Cosmic Apprentice by Dorion Sagan

Cosmic Apprentice

In the pursuit of knowledge, Dorion Sagan argues in this dazzlingly eclectic, rigorously crafted, and deliciously witty collection of essays, scientific authoritarianism and philosophical obscurantism are equally formidable obstacles to discovery. As science has become more specialized and more costly, its questing spirit has been constrained by dogma. And philosophy, perhaps the discipline best placed to question orthodoxy, has retreated behind ...

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TitleCosmic Apprentice
Release DateMay 9th, 2013
PublisherUniv Of Minnesota Press
GenreScience, Nonfiction, Philosophy, Writing, Essays

Reviews Cosmic Apprentice

  • Paul McNeil
    Dorion Sagan, son of Carl Sagan and biologist Lynn Margulis, has written a few books previously, but this is my first. Cosmic Apprentice: Dispatches from the Edges of Science, is somewhat unique among the things I've read. It exists in a strange place where science and philosophy meet, where symbiotic evolution, astronomy, and microbiology rub shoulders with continental and postmodern philosophy, and both sides of the academic cultural divide are...
  • Spencer Green
    There are enough educational and philosophical nuggets in this book that it will cause you to pause every few pages to laugh in astonishment or to take a moment to gather your "reality" bearings. Like others have said, the writing can be overdone in spots, but being that it's a wide collection of writings with different amounts of exposure to editors, that's to be expected. Your corporate being, and the energetic flow of life may owe itself a rou...
  • Galen Weitkamp
    Dorian Sagan’s “Cosmic Apprentice” is a collection of speculative and celebratory essays on biology, life and the human condition. Some of these essays re-explore and extend arguments that were put forward in his 2005 book with Dr. Eric D. Schneider entitled “Into the Cool”. The main thesis of “Into the Cool” is that life is a thermodynamic phenomena that thrives on the energy gradients that characterize systems far from equilibrium...
  • Diego
    This book will tell you the purpose of life. Seriously! (At least, one of them). It is an amazing book for science or non-science people. It will push the boundaries of what you consider your reality. Dorion Sagan is a great writer. However, in my opinion, his writing style is the only reason this book doesn't deserve 5 stars. He often abuses citations annd very often gives us (very) long paragraphs, which get in the way of what he wants to commu...
  • Eva
    A fun mix of essays covering topics and ideas circling the usually rather dry spot of philosophy of science. Sagan talks about the gaia theory, us and the microbes, life's purpose of reducing gradients, the kermitronic predicament, ecodelic trips, science vs science wars. His writing is incredibly entertaining, in parts very personal and always very smart. I feel like i missed out on many witty jokes by not being familiar with all the science, ph...
  • Jeannette
    The subtitle of Dorion Sagan's Cosmic Apprentice is: dispatches from the edges of science. (all "serious" books seem to have subtitles these days) Yes, however the chapters really arent short and concise enough to be dispatches but they are patchy. I had to skim much of it because the writing style just doesnt go smoothy. Interesting but not compelling stuff.
  • Oné
    Hi! Here's a link to my original review at my personal blog:
  • Marie
    2013-07-02 The End.
  • Plamen H.
    Like father, like son.
  • Joshua
    Great info, but style was stale, tough to read line by line.