Tyrant Trouble (Mudflat #1) by Phoebe Matthews

Tyrant Trouble (Mudflat #1)

Claire flees from a Seattle crook to an Otherworld barbarian tyrant. Not a whole lot of improvement there. One threatens with a gun, the other swings a broadsword.This novel won the EPPIE for Best Fantasy of the Year.

Details Tyrant Trouble (Mudflat #1)

TitleTyrant Trouble (Mudflat #1)
Release DateApr 29th, 2012
PublisherLostLoves Books
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Tyrant Trouble (Mudflat #1)

  • Coyora Dokusho
    Holy crap, that was awesome!!Stayed up too late reading - checkInteresting plot - checkFascinating characters - checkLOL Moments - checkAdorableness - checkA Grumpy Old Dog - check!!Gonna spend way too much money on the sequels - ... Check >.<
  • D
    Enjoyed the book but there is no ending. To continue the story, the reader has to go on to the next book.
  • Danielle Carpenter
    This story is in the first person, and it is told from Claire's (Stargazer) point of view. Claire has an unusual gift and a knack for getting in and out of trouble. Her way of thinking is a little strange, but eventually the story grabs you. Claire is on the run for her life from a con man and winds up in a place concealed from the world by magic. The people who live there live back in the barbarian days according to Claire. She gets captured by ...
  • Sheena
    I find it difficult to critique writers, now that I'm more familiar with the writing process. I will say that this book had an intriguing plot, enough to keep me scrolling. The writing in the first few pages felt slightly sloppy but it strengthened out. A good story about world's beyond our own will always gain my attention. Throw in some romance and I'm hooked.
  • Janie
    Ill have to read the next one to find out.Different take on universe gates.Really enjoyed this book. I wondered what the Prince would do when he found her gone. I guess I will have to read the next one to find out.
  • Gary Prosser
    A good readThe title was deceptive was not sure what to expect. Crossing an invisible barrier from Seattle to an ancient barbaric alternative realm. The story was different and kept my interest as there were so many twists and turns. Well done.
  • Kerry Dillenburg
    A fun read that may leave you wishing for a walk in a stream.Phone Matthews did a great job of blending what is with what might be coexisting right next door. She left me questioning myself as to which reality I would truly like. Well worth your time.
  • Nancy
    We begin in Mudflat, Washington where our heroine, Claire, is hiding behind a dumpster in a Seattle alley. Claire is an astrologer who has occasional jobs and a wonderful sense of herself. She is being followed by Darrel Decko who wants her to make star charts for the races, sports games, etc. so that he and his friends (not nice friends, by the way) can become rich. He is very persistent and she is not about to do what he wants.Claire takes off ...
  • Judith
    3.75 out of 5. Imagine what it would be like to go on a camping trip in the American Northwest, and find yourself in a society that is more like that of the 12th century than the 21st century. So it was for the heroine of this story. A citizen of Seattle now finds herself a captive of a young man who calls himself a prince and whose father is known as "The Slayer." Because she so closely resembles "The Daughter" or a goddess whose father is the S...
  • Bitten_by_Books
    The story features Claire who is an astrologer, and Tarvik, the Garnet Prince. Needless to say, Claire being from modern times suffers from some culture shock, as did the other characters in the story. It twists merrily along through Claire’s trials and tribulations of being cast into another dimension of this world - kind of a magical pocket of space where this particular land exists...For the entire review please go to the Best Paranormal & U...
  • Kim
    I don't normally enjoy reading ebooks---mostly because I don't have a reader and I can't cuddle up with my laptop as easily as I can with an actual book. However, Mudflat 1: Tarbaby Trouble is really good, and should be available in print in January, so I thought my friends on Goodreads ought to know about it. I reviewed the book for paranormalromance.org, and the review is posted here:Tarbaby reviewSeriously, don't be turned off by the odd title...
  • Barbara
    Claire has a boyfriend who was all nice until she refused to make a chart that would get him winners in gambles. Her home is in Mudflat which has magic unlike other places in her city. To stay alive she is going camping and hide from her boyfriend. But something happens and the people she meets are not your everyday people. She thinks they do reenactments. Eventually when she sees nothing that looks like home and the food is strange, she realizes...
  • Patti
    I was very pleased with how this author transitioned our main character into a whole new realm. Everything came to life so vividly as Claire struggled to stay alive. Her particular brand of 'magic' served her well in the role thrust upon her. It was very easy to feel the growing pains the two main characters were going through. Absolutely enjoyed every page of this book and gladly took the journey of page flipping to see what conclusion faces Cla...
  • Taya
    I thought this book was great. Only problem I had with it was too much inner dialog. I realize Claire was trapped in another world and had only herself to console with. But It took me awhile to read this book due to it. The characters where excellent I loved them even the villains. Tarvik you either loved him or hated him I think and I loved him. without going into spoilers he is who is because of how he was raised. the world building was easy to...
  • Rosemary
    Phoebe is my BFF and I read this in the early stages. i'm so happy that the Mudflat series is now available. It's a fun mix of sword-and-sorcery meets urban fantasy, with a kick-ass modern heroine and an incredibly cute barbarian hero (think Heath Ledger in Roar).
  • Patricia Mccammon
    Got this as a free book. First time for this author. Like the series, different. How do you get into another time and place just crossing a stream.
  • Scelest
  • Kelly Fitzpatrick
    Go along with Claire to another world. Love being in Claire's head.
  • Linda Rich
    Very good!!I really liked this book. The characters were very well drawn and wholly believable. Will definitely read another book by the same author.
  • Sam
    Loved it , can't wait to find out what happens to Tarvik....
  • Mattie
    Surprisingly good. I will probably buy the next one in the series, just to see what happens with Tarvik in the modern world. Should be interesting.
  • Gail
    Cute bookVery interesting and fun to read. City girl meets barbarian. What a culture shock. Just do yourself a favor and don't walk in the middle of a stream.
  • Rose
    Tyrant TroubleAt first I wasn't sure about this book. But as I kept reading, I liked it. I had to read the whole book. So glad I bought this book.