Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians, #1) by Kevin Kwan

Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians, #1)

Crazy Rich Asians is the outrageously funny debut novel about three super-rich, pedigreed Chinese families and the gossip, backbiting, and scheming that occurs when the heir to one of the most massive fortunes in Asia brings home his ABC (American-born Chinese) girlfriend to the wedding of the season.When Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, she envisions a humble family home, long drives to explo...

Details Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians, #1)

TitleCrazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians, #1)
Release DateJun 11th, 2013
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Humor, Adult

Reviews Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians, #1)

  • Emily May
    "Imagine wanting to marry a girl from such a family! So disgraceful! Really, Nicky, what would Gong Gong say if he was alive? Madri, this tea needs a little more sugar." This is some seriously trashy crack-lit. And no that's not a typo-- this book is as addictive and dramatic and ridiculous as you surely imagine it to be. I should probably hate it, but, well... oops.You've definitely got to be in the mood for it or you'll wonder why you're active...
  • Christine
    I am Asian, I lived in Singapore, and I am not crazy rich - but I certainly heard of enough people on that tiny island who are. Ten years ago, I remember being addicted to a blog (now defunct) called "pinkshoefetish" where one Daphne Teo of Singapore documented every single materialistic extravaganza in her life - endless Tod's bags, Chanel, the luxurious apartment she (or her parents) rented when she was at Purdue (no stinky student dorms for he...
  • Lauren
    I have no closure.I’m not quite sure what that ending was, but it’s really only an ending by dint of the fact there are no more pages.I was enjoying this book. I could overlook the dull main characters, the hints of family drama and maneuvering that never went anywhere, the randomly dropped storylines … all of that, I could forgive because, hey, at the end of the day, Crazy Rich Asians is mindless fluff and thinking is contraindicated when ...
  • Katie
    I think another Goodreads reviewer said it best: "Shallow characters don't mean shallowly written characters."And in the case of this book, the author didn't pick up on that memo. Shallow characters can be delightfully, wickedly compelling when they're written well. I mean, look at Anthony and Gloria in Fitzgerald's "The Beautiful and Damned", or Becky Sharp in "Vanity Fair" or heck, even Blair Waldorf in the "Gossip Girl" series if you're lookin...
  • Julie
    Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan is a 2013 publication. I guess I missed all the hoopla when this book was first released. It wasn’t until the third book started getting a little buzz that I became interested in reading this series. So, I went in search of this first book- ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, and had no trouble finding a copy at the library- but- there was an abnormally long wait period for a book that is four years old! So, this series mus...
  • Carol (Bookaria)
    This book is deliciously entertaining. Rachel is a professor of economics in NY who has been dating her boyfriend Nick for two years. One day Nick invites her to go with him to Singapore to attend his cousin's wedding and she agrees.As soon as Rachel and Nick arrive at Singapore and meet his family, she realizes that Nick's family is filthy rich. Not just wealthy but $200,000-a-dress wealthy and this is a fact that he's failed to disclose to he...
  • Christi Cassel
    From http://iknowwhatyoushouldread.wordpre...Lest you be confused, this is not a book about crazy [comma] rich Asians. This is a book about crazy rich Asians. As in, stupidly, stupidly wealthy gazillionaire Asians. I had read an excerpt in Vogue, and it seemed like it might be good, fun summer reading, filled with fashion and snobbery and such. I am a lover and regular devourer of US Weekly, who loathes the fact that I do not come from a ton of o...
  • Liz
    This is soap opera light literature. It’s fun and easy, a beach read. However, someone picked this for our book club, and I’m wondering what the hell there is to discuss. While Nick is an only child, this book encompasses his extended family. Keeping track of all the names and relationships can be a bit of a challenge. I almost wanted a scorecard. Nick works as a history professor in the States. Most of his family either doesn’t work or “...
  • Jennifer
    Crazy Rich Asians is part satire, part romance, part family drama, part Mean Girls, and 100% entertaining. When it comes down to it, the lesson learned is that every parent wants their child to be set up for success in the best possible way, even though the method may seem maddening. It is the first installment in a series by the same name and I am excited to continue. Check it out!! My favorite quote:"There is nothing in the world that good food...
  • Madeline
    After being briefly obsessed with the Gossip Girl book series in high school, and then the show a few years later (and then abandoning it once Georgina reappeared with Dan's baby god that show was trash and I loved it), this seemed like the next logical step. Crazy Rich Asians is Kevin Kwan trying his hand at the ever-popular genre that can best be summed up as "hey look, rich people!" The fact that the rich people featured here are all based in ...
  • Louise
    They are crazy and they are rich. That is pretty much all I got out of it. 10% in and I can't stand to read any more of this vapid book. Somehow it was not the guilty pleasure I was looking for. Returning it back to the library.
  • John
    Ouch! Moved to Singapore from the USA 30 years ago, met a Singapore Girl and drank the Kool Aid. Singapore is somewhere between Nirvana and Utopia, civil society, great education system and FOOD to die for. Sadly, this roman a clef hits close to home and raises the curtain on the behavior of ultra rich Ferrari driving jet setters. But it's hilariously funny and contains a wealth of Hokkien swear words to enrich your vocabulary. When I asked the t...
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    Loved this! It definitely got heaps better towards the end, but I hated the slurs that were often used and unchallenged.
  • Djrmel
    Interesting and fun setting, described by an author who obviously knows his subject. That's the end of my positives. In fact, some of the negatives are in the positives. If I'm using the word "describes" in a review of a novel, the author has done something wrong. I should be a part of the world he's put his story in, I shouldn't be conscious of the fact that he's telling a story. Also, the authors knowledge of his subject is made clear when he s...
  • Trina (Between Chapters)
    Content Warnings:-Racial slurs toward black people, Indian people, Romani people. (Used casually by the "likeable" main characters as well as the ones we're supposed to hate.)-Slurs toward gay people.-One scene depicting a graphic dog fight (chapter 9).-One instance of a father threatening violence toward a child.-Cheating is a major theme throughout.-Classism (that's probably obvious).-Lots of prejudice from and toward different Asian ethnicitie...
  • Jaidee
    1 star (actually half a star but I gave it a bonus half star for a couple of reasons)-Writing-just awful--Storyline-started off fair and ended up ridiculous-Dialogue-some of the worst I've ever read-Characters- these are some of the most boring, empty-headed, vile and entitled people ever written aboutWhy the extra bonus half-star?Surprisingly the writer had some talent in writing interesting and lush descriptions of exotic locales, architecture,...
  • Ashleigh 🥀
    Pure dramatic fun.
  • Emily
    4.5 starsThis is the most fun I've had reading a book in a LOOOOONG time!!First off, I will protect Rachel Chu (the MC) with my life. She is amazing, and I wish she got more page time. Across the board we get some great character development, and in particular I loved watching Rachel assert herself more and more over the course of this book.The middle dragged a bit for me, but it was still pretty fun. The final third, however, was a WHIRLWIND and...
  • Helene Jeppesen
    I can’t believe I actually finished this book because this was really bad. Basically, according to this book, all rich people in Singapore are snobbish and bad human beings. They can’t even see beyond their rich way of thinking when a down-to-earth person approaches them and tries to make them see things from a different perspective. Actually, what they do instead (according to this novel) is to turn that down-to-earth person into someone who...
  • Sara
    4.5 stars. Easily. This was pure escapism at its finest. Charting the lives of the Chinese super rich through the eyes of newcomer Rachel, boyfriend Nick and his various family members, this was a wonderful bit of writing that instantly transported me into another world. With backdrops such as Singapore mansions, private islands, luxury chartered planes and the wedding of the century, everything felt so over the top and luxurious. It’s a world ...
  • Nikki (Saturday Nite Reader)
    4.5 stars!This was a super fun read. It was like I was reading a soap opera versus watching one; with a plethora of characters who were just what the book described: crazy! Overbearing, meddling and judgy moms whose circles run the same.My goodness the things some of these characters do just because of what everyone thinks, not what they want. You kind of feel bad for them, but at the same time lack empathy for them - as they are super rich - and...
  • Kelly
    The review below covers the first two books in this series. There's not really any spoilers, its more an overall general impression, so you should be fine. But just FYI. Review originally appeared on my blog, Shoulda Coulda Woulda Books.***I've run into some great writers lately, which means I've been reading fewer of them. No sooner do I discover them than I tear through as much of their catalog as I can, immediately. Maybe it's just that I'm ge...
  • Fafa's Book Corner
    Mini review: GR Ultimate Summer Reading Challenge: Read the WorldTrigger warning: Mention of kidnapping and abuse.I didn't know much about this book save it becoming a movie. When I saw the trailer I was hooked! I listened to the audiobook sample it sealed the deal! I am happy to say that I enjoyed this!Rachel and Nick have been dating for two years. Nick asks Rachel to come with him to Singapore for his best friend's wedding. Rachel agrees. Litt...
  • Poonam
    Buddy Read with Nameeta.I started this book thinking it is going to be humorous with some moments that may even be laugh out loud but this book has no humor. At least I did not find anything funny in this story.To start with the plot look interesting (reminded me of the movie Prince and Me) but the book could have been better written. For one this is a huge book and the story dragged a lot. It could have been 50% shorter without changing the stor...
  • Lisa See
    I so loved this. The humor. The insight.
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: Chu has NOOOOOO idea what she’s getting into when she agrees to accompany her boyfriend Nick to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. As professors struggling to make tenure in New York City, Rachel and Nick live a very modest lifestyle. Little does Rachel know that Nick’s upbringing was ANYTHING but simple. After stepping off the plane, Rachel finds herself tossed into a...
  • Sue (Hollywood News Source)
    Second read: May 26, 2017 I love it much better.First read: September 24, 2015This book speaks for its title. Its about an affluent Singaporean Chinese family. It is the chronicles of their lavish life. Crazy Rich Asians is outrageously fun and it gives you a close glimpse about their food obsessed culture, keeping the bloodline and legacy pure, old money and new money - classicism. This book also discussed the racial tension between Mainland Chi...
  • emily
    Shockingly, shockingly bad.It falls immediately into the brand-names-as-character-development pit and never manages to claw its way out. There are jillions of characters about whom I know nothing other than their favorite designers. Maybe that's Mr. Kwan's actual purpose, but while I know this is meant to be a satire of consumption, I have a feeling he thought he was going for discernible characters, at least.(Also. Did anyone else think that bot...