Anything but Civil (Hattie Davish Mystery, #2) by Anna Loan-Wilsey

Anything but Civil (Hattie Davish Mystery, #2)

Traveling secretary Hattie Davish and her trusty typewriter alight on a small town in Illinois, where the Civil War may long be over, but certain mysteries refuse to be buried...Hattie Davish is delighted to be ably assisting her wealthy employer, Sir Arthur Windom-Greene, an English scholar who is fluent in Civil War history and hard at work putting together a definitive biography of General Cornelius Starrett. Their research takes them to Galen...

Details Anything but Civil (Hattie Davish Mystery, #2)

TitleAnything but Civil (Hattie Davish Mystery, #2)
Release DateSep 24th, 2013
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Fiction, Cozy Mystery

Reviews Anything but Civil (Hattie Davish Mystery, #2)

  • Jeanne Adamek
    3.5 stars
  • Kathy
    The second novel of a series is always an important one, especially if the first novel introduces a spectacular new character into a reader's life and, further more, when that character is surrounded by a great story, full of well-researched historical links. Will the second one live up to the excellence of the first? Is this series going to continue to wow you, or will the author be unable to sustain the winning formula? Well,I am heed-over-heel...
  • Carol
    I love historical mysteries so I adored this one. Anything But Civil by Anna Loan-Wilsey taught me more details about the Civil War so that and the spellbinding writing makes it an easy five stars for me. Hattie Davish was hired to aid Sir Arthur Windom who was writing a biography of General Cornelius Starrett. Her employer specialized in writing books about the Civil War. They were trying to get the subject to relate the details of his experienc...
  • Joyce Yanney
    A historical mystery set in Galena, Illinois during civil war era. Hattie takes on a secretarial job to Sir Author. Hattie becomes a hero when she saves the life of a young girl from drowning. Then steps in with local police trying to help solve the case, especially when her employer is arrested for the murder. Hattie is a strong woman, unusual in this era. Smart, works hard and a all around enjoyable person, as she helps to work thru to solve th...
  • Lori Adams
    Ms. Loan-Wilsey's writing has opened a new genre of book for me. As a strictly non-fiction reader for years, I thoroughly enjoyed LACK OF TEMPERANCE (Hattie's 1st adventure) when it was given to me by a friend.Ms. Loan-Wilsey's dedication to detail shines through again in ANYTHING BUT CIVIL...and captured this fan's attention to the last page.
  • Lydia
    I read this book because I loved the first one. Anna Loan-Wilsey is one of my favorite authors and I feel like I know her when I read her books. This book is very good so far and I know that I will love it by the time that I am done with it. It is well written and I can't put it down.
  • Laurie Way
    I forgot all about this series! I had read 2 books in the series in the past and was not able to get others on kindle! Thank you NYPL, I can now continue staying in touch with the wonderful Hattie Davish. This is a great "turn of the century" 1898 series! Strong characters and intriguing mysteries seal the deal!
  • Michele Breaux-Rowley
    As a huge fan of historical mysteries, I was excited to receive this ARC for review. I thought the description of the story was intriguing. I can honestly tell you that I was not disappointed! From the start I noticed 2 things; the first being well developed characters. There was no apathy toward any of them really, you despised the jerks and you loved the heroine, I never felt like they lacked anything. The second was the author’s research int...
  • Cathy Cole
    I really enjoyed Loan-Wilsey's first Hattie Davish mystery, A Lack of Temperance, but I have to admit that I had a more difficult time getting into Anything But Civil. This is mostly due to the fact that I intensely disliked two of the characters. Henry Starrett was a pompous, spoiled bully who found little reason to rein in his horrible temper. He was so obnoxious that I simply didn't care who killed him because Henry's absence was such a relief...
  • Bonnie
    Anna Loan-Wilsey continues the exploits of secretary Hattie Davish who made her debut in Anna's first novel, A Lack of Temperance. She works for Sir Arthur Windom-Greene, an English scholar who is an expert on the Civil War and writing a biography of General Cornelius Starrett. His research takes them to Galena, Illinois where he interviews the General while Hattie takes dictation. Suddenly, a brawl erupts, introducing the conflict that will driv...
  • Karen M
    Hattie Davish is secretary to a wealthy Englishman, Sir Arthur Windom-Greene who is fascinated by the Civil War. They are in Galena, Kansas doing research on General Cornelius Starrett when a murder occurs. The victim is Henry Starrett, the General's son, who has returned to Galena after a long absence.Hattie is naturally very observant and clever so she is drawn into this murder by the strange events that had occurred prior to the murder and the...
  • Beth
    Until I read this book, I had never heard the term "historical cozy" or "cozy" as a book genre (or subgenre, I guess). I'd read a few before, but not extensively. This was a thoroughly enjoyable book and one I think exemplifies this category. I was drawn in by the fact it combines two my favorite historical periods, the Civil War and the Gilded Age/Victorian Era, and the story did not disappoint. The characters were well developed (especially Hat...
  • Jan Blazanin
    This second book in the Hattie Davish mystery series takes place twenty-five years after the Civil War, but in Galena, Illinois, anger still runs deep. Hattie has been put into service to help wealthy Sir Arthur Windom-Greene write a biography of Union General Cornelius Starrett. It's a few weeks before Christmas, and in addition to her typing duties, Hattie is expected to put together a festive Christmas for Sir Arthur's household. And then, of ...
  • Kathy
    How can I not enjoy a mystery with strong tie-ins with the American Civil War? That's what I found, almost by accident, when I came upon this book at the store the other day. It's 1890--25 years after the Civil War--and an English historian is researching the life and career of General Starret (a fictional character, not a historical person), and for that reason is staying in Galena, Illinois with his secretary, Hattie Davish. Galena is a real pl...
  • Toni
    Not quite as cozy as the first book, but still really great! Set in the winter in Galena, Illinois, Hattie Davish is with her patron and current employer, Sir Arthur, helping him write a book about the Civil War and one of its general, General Starrett. However, when the general's awful son, Captain Henry Starrett, is found beaten and shot, Sir Arthur is arrested for his murder, and so Hattie must prove his innocence. Just FYI, Henry doesn't die ...
  • Anne
    The 2nd novel featuring secretary Hattie Davish is an excellent combination of keep you guessing, page turning intrigue and well researched, believable historical fiction. Anna Loan-Wilsey's descriptions of some of the tensions in communities & between families as a result of the U.S. Civil War are excellent and the setting of Galena Illinois is captivating. Hattie's employer Sir Arthur Windom-Greene is working on a biography of a Union Army Gene...
  • Tess
    Anything But Civil 9-24I usually am not a fan of historical mysteries, so was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. Hattie is a strong young lady who not only takes on a secretarial job to Sir Arthur, but also proves herself quite a heroine when she rescues a young girl from certain drowning. I generally picture women of the era to be wishy, washy and under the thumb of the men in their lives. Hattie is an exception to that though...
  • Nancy Reynolds
    nhr3bookcrazyNRI enjoyed this second book in the Hattie series. But am still frustrated not to be getting "full disclosure" on Hattie's past. There are still clues dangled before the reader but no delivery on her past; just those teasers. I, for one, want to know her past that the author keeps just out of reach. As for this story, Hattie proves excellent at her eye for detail and putting pieces of a puzzle together. She has a LOT of facts at her ...
  • Christa
    I'm so glad to have read the two books in this series. I enjoy historical mysteries, and I thoroughly enjoyed the first Hattie Davis book, so was thrilled to read this one. This book finds Hattie in Galena, Illinois, and I enjoyed the setting just as much as the one of Hot Springs, Arkansas in the first book. The author makes her settings come alive to the point that they almost seem like an additional character to me. I enjoyed the returning cha...
  • Susan
    Civil war historian Sir Arthur Windom-Greene and his secretary Hattie Davish plan to spend Christmas, 1892, in Galena, Illinois, where Sir Arthur is working on a biography of Civil War general Cornelius Starrett. Their interview with him is interrupted by the arrival of his son Henry, who has many enemies but who never minds making more. When Sir Arthur is suspected of a murder, Hattie reluctantly gets to work finding out the true culprit so she ...
  • Robin
    A thoroughly delightful mystery set within a historical context. A nice diversity of believable characters who stayed true to form throughout. Plenty of twists and turns and alas, dead ends. A tasteful, modest amount of romance befitting the historical period. Some excellent references to events of the time period. Plenty of suspects who were weeded through...and weeded out. I did figure out who had "done it" before it was revealed, but that's ok...
  • Tempa Pagel
    Anna Loan-Wilsey does her homework. The reader immediately becomes immersed in the Victorian age with well-researched details that enhance the setting and characters. Hattie, the protagonist, is carefully crafted by Loan-Wilsey who gives her a spunky character while making sure her actions remain true to the era. The plot moved along well, with some surprises along the way and a satisfying conclusion. In all, an enjoyable read. I began with the s...
  • Paula Ackley
    I had not read the first book in the series of Hattie Davish historical mysteries so I was not sure whether I would be able to read Anything But Civil without getting lost. No problem! There were a few references to the previous book, but nothing so important that it distracted from the new book. The characters are well developed. You cheer for the heroes and boo at the villains, but every character plays a part in the story. The book is very eas...
  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    what a great follow up to A Lack of Temperance! I still didn't guess who did it, BUT I was closer than the first book. I knew something was up with the killer but wasn't sure what.I found the information about the Civil War interesting and the author does a great job with the details.I'm not sure about Sir Arthur - he has no regard for the law and thinks he is above it all. Perhaps it was the time then? It was also more civilized when Hattie was ...
  • Rachel
    This is the second book in the Hattie Davish mystery. I recently read A Sense of Entitlement and loved it so much that I am now reading them in reverse order!! It really doesn't matter because each is a stand-alone book. I particularly enjoyed this book because it deals with the Civil War and a book Sir Arthur is writing. The story takes place in Galena, Illinois. When a murder occurs and several people become suspects, Hattie must use her detect...
  • Janis
    Hattie, private secretary to a gentleman-scholar pursuing an interest in the Civil War, becomes part of a murder investigation in Galena, Illinois. There’s a spunky heroine, a little romance, a little history, and characters to like and loathe (the loathsome characters, however, were far too one-dimensional).
  • Martha
    Traveling secretary Hattie Davish and her trusty typewriter alight on a small town in Illinois, where the Civil War may long be over, but certain mysteries refuse to be buried...This book was great! Mystery, intrigue, history! I learned some interesting things about the Civil War I never learned about in history books while in school.
  • Ila Jean
    Hattie Davish is a secretary and amateur detective in a series of historical mysteries. Hattie and her typewriter travel well, and in this novel, she is in Eureka Springs helping to solve a murder that her employer is accused of. It was an easy-to-read, cozy mystery
  • Val Sanford
    My favorite sassy typist is back and this time Hattie Davish has to figure out why a Civil War general's son is murdered. The surprise violence and hatred that erupts in town is frightening and only Hattie can discover the roots. This is a fun book with a fun character.