What Was the First Thanksgiving? by Joan Holub

What Was the First Thanksgiving?

The history of the feast!  After their first harvest in 1621, the Pilgrims at Plymouth shared a three-day feast with their Native American neighbors. Of course, the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag didn’t know it at the time, but they were making history, celebrating what would become a national holiday.

Details What Was the First Thanksgiving?

TitleWhat Was the First Thanksgiving?
Release DateAug 15th, 2013
PublisherGrosset & Dunlap
GenreNonfiction, History, Childrens, Holiday

Reviews What Was the First Thanksgiving?

  • Ericka Clouther
    I'm not an expert on the history of Thanksgiving so I don't know how precisely accurate this was, but it was a more balanced account of the event than I received when I was growing up. It definitely mentioned injustices to the Native Americans, though it wasn't fully focused on that. I read this to both of my kids and we all learned some new things, and we discussed further what it said about Native Americans.
  • C.
    I know it's for young readers, but I still expected better. This book gave the generic glossed over perception of Thanksgiving with a few nods to "we can't be sure what happened." It also had some factual errors and some presumptive rhetoric, and I found the prose to be poorly written, especially relative to many other titles in this series. Overall, I have found the bios in this line to be far superior to the events.
  • Valleri
    Labeling this book "historical" was difficult. I was interested in this story, and thought maybe I could pass it along to my daughter so that she would have more cultural context about what really happened during the first Thanksgiving, but no. I was sorely disappointed that this narrative glossed over the fact that European settlers would massacre entire tribes of Native Americans only to hold a feast of "thanksgiving" to their god for "victory"...
  • Karly
    2.5 Stars, but I'm feeling generous today. I think I prefer the "Who was..." books in this series as opposed to "What was..." but this was still very informative.
  • Jenna
    I would recommend if you are doing an essay or something on Thanksgiving. It is a very fun book and it gives you so much information.
  • Gabriel alexander Arras
    I think that this book is a great one because it shows how the first thanksgiving took place and it tells you about the making of it. It's very detailed and it is very satisfying. I recommend this book to anyone who likes history, holidays, and biographies.
  • Mosiah.p
    it was a good book about how thank giving was start it show you how it got people togather
  • David
    Since no one today was around for the first Thanksgiving, all we have to go on are anyone's written accounts and various artifacts. Most of us know the generic story of the struggles of the Pilgrims to survive their first year and wary friendship with local natives. In What Was the First Thanksgiving? by Joan Holub much of the widely known details are presented along with information dispelling some myths. The Pilgrims and the Indians did help ea...
  • Hassan Alsalami
    The book "What was the first Thanksgiving" is about the history of thanksgiving. This book gives you great facts like no one ate pumpkin pie like we usually do today. This book brings up interesting subjects like there either was no native Americans or there was. The first Thanksgiving lasted 3 days. this book is below level. I recommend this to 5th to 4th graders.
  • Tina
    My children and I really like this series but this book had many inaccuracies in it. I hate to give such a bad rating for a book in a series we really love. The last few chapters on how Thanksgiving became a national holiday, our modern day Thanksgiving, and what to expect if you visited Plimoth Plantation were good. The Pilgrams and Squanto were not displayed in a good light.
  • Lukyan's Library
    Very informational!!!!!!!!
  • Stephen Chase
    Best story of Pilgrims and the Wampanoags!!
  • Lance Snyder
    Fun! Excellent illustrations...
  • Emma
    It is interesting to see just how much things change over time.
  • Susan
    It was great! I learned a lot and my daughter did also! I love she was engaged in asking questions (she's 5) and I feel she learned a bunch! Great read.
  • Elaina
    This book was good. I liked this book because it was educational and i learned new things about thanksgiving.
  • Aliya A
    What was the first Thanksgiving was a biography/Autobiography I would recommend this book to people who like to learn about new things and people who like Thanksgiving day.
  • Brian
    Quick read. Good for intermediate grades.
  • M.M. Hudson
    History has often been confused or muddied depending on who was in power or who was writing the history. The first Thanksgiving story is a little like that too. Before you even get into the first chapters of this book, the reader is told that "no one is sure if the Pilgrims actually invited the Native Americans to their Thanksgiving feast. Perhaps the natives heard the Pilgrims shooting their muskets and went to investigate..."I think this is a p...
  • Masao Koda
    1. Penguin No level, I'm not sure this book has level.2. 05/26=120min3. Thanksgiving, origin, Pilgrims, Wampanoag, war, Hale, Holiday4.(a)Hale told him that a national Thanksgiving Day was more important than ever.It might not stop the war. But it would bring people together. It would remind them that the United States was one big family. (b)I like this passage. This request was to make Thanksgiving a nationalholiday in the U.S. There was the Civ...
  • HonokaAndo
    1.No level2.Nov 23. 30min Nov 24.40min Nov25.60min3. Thanks giving,happy, foods, history,ships,argue,harvest4.a) What was the First Thanksgiving? This book tells us how to begin Thanksgiving. People are called Pilgrims and Wampanoag are important people in this story. They didn't expect thanks giving became so big American's holiday now...b)Sarah Hale was a woman who tried to make a holiday.She wrote thousands of letters to politicians about than...
  • Sue
    More about the pilgrims than anything else. Makes me want to hop right over to MA and see the Mayflower replica. Couldn't finish this thing because, sadly, this particular celebration marked the end of the natives' lives as they knew it. The mantra "In the Name of the Queen," "In the Name of the King . . . " we take this land and say it's ours. How would they feel if I showed up, planted a flag and killed the natives. What they did was wrong, by ...
  • Natalie
    One of my students actually pulled this out of my library and asked if we could read for Thanksgiving, so we did. It was alright, but probably my least favorite in the series, so far.I felt like the author could've spent more time talking about the actual event. There was a whole section on modern Thanksgiving traditions which seemed redundant. I wish she'd spent more time exploring the Native American side of things. Probably wouldn't read aloud...
  • Oliver
    The book What Was The First Thanksgiving? by Joan Holub is an informational, biography about what occurred on the first Thanksgiving in 1621. It is very detailed and explained every event very clearly. It was about how the Pilgrims came to America in search of a better place to live and when arrived people were sad because many families had died. When they arrived in America, which they called the New World, they started to build houses with the ...
  • Sayaka
    1 whatwasbookseries2 12/12=40minutes, 12/17=70minutes3 Pilgrims, harvest, sail, agreement, pray, religion, thanksgiving4 "The Wampanoag had their own religion. They believed there were sprits in the rivers and forests around them."5 I don't practice any religion but I agree with this idea. I thought thanksgiving is a day which celebrates harvest and many countries have sales in thanksgiving day. However thanksgiving day was originally to celebrat...
  • Keiko Kawashima
    1. What was series2. 10/3 = 60 minutes, 10/5 = 60 minutes3. Thanksgiving, Puritans, escape, Plymouth, Pilgrims, Mayflower, Native American4. a. "Welcome, Englishmen!"4. b. Native American walked into Plymouth Colony and talked to Pilgrims in English and he welcomed to them. I like this scene because I think it's important to understand strangers' culture without fight.5. I didn't know that the Thanksgiving is related to Pilgrims' settlement. I th...
  • Joseph Sanchez
    Interesting information regarding the 1620 landing at Plymouth Rock by the Pilgrims is presented in this book. I especially liked the facts on the Native Americans. For example, the Indians did not understand the concept of land ownership and were baffled that the land could not be shared with the Europeans. The book attempts to show what the first Thanksgiving might have been like. I was also impressed by the persevering efforts of Sarah Hale to...
  • Caleb
    I liked it. Some people think that the Indians heard musket shots and came to see the pilgrims and some people think the pilgrims invited them straight off hand.