Love Him or Leave Him, But Don't Get Stuck With the Tab by Loni Love

Love Him or Leave Him, But Don't Get Stuck With the Tab

Women who loved Steve Harvey’s mega-bestseller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, will want to read this wise, funny relationship advice book from no-nonsense actress and comedienne Loni Love, who says that putting yourself first is the path toward lasting love. That’s the message of this fresh and funny relationship book by beloved actress-comedian Loni Love. Full of down-to-earth advice on love, sex, and dating, Loni delivers answers to wom...

Details Love Him or Leave Him, But Don't Get Stuck With the Tab

TitleLove Him or Leave Him, But Don't Get Stuck With the Tab
Release DateJul 30th, 2013
PublisherSimon Schuster
GenreHumor, Nonfiction, Self Help, Relationships, Biography, Comedy

Reviews Love Him or Leave Him, But Don't Get Stuck With the Tab

  • Naomi
    Read my full review: opinion: Being a fan of the "Chelsea Handler" group, I recently had the opportunity to review Josh Wolf's new book, It Takes Balls. Both of these books have garnered VERY rare 5 star reviews from me, but for VERY different reasons. I have to be honest, I don't feel that the book jacket description for this book serves it justice. I found Ms. Love's book to be incredibly insightful with advice that woma...
  • JoJo Z
    It was nothing like what I was expecting. I love Loni Love, but this book was kind of lackluster. I couldn't even finish.
  • Traci
    This was a First Reads win from Goodreads, one of the handful I've won (think I'm up to five titles now over, um, maybe as many years?) I'm a bit behind on getting in my review of it, but I figure, better late than never. I love Loni Love. I've seen her on several of the I Love the 80s/90s/00s shows on VH1, plus I think I've caught her on a few other shows of that ilk. Of course, you never get all of her on those shows, as she's not allowed to sw...
  • Michelle
    With the vast amount of motivational/self titles on the market, readers will not want to miss: "Love Him or Leave Him, But Don't Get Stuck With the Tab" authored by the great funny lady Loni Love (LL). Miss Love shares the gift of her wisdom, valuable insight and advice, guaranteed to make readers laugh out loud!Miss Love was crowned "Little Miss Detroit" in 1972, and has since then been inspired towards entertainment/comedy when she realized she...
  • Leslie
    I LOVE Loni Love! I first was introduced to her on the Bethenny (sp?) Talk Show last year. She was so good that she basically STOLE the show. She Now appers on THE REAL w/ several younger women. When she offers love advice, it is light-hearted yet intelligent, something you can relate to, and often funny. This book was unintelligent in places, just all-over-the-place. Set up like Q&A [in different categories] but was/felt scripted to get her come...
  • Alyssa
    Not nearly as funny as Loni Love could be! Quick read though.
  • Vanessa
    I LOVE Loni, but I didn't like the format of the book which made it hard to finish. The advice is hilarious, I just don't like the set up of it.
  • Rachel Ross
    Pretty funny book.
  • Laronda
    This is just another celebrity given out relationships advice with humor. It is like the female alternative of Steve Harvey relationships books.
  • Katelyn
    Love Him or Leave Him (But Don't Get Stuck with the Tab) is written by the sassy African-American friend we've all been waiting for, Loni Love. I first saw her as a guest DJ on one of my many Ellen DeGeneres show binges (wanna see my favorite clip? Click here!)I basically have that clip memorized, as her humor is so blunt and direct. She reminds me so much of one of my all-time role models, Lucille Ball, but much more modern and sassy. I've read ...
  • AJ LeBlanc
    This was a really nice way to end 2013.I discovered Loni Love on Chelsea Lately. I loved how she doesn’t put up with any of Chelsea’s shit and her stories always make me laugh. She seems like a hot mess, and yet she totally has it together. She always comes across as super confident and you can tell that she has too many important things to do than deal with stupid people. She’s the friend you’d go to when you want to know the truth, not ...
  • Bert Edens
    From my book review blog at: & Schuster was kind enough to provide, through NetGalley, a copy of this eGalley for the purposes of reading and reviewing it. Although it was provided at no cost to me, I am under no obligation to give a positive review.A relationship and sex advice book for women? Somehow, I might not be the target audience for this book. :) But at the same time, it is always nice to see ...
  • Kimberly Hicks
    Two snaps up for this comedic book and great advice from one of America's top female comedians, Loni Love. This woman is a complete fool, and I mean that in the most kindest regards. Loni is absolutely brilliant in her book and what she advises women is definitely golden.I laughed so hard at the questions women asked her that I couldn't just read without stopping--I had to bookmark my Kindle page, while engaging in bust-your-gut-type of laughter....
  • Emily
    I know the world is a messed up place but damn if you ever had doubts about trust....Who knew that the reason the 52% divorce rate in the U.S. is because 52% of people in relationships are cheaters! In this book Loni gives her fans advice on a wide spectrum on relationship issues. A surprising amount (or what felt like half of them) were people fessing up to cheating on their significant other, or how someone witnesses their friend's other half c...
  • Monica Williams
    Loni Love tells it like it is. I mostly know of her from her appearances on Chelsea Lately and various VHI shows. She has great presence and is one funny lady! With her trademark blend of humor and good solid common sense advice she helps women deal with their real romantic issues. Much of her advice comes from things her own mother, "Momma Love" taught her. Her advice is based on the fact that women need to put themselves first and then their re...
  • Missy Michaels
    I enjoyed this relationship book. It's definitely tongue in cheek but she keeps her advice real. She uses a Dear Loni, advice column type format throughout the book. I really liked that and I enjoyed reading her responses. All of her topics came accompanied with lists. I enjoyed those lists, they were my favorite part of reading her book. The book is humorous of course but it never really made me laugh out loud. One thing I really respected about...
  • Ash
    I admit it: I had no idea who Loni Love was before I saw her on The Talk. After that, I kind of loved her so when she promoted her book: Love Him or Leave Him, I immediately asked my local library for it.Love Him or Leave Him reminds me of He's Just Not That into You. It's honest and unflinching, not to mention, funny. It has her signature sort of sarcastic humour and her everlasting love of bacon. I enjoyed it because underneath that bacon love ...
  • Nicole Falls
    I laughed my way through this book in just a few short hours. Filled to the brim with no nonsense advice about dating and love, Love tells it like it is. Written in a style that combines a straight narrative with an old school advice column, Love covers every aspect of relationships from courtship to marriage. My favorite bits were when she incorporated a real life example to illustrate points that she made. Whether or not these examples were act...
  • Ursula Shelton
    I am a big fan of Loni Love from the show The Real, who knew that she had skills giving advice or writing a really helpful book. I am giving this book a four; Ms. Love gives great advice to those of us who need it. However, it is not just advice, but it's funny and extremely practical. The book is a charmer and the cover is so beautiful with Loni dressed in red. I would certainly recommend this book to family members and friends, there is even a ...
  • Yanira
    I love love Loni Love. I think she's super fun, and smart. I always knew she was an engineer before turning to comedy, but you read more about that in the book. I think my biggest problem with the book is that it is an advice book that really does not give much advice. The answers do not fit the questions. However, she is a comedian. Her job is to make you laugh, and that she does. However, some of her advice is straight-on. For example, if a man...
  • Kelly Tillman
    Funny. Loni Love had me in laughing out loud. Yet her advice is serious and makes a lot of sense (if you want to be choked, date a wrestler; at least he'll know when to stop). The true is women, including myself. will do, tolerate and ignore the red flags for love. Loni gets down to business and reminds us that we should come first in a relationship or we will get stuck with the tab. Her advice is funny and useful. And of course, it's helpful to ...
  • Pat
    Unlike some of her comic contemporaries, Loni Love manages to perfectly translate her sense of humor to the page. That's helped here by the advice format of the book, in which she is answering questions about love and relationships. Though the advice predictably skews heteronormative, you could apply it and her common sense principles to most types of relationships. The listicles were a fun way to break things up, and advice is arranged by topic ...
  • Tania
    This book is so hilarious. Love Him or Leave Him will make you realize that you do deserve better and love. I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend it for any woman looking for a good laugh, some advice, and experiences from different women that can make you realize what needs to be done with the man of your life or about to step in a serious relationship with him before anything can happen.
  • Debbie
    I received this book free from Net Galley in exchange for a review.I absolutely love Loni Love and her new book held my expectations. While the version I received was an unedited version and had a lot of mistakes, I was able to stumble through. The gist I got was a hilarious romp through the trials and tribulations of Loni Love's life.I laughed out loud several times and would highly recommend this book!!
  • Jessica Wildermuth
    I received this book as part of the Goodreads giveaway. I gave this book three stars because I thought some of the information was a "no brainer". However, it may be more useful for younger women. The book was well written which made for a quick read. I did find myself laughing throughout the book and there is some valuable advice that all women should hear and think about before entering into a relationship.
  • Helen
    This is a funny book by comedian Loni Love, who offers down-to-earth advice mixed with funny stories of her own love life. It's mostly in the advice column Q and A format plus one-page collections of one liners on different topics. Sample comeback for "why aren't you married yet?" : "I'm too much woman for just one man."Her basic philosophy is that women need to love themselves and not waste their awesomeness on loser guys.
  • ✴
    Hilarious book with some really great relationship advice. Only took me a couple of days to finish! Loni tells it like it is. As must buy if your a fan on her comedy, looking for advice on your love life, or just want to laugh! Most importantly this book empowers women to feel good about themselves!
  • Mira Domsky
    Fun love advice book. I admit I only skimmed through it, though, mostly reading the lists and skipping a lot of the questions and answers. Some useful ideas in there, but mostly, it was just funny. The basic premise is a reminder that women shouldn't stand for being treated in ways they don't like, because they deserve better, and it's out there if they just keep looking.
  • Kaitlyn
    I bought this book when I went to see her live in Albany. Her book is good to read if you just want to laugh. Each chapter tackles a different area associated with dating and Loni provides her insightful and usually hysterical advice in response to 'readers' who have sent in questions. After reading this book, I personally want to meet Momma Love.
  • Keshia Burchette
    I'm not sure where I picked this book up but as I'm cleaning off my shelves trying to read some and thin out my collection I decided to give it a try. I would have read it much faster had I not been so busy because it was a super quick, entertaining read. The advice was hilarious and very straightforward.