I really loved how it didn't end perfectly, it was real, it made you want to know more but it wasn't...
  • Sandra Heinzman
    I read this in one sitting as I couldn't put it down. Now I can't stop thinking about it. I liked the story, how it was written (two POVs), and the character development. I will definitely look for more books by this author.