Barbara's War by Fenella J. Miller

Barbara's War

Barbara Sinclair is desperate to escape from her home in Hastings. Her beloved half-brothers, Tom and David, are being sent to boarding school because the town is likely to be a target of the German Luftwaffe when the bombing starts and John Thorogood, a childhood friend, is also leaving to jointhe RAF. Caught up by the emotion of the moment Barbara agrees to marry him when the war isover.She discovers her paternal grandparents know nothing about...

Details Barbara's War

TitleBarbara's War
Release DateOct 2nd, 2012
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Barbara's War

  • Nikki Bywater
    Barbara Sinclair is a sweet and innocent eighteen year old girl, who wants to escape from her unloving mother and step-father. Barbara plans to do this by joining the Land Army, hoping this will give her the opportunity to escape from an extremely difficult home life. When her good friend John, who she has known since she was a girl, kisses her on the day he is leaving for flying school, to fight for his country. Barbara feels shocked and confuse...
  • Cathy
    Set just before the Second World War took a firm hold, this is a coming-of-age novel about Barbara Sinclair. It is a well-composed story; it seems to meander along quite gently, but every now and then pathos, darkness, and drama taps you on the shoulder and gives you quite a jump! Barbara is half-sister to two younger brothers; she is desperately unhappy at home and finds solace and comfort in her unquestioning mare, Silver, and her long-time fri...
  • Alison
    A Second World War book of different layers Barbara, the heroine is diffident, with low expectations and often defensive, but she engaged me from the beginning. I wanted to know more about her unhappy past and how she was going to make her way through the muddle of her present. I love a book with twists and turns and this had plenty, mostly emotional but never maudlin, but with some dreadful background events. The characters surprise you, showing...
  • Elizabeth Gayle
    Barbaras WarBy Fenella Miller ....Fantastic story, was sorry when it finished so fast.. well put together, characters are believable. There are so many stories out there, it is eye opening to visualize how some folks could possibly live as the author describes. We in our protected environment dont think about such strife. Fenella Miller brought her characters to life and pulled at all our sensibilities of right and wrong. Well done. Barbara’s...
  • Jackie White
    This was an easy read but all a bit too 'jolly hockey sticks' and too good to be true most of the way through which made it quite predictable. I'm hoping the 2nd book of the trilogy 'Barbara's War The Middle Years' will be better
  • Elinor
    I love the period, so I was willing to overlook some flaws. Overall it was just OK.
  • Mary Ann Carlson
    A Simple Sweet StoryThis is a simple story. A coming of age story set in England at the very beginning of England's entrance into WWII. A 17 year old girl badly mistreated by her mother leaves her hometown to find her paternal grandparents to start a new life. Lo and behold Grandpa is loving and rich and la dee da. Yes there is more to the story including good guys and bad guys and murder and a little mystery. And it was interesting to read a bit...
  • kathleen r.
    A boring and insipid story simply not fleshed out with any real meat. The dialogue is especially stilted and dull. The story just drones on and on, there's never a genuine drama or event that brings hero and protagonist to a conclusion. I found the separate eras overdrawn yet somehow insubstantial. I kept dozing off, just not enough to pull me in and keep me engaged. I quit 1/2 way through. Too dull for words. Pass.
  • Eugene Baer
    Good story but stuff forlorn and terrible editingWhile the story is enjoyable, the dialog is stuff and unnatural--more like speeches than conversation. The editing is terrible. Numerous errors and omissions detract significantly.
  • Kathy
    This book is about a young woman who has been horribly treated. When her two younger brothers are to be shipped off to boarding school she endeavors to find a way to leave home herself. Its a good story but she cant seem to decide about the young men in her life. This book is about a young woman who has been horribly treated. When her two younger brothers are to be shipped off to boarding school she endeavors to find a way to leave home herself...
  • Vinoth G
    Barbara, from being an ill-treated young girl to becoming the light of an old, forgotten family this story grows on slowly from grim to joy with blasts of simple surprises and excitements, explaining the life of English families during during the world war. A comfortably happy story.
  • Flo Wolfe
    There is some suspense added at the end of the novel, but greater character development would strengthen the story. There is some suspense added at the end of the novel. Greater in depth characterization would have led me to rate the story a 5.
  • Bettyboop
    This was a great goodread. The authors writing made it easy to become a part of Barbaras world. An emotional read that held my interest throughout the story. This was a great goodread. The author’s writing made it easy to become a part of Barbara’s world. An emotional read that held my interest throughout the story.
  • Mary
    Ok story but it needs to be proofread.
  • Kimberly
    While I utterly adore historical fiction I find that my preference for the genre is in those novels set before the 1900s, so when I got the review request for Barbara's War I saw it as a lovely opportunity to read something out of my comfort zone with this being set against the backdrop of World War II. I really enjoyed reading Barbara's War. It gave a wonderfully realistic glimpse into days of time gone by. Life was so much simpler then in that...
  • Wendy
    I'm normally a sucker for WWII era historical fiction, but this one just didn't do it for me. Seems like most people enjoyed this one, so if you like WWII fiction, maybe give it a try. For me, the story just didn't flow well. The dialogue at times was stilted and other times, transitions from one scene to the next were often awkward, and the main character, Barbara, spent far too much time almost throwing up or fainting. I'm normally not a stickl...
  • Elaine Bidstrup
    Barbara's War, set in England during WWII, is the first of a series about Barbara, the unwanted teen-aged child of a physically and emotionally abusive mother. Barbara's father was the high-born son of a doctor and heiress, whose parents would not let him marry his "low born" pregnant lover. Barbara is determined to do her part for the war effort, but her step-father, who dislikes her, but is not an abuser, and mother will not let her join the se...
  • Barbara Chandler
    A quick good readI really enjoyed the book, I finished it in a weekend. It was a good story for a romance novel, it had a put-upon heroine, likable but a bit wimpy. She spent a lot of time either freezing nearly to death, fainting and vomiting, not all at once.There is a terrible crime, our Barbara is in peril, saved in the nick of time though she is nearly frozen to death and this on Christmas Eve! The British are so stoic, so cheerful in light ...
  • Rachel
    This book tried too hard to be too many things. There were flavors of mystery and drama and a whiff of a serial killer whodunit, all mixed into a relatively stereotypical war romance. Somehow, in fewer than 300 pages, the author combined a pretty lame love story with really bad grammar (including a record number of comma splices), a smattering of vulgarity, and a surprisingly uninteresting triple murder.
  • Bobbi
    This was nothing like what I thought it would is not about a young woman that signs up to drive an ambulance into battle. Instead it is about a young girl that has a horrific childhood because of an abusive parent who moves out and locates her dead father's parents. Her future is brighter and it does end well but WWII is just starting so how bright is her future and those she loves? I guess you just have to imagine it all works out for th...
  • Bethany Swafford
    Barbara has endured an abusive mother all her life, but now she's finally free. She can find her father's family and find some way to aid the war efforts.This was an OK read for me. The characters were nice, but none of them were too exciting or memorable to me. The plot was predictable.This is a book fans of pre-World War 2 era books.
  • Kathy Houser
    At first, reading all the British this terms and customs were tiresome....ySoon the story took over and soon I began to enjoy learning about a staid British family that becomes loving and....almost affectionate! I love reading about WW II and find it fascinating to find out what is happened across the pond right before the blitz. Now, I can't wait for the next book....
  • Brian Bigelow
    A delightful story of a young girl during the early days of WW2. I really hard time putting it down. Unlike some of the other reviewers I didn't mind all of the British colloquialisms sprinkled throughout the book.
  • Deborah Beijer
    I enjoyed this book very much. A young British woman's tale of the beginning of the Second World War and how it influenced and changed her life. There was a happy ending and then the book went further....really enjoyed the second half of the book.
  • Cayla
    This is an "okay" book. I really didn't fall in love with Barbara or any of the other supporting characters. I love World War I and World War II era books, but this didn't clinch it for me. But I do encourage others to give this book a try because it might appeal to you.
  • Sharon
    A nicely paced and charming British cozy set in the beginning of World War II. I would have given it five stars, but there was some sloppy editing scattered throughout. The book deserved better treatment from the editor.
  • Pat Davis
    Good novelThe plot and characters are well-developed and kept my interest. Unfortunately, the text is full of errors that made reading a chore. A good edit and proofreading would have caught many of them. Too bad a good book is marred by typos
  • Eileen E Cartwright
    My my. Such an ending.This book had everything, child abuse, insanity, even a murder mystery, people coping with their country at war. And still lovely, interesting characters and an exciting plot. Loved it!!
  • Kary
    Good story line historical fiction moved well