You, Me and Him by Alice Peterson

You, Me and Him

Josie is dismayed to find herself pregnant again. How will she cope? At least she can talk to her best friend Clarky about it. He’s always been there for her, even if her husband Finn suspects ulterior motives.

Details You, Me and Him

TitleYou, Me and Him
Release DateJun 26th, 2007
PublisherBlack Swan
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Fiction

Reviews You, Me and Him

  • Steph
    A thoroughly enjoyable read. Bit slow paced in the beginning but quickly got into it and the story began to pick up pace and unfold a bit quicker. The story went back and forth from when Kate and Finn first met and to present day with them. This was essential knowledge to the present day but at times it did annoy me that Kate could so quickly and seamlessly slip from the present back to the past and then back again,to the point that I got confuse...
  • Megi
    I haven’t been writing reviews again. Which makes me realise(again) how I forget the books I read and liked. Loved. This book I got it after the one of her other book I loved. Which I forgot because I wrote such an ass of a review. Anyways about this one now. Him, her and the other one. The book was none of them. It felt as if the writer wanted to write about ADHD more than the love story. It’s really a predictable book. The him(Finn) is the ...
  • Sylvia
    Really not sure what the point of this book was! Finn is the most unappealing character I have come across for a while but, for Josie, he is the best thing ever while her long standing, long suffering male friend gets taken for granted to the extreme. I did consider giving up but somehow ploughed on to the end.
  • Hella
    Abominabel slecht geschreven boek over een vervelend stel en hun huwelijksproblemen, die deels veroorzaakt worden door een zoontje met ADHD. De aandoening wordt zeer onvakkundig beschreven, en gegevens eromheen ook (behandeling, erfelijkheid, sympromen etc). Onvoorstelbaar dat iedereen zo lovend is.
  • Mary Geraghty
    Beautifully writtenI thought this book was fantastic. My grandson has adhd and the story really resonated, the characters are so well written. A book that makes you laugh and cry. What more can you want. 😊
  • Zoe
    I enjoyed this! I liked reading Finn and Josie's relationship back-story and what led them to being married with a son, George (with ADHD) and another baby on the way. Josie's lifelong male best friend, Clarky was made out to be an untrustworthy feature in their lives amongst all the chaos which was an interesting touch.I know very very little about ADHD other than the basics - I feel this book was well researched handled well. I even felt Josie'...
  • sue
    I've previously read one of Alice Peterson's novels before, but didn't know what to expect from this one. It took me a few pages to get my head sorted between the characters, once I did and realized who was who and what was what it all fell into place. This is about a man that works all hours as a budding Consultant who know that was how his parents marriage broke up as his mother became lonely.The little book they have has ADHD which causes a lo...
  • Kacey
    A husband, a wife and her best friend. There is always a saying that there will never be platonic friendship between a guy and a girl. While the wife, Josie, maintained that Clarky was her best friend, Clarky held on to a not-so-secret crush on Josie. Things turned complicated when Finn, the boyfriend-turned-husband came into the picture. It was obvious that Finn and Clarky weren't the best of friends. And Finn wasn't exactly the perfect husband ...
  • Jodie Lauren
    It took me a while to get into this book. Josie is married to Finn but there is a third person in thief marriage - Clarky. He is Josie's best friend.When their marriage goes through a difficult time of having a child with ADHD and being pregnant with another, life has a way of getting on top of them but Clarky is always there... Much to Finns dismay.When a secret is revealed it has the possibly to ruin everythingXx
  • Miso
    When it comes to friendship with opposite sex, one needs to be very careful as it may ruin your relationship.I enjoyed reading this book, at times I was very angry with Josie for being sooo close to Clarky but I understand her sometimes because Finn (her husband) didn't understand or even acknowledge the difficulties she went through looking after their boy who has ADHD, day in day out.I liked the whole drama when Clarky finally finds a girlfrien...
  • Derrian
    Read as part of the 2015 Reading Challenge - A book at the bottom of your to-read list.This book was at the back of a 3 deep tbr pile,thinking I'd maybe get round to reading it one day,and I'm actually glad I did.This book switches between the present day and college life,and asks the question as to whether you can be married and still have a male best friend.A very enjoyable read.
  • Donna Irwin
    I enjoyed this book though I wanted to shake the two main characters at times. I loved George and his antics, felt as exhausted as Josie at times as I was reading it - a wonderfully drawn portrait of a hyperactive child. The impact on his parents was also well described. A bit more serious than other books I have read by the same author.
  • Andree
    An interesting read - can a man and a woman ever be just friends? I thought I knew where the book was going, but it ended very differently than I expected. Would have given it 3.5 if we were allowed half stars!
  • Susan
    Loved this book. A great insight into living with ADHD. Josie, Finn and George are lovingly written characters which will warm the heart of any reader. A book which fully immerses you in its heartfelt storyline.
  • Sue
    I loved this book! The characters are so believable, the story moving, the conversations realistic. It features a couple whose son has ADHD and the problems that arise when they find they're expecting another baby. Very well-written.
  • Ruth Loizides
    Slow start and then it picked up. Irritating characters
  • Suzie Groers
    Lovely story from Alice Peterson yet again. I was a bit disappointed when this ended.
  • Kate
    This is very well written and touches on lots of sensitive topics, but I really didn't like Finn. This made it harder for me to enjoy the book and is the reason for the average rating.
  • Carol Cooper
    I stumbled on the author, and enjoyed this book. Good frothy fun.
  • Johanna
    finding it quite boring at the momejt
  • Clo
    I like Alice's books but this one seemed to drag out a bit, it wasn't the easiest of books to read but nevertheless still really good.