Heads Will Roll (Necromancer, #0.1) by Lish McBride

Heads Will Roll (Necromancer, #0.1)

Lena’s not your typical animal trainer. And when she and her unicorn partner, Steve, decide to enter a fight, it’s definitely not your typical fight….

Details Heads Will Roll (Necromancer, #0.1)

TitleHeads Will Roll (Necromancer, #0.1)
Release DateNov 27th, 2012
PublisherTor Books
GenreFantasy, Short Stories, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Unicorns, Paranormal

Reviews Heads Will Roll (Necromancer, #0.1)

  • karen
    badass cage fighting unicorn?? don't mind if i do.so this one takes place in the same world as Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, but like The Too-Clever Fox, and UNLIKE A Visit to the House on Terminal Hill: A Tor.Com Original, it will still make sense to the uninitiated. like me. I KNOW, I KNOW i should read them - so many of you love that series, but i haven't taken the plunge. yet. but i will. for now - i just have this story, which is about lena a...
  • Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell
    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || PinterestMost little girls love unicorns. They're magical and pure and mysterious and so fluffy you're gonna die - literally in this case.Meet Steve, AKA Phantom, the cage-fighting unicorn. His owner is a Valkyrie. Together, they kick butt at supernatural cage fighting competitions and teach others the lesson that justice can sparkle and smell like warm sunshine even while it's tearing you a new one.I...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    A beautiful fantasy story with a touch of comedy, Heads Will Roll is daring, adventurous and deeply imaginative.
  • Shannon
    I just made a "unicorns" shelf because of this short story ... And now I feel like I should've come across books with unicorns before now and the fact that I haven't seems like a shame. This is a free short story that's under 20 pages and was something fun to read when I had a bit of downtime. You can read it here. I think this author writes female main characters better than males, and even though I saw such a small amount of Lena, I liked her b...
  • Karlyflower *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*
    UNIKITTY ..... but not really..... This is a little more "Eragon" than "Legoland", although, McBride does toss some snark and wit in at times....Unicorn cage fights?! Say what?! And truthfully it was interesting but I would have liked to have seen it fleshed out a bit better....All and all, worth the time but I'm kind of glad it was free :/Go here, Karen liked it better than I which probably means I under or over read something somewhere along t...
  • ☣Lynn☣
    These Tor short stories are so addicting!!Plus they are helping me cheat a bit on my 2016 challenge ;)
  • Mitticus
    Unicorns are champions of nature and man spends his time destroying it, so yeah, we’re not exactly in Steve’s top five favorite things. I’m pretty sure we’re right behind fungus on his list. Vi en un blog un link a esta historia y la verdad me encantó.¿Una valkiria y un unicornio llamado Steve luchando por la justicia? Quiero más.(btw, love the art-cover)
  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    Tor short story: A young woman and her white unicorn, Steve (professionally known as "Phantom") take on other mythological creatures in cage battles. ("Unicorns pick their own names, and I’d love to see someone go up to Steve and tell him he chose poorly. I, for one, would think twice about it.")This story reminds me of the Percy Jackson series, except that it's maybe a little bloodier, but it's very Greek-mythology-in-our-world, and the writin...
  • Laura Thomas
    Whoa! I don’t think I even blinked while reading this.Lena is the epitome of tough. She can hold her own with the best. Half human and half Valkyrie, she has much of the warrior women’s strengths.Her partner, Steve, is a snow-white unicorn. You don’t see many of them around, and definitely not in the fighting arena.The unicorn is a symbol of purity and usually has to be starved, beaten and driven insane in order to get them to fight.That’...
  • April Cote
    A bad-ass fighting unicorn named Steve. When he speaks to you in your mind you smell spring and picture beauty. But then he fights other mythological creatures in illegal fights. His partner is a bad-ass as well. Her name is Lena and along with Steve, they enter the arena and tear shit up. This story was magical fucking amazing. It needs to be a novel. A series. Because I have never read a story about a bad-ass unicorn. I was never the little gir...
  • Amy (Other Amy)
    Unicorns pick their own names, and I’d love to see someone go up to Steve and tell him he chose poorly. I, for one, would think twice about it.I was going to wait on this one as it's in the same universe as Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, which I haven't read, but I couldn't resist the cage fighting unicorn. (The story made fine sense without having read the novel.) This was a fun read. It reached for more than that, but there wasn't enough there ...
  • ➸ Gwen de Sade
    3.5 starsThese tor-novellas are seriously addicting and I'm just amazed how much creativity you must have to write something like this on less than 20 pages. Badass, fighting unicorn, what more can I say?This one was interesting enough to make me want to read the whole series, where this was kind of a prequel novella I think?Read it here for free.
  • Mili
    I totally read this at work - feels naughty -~ My first try at Lish McBride her work. Like her style, it reads easy. A short Unicorn tale with his female ( half human, half valkyrie ) partner saving creatures from the fight pits. Wonder if she'll write a longer tale about these characters, they seem awesome =)
  • Ewide
    This book was such an awesome read....
  • Yolanda Sfetsos
    The other day I found Hold Me Closer, Necromancer in a thrift store and have the prequel, Necromancer, on my Paperwhite. But then I found out this short story is a prequel-prequel! So of course I HAD to read it.I'm not sure how these characters fit into the overall world of this series, but I loved what I read and look forward to finding out.Lena and her unicorm partner Steve sign up for a cage fight featuring a bunch of mythical and supernatural...
  • Lauren
    3.5 stars This is the first time I have read anything by McBride and what drew me to this short story was the unicorn character (Steve aka Phantom). This is a quirky story about cage fighting amongst mythical animals. Steve's trainer, Lena, is pretty funny too and helps the story to flow nicely. All in all, a small quirky read, good for passing 20 minutes.
  • Patty
    "You don’t rule a unicorn—you’re a partner at best." Thunderdome for mythical creatures. "That was the thing about humans. They found it so easy to discard the implausible and the unbelievable. People ignored anything that made them uncomfortable."
  • Karyn Kar Mun (Thy Evil Queen)
    Back when Julius Ceasar ruled the Roman Empire, gladiator games were all the rage. Humans – usually criminals – fought with wild animals for the cheap entertainment of an audience that cared far more for a “good show”, than the lives lost and bloodshed.This story is a gladiatorial game with mythological creatures. Here, unicorns are fighters.[…] train them like you train dogs for a cage match. Get them young, young as you can. Starve th...
  • **✿❀ Maki ❀✿**
    Lena’s not your typical animal trainer. And when she and her unicorn partner, Steve, decide to enter a fight, it’s definitely not your typical fight…...you had me at "her unicorn partner, Steve".This is a quick and quirky story set in the world of Hold Me Closer, Necromancer.There are cage fights between a slew of mythical creatures. There is a unicorn named Steve. And the story ends with the main characters (figuratively) riding off into t...
  • Brittany (The Book Addict's Guide/Novelly Yours)
    Initial Impressions 12/23/15: Well that was just positively delightful. I absolutely loved the characters, the strength, and the way Lish McBride gets me to instantly accept all of these supernatural creatures even though it's something I usually don't perceive as realistic. I LOVE her characters and how awesome they are (especially her female characters)! This novella was absolutely wonderful and I just loved it. The humor is prevalent throughou...
  • Eric
    Why 5? Because this is my new "this is what Lish McBride is all about" title. Seriously. It's like all the lessons she has learned from previous works has gotten her to this gem. I love it. It's the perfect length for the bit of information contained in it. Yes I wanted it to be longer. Yes I loved the characters presented and want more books from them. But the truth is, we may never see anymore of them. We may never hear from Lena and Steve ever...
  • Elle
    After having read the first book in the series and hearing this was about a war-unicorn, I couldn't resist. It's a short story that you can read in mere minutes but the beauty of it is that it leaves you wanting so much more - and then you have an entire series to get stuck into. As a stand alone, this would suck but as a prequel it works to get you interested.Also see: war-unicorn.
  • Liz* Fashionably Late
    Not sure how this fits into Necromancer's story but somehow that makes this even cooler.A half Valkyrie warrior chick and a fighter unicorn named Steve in a clandestine cage match? Yes, thank you. I loved Lena's voice. This is the road, Mrs McBride. Follow it and ride off into the horizon.
  • Sabrina
    Loved this. I'd like to have a whole book about Lena. Please? :)
  • Emiloxy (TheFunPolice)
  • Kaethe
    A slick story about fighting fantastic creatures against one another. Available online.
  • Governor
    I really liked the atmosphere and setting of the story. Wouldn't say no to a full book about the characters.
  • Skye
    Every time I pick this short story up, the song “Heads Will Roll” gets stuck in my head… it’s actually my current ringtone. Which is maybe why I haven’t read this so far – I get too busy singing the song to actually start reading the story. But, I finally pushed through the soundtrack playing in my head and decided to read this. And I really, really, really wasn’t disappointed.A fighting unicorn really isn’t what I was expecting, ...
  • CJ
    I would dearly love to see more of these characters. Fabulous short story. Loved it.
  • Hayley
    There were elements in this which didn't quite work for me, but I'm definitely curious to read more in this 'verse!