LeaderShift by Orrin Woodward


LeaderShift is a compelling and timely business parable that challenges Americans to stop being so placid in their daily lives and to help get us back on the right track.Based upon what really happened with the Founding Fathers when they crafted the Constitution, Woodward and DeMille lay out the Five Laws of Decline that has gripped the United States in recent times. This book, which calls for the top 10 percent of America to step up and take an ...

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Release DateApr 16th, 2013
PublisherBusiness Plus
GenreLeadership, Business, History, Politics, Education, Nonfiction, Buisness, Economics, Government

Reviews LeaderShift

  • Hans Widener
    This book is amazing! Many books I have read inspire me to better myself. But LeaderShift is one of the few books that I have read that truly aroused my desire to be part of accomplishing something great in life. It is not just a fun book to read. It is also intellectually stimulating as you follow the thought processes of the characters to figuring out a solution to the problems that are plaguing the United States politically and economically an...
  • Nate
    At first, I was worried that anything I could say about LeaderShift would come off as overly dramatic and fanatical, but now I'm not sure it's possible to "over do it" when it comes to restoring freedom and fighting to turn around my country's current of decline. This isn't exactly on the same level as my next fantasy-football draft pick... FREEDOM MATTERS.The world will be a better place when more Americans have read LeaderShift. Oliver and Orri...
  • SJ Barakony
    Amazingly well constructed - the mixing of fable/parable w/ real life authors/book titles/known names is a stroke of ingenuity and creativity that cannot be understated. Easy to give this the top ranking since it is easy to read, yet is incredibly deep in its implications & levels of thought. Additionally, it is completely untainted by notions of politics as we've unfortunately come to understand in our modern times. (i.e., two sides hunker down,...
  • Clint Fix
    One of the things about the book that impressed me and was extremely refreshing was that the proposals were very concrete, non-partisan and are aimed at the root of our country's problems rather than the symptoms. Woodward and DeMille did a great job helping the reader understand the five laws of decline and how the proposed solutions would work. They were very smart to deliver it in the form of a story, as it can be used to reach those that woul...
  • Jerry Goidosik
    The questions that always come up during a true conversation on freedom like how do you get people involved and pay attention, are answered here, but instead of just outlining a proposal for change you will get thrown into the debate wile on a retreat of thinkers which include the generation that started it all. No matter if you are new to the conversation or you have been at it for years the answers will surprise you. Great book
  • Cory
    LeaderShift is an absolutely excellent book and a must read for anyone truly concerned about the decline of freedom in America. Woodward and DeMille have written a masterpiece that should be read and re-read by everyone, including traditionally non-political citizens. The book brings to bear the importance for the people to take up an active role in governance to ensure freedom for future generations. This book should also serve as a harbinger to...
  • Micah
    This book blew me away and rocked my life! I literally couldn't put it down and finished it in 2 sittings over a 24 hour period. This is an ABSOLUTELY MUST READ for every parent, businessperson, entrepreneur, politician, pastor/clergyman, community leader, executive, teacher, concerned citizen and anyone else who can successfully fog a mirror!! Orrin & Oliver have knocked the cover off the ball and put forth a proposal that will finally accelerat...
  • Jameson Whiskey
    I almost hesitated to write a review if this book since it is so well written my words will hardly do it justice. This book is the blend of storytelling, information and inspiration all wrapped into one. It is hard hitting in that it cuts to the very heart of the matter of what's plaguing our country. It does so all without venturing off into the weeds of partisan politics! Well done Orrin and Oliver my only regret is that there are only five sta...
  • Anna Veszpremi
    LeaderShift is a masterpiece, and both Orrin and Oliver are geniuses. They converted a complex idea in such a simple yet thought-provoking way that is going to impact not only the USA but the entire world as well. It is a must read for anyone who is concerned about the future of freedom in this country & in the entire world. It is a real callout for people to step up, lead, and turn around the cycle of decline in our society by offering a step-by...
  • John Jinks
    A truly remarkable read.If you are frustrated with the current state of politics in America (or Canada) and the fact that more and more of our freedoms seem to be taken away from us, this book will give you an accurate account of what has caused these issues to arise. It doesn't just explain what is wrong with today's government but offers very realistic solutions to ensure not only our freedoms, but freedoms for future generations.If you are con...
  • Brandon Perry
    This is an amazing book. Easy to read as it's written in the form of a fable. But unlike most other books that discuss our current problems in freedom this actually does offer real solutions to getting our country and our economy back on track. If you're concerned for freedom at all I would make this a priority read.
  • Lizzie Smagala
    I've recently taken an interest in restoring America's freedoms but have felt frustered and gaurded on where to start because of lack of knowledge and hope. Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille have lead the charge in restoring the hope and freedoms of Americans by proposing an original, thought provoking plan! I can't wait to share this book with others! I couldn't put it down!
  • Michael Rankin
    Great book detailing the five laws of decline in America and the solution for a fix..
  • Heather Hansen
    I finished the book. I didn't love it. My 2-stars are primarily the poor delivery. The proposals are a 5-star but seem so unreachable the average Joe that I gave it a 2 star.I was greatly intrigued with the proposal of new ways to elect local, state and federal leaders while leaving the rest of the Constitution in place, but would allow, encourage and almost demand (without force) citizen involvement, something that is sorely lacking in our curre...
  • Celeste Batchelor
    Wow! What a profound book! I had a little trouble with the business parable, because my brain does not work that way, but in all I think I was able to grasp the magnitude of what the authors are trying to teach Americans. We must all become citizen-leaders. No way around it. In general I found the reading style very easy to understand, other than as I stated above, the business terms are beyond me sometimes. I wish I understood it better. If I di...
  • Kevin Schulthies
    A MUST read for all Canadians regardless of the subtitle. LeaderShift: A Call for Americans to Finally Stand Up and Lead by Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille really inspire (then equip) you to be better citizens in your respective countries or groups (and how to fix things too)The teaching is semi subtle, though enjoyable , through a story / parable that introduces some rather profound and rather big (but important) concepts, over time. Woodward'...
  • Janiece
    A fascinating read. I cannot wait to go back and study it. I have so many questions to ponder. I am particularly intrigued by the 28 proposals for fixing the Constitution and the attention to local involvement/governance, taxes and the end of the party system. The book is both idealistic and realistic and far from elitist. Loved the illustration of the universality of laws. The content is packed. It will take some time and study to wrap my mind a...
  • Peter
    I have trouble warming up to this book. It is a short presentation of ideas on leadership in America to solve our decline. The ideas are presented as dialogue among two sets of fictitious characters. One set is in the present, the other set is comprised of the ghosts of our founding fathers in the spirit world. Kind of corny. The book is pessimistic about our current political problems and optimistic that changes could be made through grassroots ...
  • Jary Welker
    Many would suggest that we are at a crossroads in the USA politically and economically and Woodward and DeMille (almost sounds like a duo from the past) make their case for change in this parable of our times. With visits from the political leaders of the past, this modern day group of leaders make an argument for bottoms up change in how the United States conducts business. Based upon The Five Laws of Decline, this contemporary band of Revolutio...
  • Evan G
    This was a great book. Very easy read.Woodward and DeMille have created a plan to solve America. They talk about the Five Laws of Decline and how they naturally occur in any field. Not only do they reveal these five laws, they create a plan to counteract the laws. This book is also not partisan. It's not Democrat or Republican. It's not one side blaming the other. This book is only designed to help reveal the problems and to create a solution to ...
  • Phil Allen
    Left me wanting more in a good way. LeaderShift outlines the solution that is needed, a shift back to what our founding fathers envisioned for this United States. It is written in our Declaration of Independence ...That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government... until now this seemed impossible for 'We The People' LeaderShift tells ...
  • Steve Strayer
    Quite possibly the most influential book I have ever read. The ideas and concepts expressed in this book would undoubtedly pull America out of the enormous hole we are in as a nation. It takes us, those of us who are restless, to passionately embrace a freedom loving society, to once and for all be sick & tired of the excuses and entitlement issues we've grown accustomed to for so long. This is a true call to all leaders and those destined for le...
  • Georgia
    A book fit for time . Something about a book you just any put down , very captivating ! The truths are weaved in with real answers to get on the right track . Orrin & Oliver have minds of wisdom that when collide together exude simple truths & teaching ! Thank God for men of such discipline in freedoms for our country in these times . America needs more ! Lets stand together for the movement and reach the 10 percent who will be part of the entrep...
  • Mike Bercier
    I absolutely loved this book. I loved that it was in story form which made it easy to follow. This book is going to be a game changer to help turn around the decline of America. I can't wait to read this book again. This book is a must read for everyone. If you want to know what you can do to help the decline in North America so that you and your children and children's children can have a better future...you must read this book.
  • Abby
    I think this book is a crucial read for all American citizens.
  • Tanya
    A MUST READ!!!!
  • Joseph Mcguire
    Read this book 3 times!!! A must read for all Americans!
  • James Kozak
    this book is one of the best books ever. im going to read it over and over. they really did a good job on this book. great job orrin and oliver.
  • Lindsay
    I feel REALLY weird/awkward here going against the grain... rating this book with only 2 stars, but I would be lying to you of my true feelings towards it if I rated it any higher.I read this with really high hopes to be truly inspired and motivated with implementable ideas on how I can "stand up and lead." Instead, I experienced feelings of distraction and annoyance as I read. One of the biggest distractions for me was characters' constant refer...
  • Pete
    I think 2017 is turning into the year of great books for me. Previously this year, I read the Collapse of Parenting by Dr Leonard Sax and thought it was the most important book I've read in the last five years. Now with Leadershift, I'm debating between the two. I am enamored with the ideas of the Five Laws of Decline and I'm going to be looking rabidly for other sources that discuss and explain how someone should apply them. My target, of course...