Made For Auction by Jack Brighton

Made For Auction

What happens to a ‘naughty public schoolboy’ when at the age of nineteen he’s considered too old to play that role at The Wild Side – London’s raunchiest and most exclusive gay BDSM club?Take a chance! Do something adventurous! And maybe, just maybe, find the life of your dreams. That was the advice the hero of this story was given.That chance manifests itself at Bears Den – a slave training stable, owned by the same man who owns The ...

Details Made For Auction

TitleMade For Auction
Release DateApr 4th, 2012
PublisherFirm Hand Books
GenreErotica, BDSM, Romance, M M Romance, Adult Fiction

Reviews Made For Auction

  • Amber
    It's been a while since I read the first book of this series so it took a little bit to remember all the characters again. Like the first book this one is filled with lots of kinky sex and atmosphere that is really enjoyable. Despite Dylan's love of cock and a being a total slut his still a very sweet and cute character. I love the way he throws himself into his training and his determination not to let Paddy down despite the fact he knows that t...
  • Dzucc
    So I initially picked up this series because I found "The Wild Side of Paddy McGuire" and I have a thing about reading series in order. So the first three books appear to be a trilogy and the following are spinoffs or side stories.I'm rating this so lowly because never in my life have I disliked an MC quite as much as I disliked Dylan over the past few books. I was incredibly upset with the fact that he refused to get past his stupid bratty feeli...
  • Saha
    Most people would be very proud to say "aww our little school boy is growing up"! Not the boss of a BDSM strip club though - Dylan just isn't cutting it any more. Maybe it is because he never got over the unforgettable night Paddy gave him... who knows? If he wants to make it though, off to training camp we go. Cramming the training of 6 months into 2, Dylan has to work hard and build his body and his obedience if he wants to be sold as a slave f...
  • Lisa
    Dylan, at 18, is too old to be a schoolboy at the famous Wild Side, so he decides to undergo slave training at Bears Den, with the hope of being bought by a master at the end of 3 months.His training is extensive, with golden showers.Although I had guessed the ending of this book early one, it was still a pleasant journey getting there.Only one thing bothered me. If given the choice, I prefer to read about my men barebacking but here all I could ...
  • Danny Tyran
    Since I gave 5 stars to other Brighton's stories that I liked more than this one, I give this story four stars. I'd rather give 4.5, but it's impossible. A very good read. Note that the sample to download does not do justice to this story.
  • Tennacious B
    This was a very strong story, I found Dylan to be very sympathetic and I enjoyed the BDSM elements. The incidents in Bears Den were so intense, I'm not sure I liked the most humiliating tasks that Dylan was given, but it was a good read regardless.
  • A.B. Gayle
    I actually enjoyed this the most of the threesome this belongs with: Paddy McGuire and Unchained Slave. You can see what's coming fairly early, but it's still fun getting there.