Turn the Ship Around! by L. David Marquet

Turn the Ship Around!

"Leadership should mean giving control rather than taking control and creating leaders rather than forging followers." David Marquet, an experienced Navy officer, was used to giving orders. As newly appointed captain of the USS Santa Fe, a nuclear-powered submarine, he was responsible for more than a hundred sailors, deep in the sea. In this high-stress environment, where there is no margin for error, it was crucial his men did their job and did ...

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TitleTurn the Ship Around!
Release DateMay 16th, 2013
GenreBusiness, Leadership, Nonfiction, Management, War, Military Fiction

Reviews Turn the Ship Around!

  • Peter
    The rating is for the book, not the content. The ideas and concepts the book brings up are quite interesting and sound like they would be quite useful to many organisations. However, it's written in a simplistic structure that came off cheesy and often annoying. The writing, in general, was amateurish and the narrator for the audiobook (who happened to be the author as well) did a pretty horrible job. The feeling I got from the whole experience w...
  • Gordon
    6-stars! The best leadership book I have read in years. After having read different books that referenced USN Captain David Marquet's "Leader-Leader" approach (Steven R. Covey, Simon Sinek), I decided I just might learn something from a sailor. Once I started the read, I devoured the book. I recognized good leadership practices I had adopted or experienced and I found myself deepening my understanding of why they work or had worked. This is a boo...
  • Sergey Shishkin
    If a nuclear submarine could gain leadership at all levels by giving control, building competence and achieving organizational clarity, your enterprise has no excuse to continue exploit people in a command & control environment like it's still 1900's.Great book with inspiring stories, illustrating the leader-leader model step by step. Highly recommended to read for people who are in charge of other people, as well as people who have other people ...
  • Nathan Farley
    This is one of those books that is hard to put down. Easy to read (even though I don't know anything about the Navy or submarines) while it is PACKED with so much leadership truth. My favorite part? It's not a "this is the way things must be done" kind of book. He raises serious problems and tells you how he attacked them. He shows his strengths and weaknesses in leadership. I greatly appreciated this read.
  • Craig Childs
    Captain Marquet translates his experiences as a nuclear submarine commander into a book of highly readable and applicable leadership techniques. He discusses his ‘leader-leader’ model (as opposed to the traditional leader-follower) and the three pillars upon which it is built – 1) Control, 2) Competency, 3) Clarity.The book is a fast read, but the approaches he described are not simple or necessarily easy to apply. He sprinkles anecdotes li...
  • Derek Neighbors
    Marquet takes us on his journey at the helm of the USS Santa Fe submarine and a transformation from Leader-Follower to Leader-Leader management. Having read quite a bit on empowering management styles there was a lot here that you can find elsewhere, though David does so in a very story friendly format. Noticeably different is the attention to detail around communication. Specifically around the words of "intention" for empowerment. I "intend to,...
  • Terry Dicken
    It is all about collaboration. Usually this should not be difficult to implement, but for some reason it is usually hindered by the prevailing culture. I spent 17 years in the military and to implement the brand of leadership is extraordinary. Please take note that he uses an itterative approach to implementation. That is you cannot implement this new approach with all aspects of your operations accounted for. When implementing a collaborative ap...
  • Nick Frolov
    Very inspirationalThe book is a step by step guide of changes from top-down management approach in organisation like US Navy. Story starts with Cpt. Marquet assigned in charge of submarine with worst results in the fleet, and turns it around within a year to the best one, by changing the top-down (leader-follower) approach to the empowerment (leader-leader) approach.This book is great addition to the book "team of teams", written by US General St...
  • Tigran Mamikonian
    Pretty good read explaining the story of turning leadership style from traditional Leader-follower scheme to Leader - Leader... The book is full of details about situations on submarine, I liked the most idea of the captain who insisted that every member of crew started their communication with "I intend to..." So that he would be left with just saying "Very well, do it"... Otherwise subordinates are becoming just followers if directly instructed...
  • Christopher Jefferson
    An amazing book. I loved the ideas and practices that were discussed and the case studies that were given. I used these ideas throughout my job and institute the Leader-Leader model with my team members. My direct reports have started to read the book and I am breaching the boundaries of emancipation with them. My boss has even approached me about getting this book for himself.
  • Bjoern Rochel
    Update 28.12.2017: still a great, inspiring read -–-Resonates a lot with me. A perfect description of how I think modern organisations should work. Build leaders, not followers. Somewhat funny and unexpected that this originated in the military
  • Michal
    Great insights about leader-leader structureI really like the examples about how the captain transformed Santa Fe's crew. Eye opening in many ways. I'd appreciate more examples from business environment (i.e. add "Application to business" section at the end of each chapter)
  • Jenn
    To be honest - I have never had a strong interest in military-oriented reading material, fiction or non-fiction. Aside from my interest in pre 20th century piracy on the high seas (more of social class/mobility angle here) - I haven't really read any books about life on boats or submarines.David Marquet has written an incredibly clear and easy to understand book - that happens to be about submarines and their crews. The details about life on the ...
  • Manny Johnson
    Leadership turned aroundLeadership as many of us are taught is systematically challenged one by one with a deeper understanding of what leadership really is and tries to achieve. The author provides refreshing, clear stories that hide nothing to show you his journey in becoming a better leader which is ultimately supporting everyone to become leaders. If you are frustrated with your teams or companies and wished there was a better way to manage, ...
  • Mike Arvela
    3,3 stars or so.Solid-sounding ideas, yet less enthusiastically communicated as in the very similar book ”It’s Your Ship.” Often I felt like the book told the ”what”, but not the ”why” or ”how”.Continues the tradition of military books that could make good drinking games: ”the SUBGRU (submarine group) WEPS (weapons officer) took us FFVs (fresh fruits and vegetables) on his RHIB (rigid hull inflatable boat).”
  • Abhishek Dasani
    simple, straightforward, and concise. The book talks about how empowering everyone and giving the decision making to those at the frontline can help in todays organisations.
  • Char
    Read this with a group at work. Interesting ideas. Interesting discussion
  • Alpha
    Unsurprisingly, quite liked this book as it aligns very much with my leadership/management preferences and beliefs. The subject matter also helped, as it was interesting to get peeks into the workings of a nuclear submarine as a backdrop for the discussion around leadership. It's certainly very compelling, and although there are certainly differences when applying this style in non-military organizations, there's still lots of useful thoughts in ...
  • Jamie Leach
    I truly enjoyed this book. It's very practical, but told in such a relatable way. Excellent for any team trying to get on the track to teamwork and success.
    An amazing book on leadership. Good for leaders who want to make sure everyone is involved in decision making. Leader to leader model is so well explained. The author writes on the importance of using cognitive power of everyone in the ship (Santa Fe) rather him taking control of everything.We need more of COGNITIVE power than physical power in this era!Engaging everyone in decision making in organizations creates a good working environment where...
  • Heather
    Awesome application of leadership principles in a compelling and readable story of a command rotation of a US Navy sub. Hat tip to sister service for the pro-dev!
  • Jack Shaffer
    Turn the Ship Around! By L. David Marquet is an amazing true story intended to teach the reader a very important thing in order to have a good and successful life. The author of this book stated their purpose very clearly throughout the whole book, even on the front cover! David Marquet wanted to help the world understand this life lesson that he had experience with personally. David Marquet (now retired) was the U.S. Navy Captain of the USS Sant...
  • Ryan Morton
    Fantastic book about personal and organizational leadership. The method presented uses empowerment, emancipation, and the building of a leadership system to create a leader-leader system wherein everyone is fully engaged and leading. This approach is juxtaposed to our human tendency for leader-follower systems where the followers "turn-off" much of their intellectual, creative, and passionate abilities as they act as the follower of someone else'...
  • Jen
    With all of the reading I've been doing for work lately, I was concerned that this book would take me forever to get through but yet, I finished it in a single day. The real life examples and stories were interesting and illustrative. The questions at the end of each chapter did a great job of showing how the concepts discussed in the chapter could be applied in every organization. In my role as a change agent who isn't quite a front line worker ...
  • Gene Babon
    "Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves." ~ Stephen R. CoveyThe author, a former nuclear-powered submarine captain, explains the evolution of his leader-leader model, a structure better suited for intellectual work. This structure runs counter to the traditional leader-follower model which is the command-and-control structure that is optimized for physical labor su...
  • Jacques Bezuidenhout
    Did the AudioBook narrated by the author.From an Audiobook perspective, he wasn't the best narrator. However you kind off got used to his militaristic reading style as the book progressed. Definitely wasn't the worst narrator ever.I do think the book over simplifies how easy it is to change a leadership model or company culture.However, it does have some very valid points in slowly changing some aspects of both management and employees to move in...
  • Jay
    “Turn the Ship Around” is really a wonderful story of the changing of a management philosophy on board a nuclear submarine. Before the turn around, the way of managing was that the Captain was the single issuer of orders, and his subordinates blithely complied to the best of their ability. This top-down approach has a single point of failure – the captain – and did not allow his subordinates to add their own thoughts to doing their jobs, ...
  • Tim Bailen
    This part of the synopsis says it all: "Turn the Ship Around! is the true story of how the USS Santa Fe skyrocketed from worst to first in the fleet by challenging the U.S. Navy's traditional leader-follower approach. Struggling against his own instincts to take control, he instead achieved the vastly more powerful model of giving control."This book and the author have my respect for relating the actual stories behind the principles shared here. ...
  • Tadas Talaikis
    I don't know, for me it's most useless profession in the world besides "teaching" the discipline that can be taught anyway. Didn't understood the book whatsoever, there are better books on leadership, for example, with very clear message and no waste of time: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.
  • Georgina Castellucci
    This book was incredibly insightful and relevant for anyone who wants to further delve into leadership skills, the keys to communicating effectively, motivating others, managing others and examining human behavior. Marquet openly admits to his failures first and then the examination that leads to success, especially taking time to think about what motivated himself, what he felt motivated others and how people truly want to be treated. I loved hi...