Death and the Courtesan by Pamela Christie

Death and the Courtesan

Pamela Christie’s sparkling historical mystery goes beyond the modest drawing rooms of Regency London in the company of the city’s most esteemed and scandalous courtesan…Since the age of sixteen, Arabella Beaumont has been happily employed as a highly paid woman of pleasure. True, respectable ladies of the ton would never deign to call at Lustings, her delightful home. Then again, Arabella has no desire to make dreary small talk and sip tea...

Details Death and the Courtesan

TitleDeath and the Courtesan
Release DateMay 28th, 2013
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Fiction, Cozy Mystery

Reviews Death and the Courtesan

  • Kristen
    This book was buckets of fun and frivolity and I loved every page of it!So long as you approach this story with the understanding that absolutely everything in it is tongue-in-cheek and intended to be completely over the top, you will be fine. The book is hilarious with people saying, and doing totally inappropriate things with blase panache all over the place. Nobody in this book worries at any point about whether what they are doing is wise so ...
  • Waverly Fitzgerald
    So much fun! This was a delightful romp through Regency London, featuring Arabella, a sprightly courtesan who has been framed for a murder. It's a read that any good Regency courtesan would appreciate, with plenty of tongue-in-cheek sexual innuendoes. I've read many Regency historical romances but none that are quite so naughty, and few that are so witty. I'm a stickler for historical accuracy and this book satisfied in that regard. Loved the pla...
  • LyP
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Love the author's ability to be funny as well as witty (which is definitely _not_ the same!). The mystery was interesting enough to carry me along, and the characters were typically British, which was quite fun to read! Throw in a few naughty bits, and it all comes out as a recipe for success! Highly recommended!
  • Hennypenny
    Writing wasn't to my taste. This book reminded me of "Joseph Andrews" rather than a recently written mystery. The author spends a lot of time being clever but I don't feel like I connected with any of the characters (there wasn't much there to connect with). If you don't mind the writing in the first few pages, you will probably be happy for the entire book.
  • Irene
    Silly book about a courtesan who has to find the person who framed her for murder. I was hoping it was over the last third of the book.
  • My Book Addiction and More MBA
    DEATH AND THE COURTESAN by Pamela Christie is an interesting Regency Historical Mystery. #1 in her new Arabella Beaumont Mystery. While this story starts out rather slow to me, it does pick up after a few chapters. It is a rather quick read. The characters seemed a bit feathered headed to me. Not what you would usually find in a Courtesan story. Does have mystery,and suspense. Made no sense to me why Arabella Beaumont's protector, a Duke,was not ...
  • Tony Parsons
    Belinda (Bunny, Signorina) Beaumont & Arabella Beaumont (Bell; courtesan, Signorina) had received an unpleasant letter from John Sonne (architect; Lincoln inn fields #13) telling the sisters the proprietor who was to sell them their ancient Phan bronze statue (Herculaneum; double phallus) from Italy had been killed & the statue was now missing or stolen. The 2 girls, Charles Beaumont (brother; Toby), & Reverend John Kendrick (Rector of Effing; Vi...
  • Kathy
    Perhaps I was expecting something else and for that reason came away disappointed after reading this book, but I found "Death and the Courtesan" too gimicky for me to enjoy. I realize that when the main character is a courtesan, one should expect a certain amount of sexual innuendos and double entendres, but at times I felt the author was trying too hard to be cute. The mystery came across as little more than excuse for Arabella to admire a fine ...
  • BRNTerri
    GENRE: Historical MysterySETTING: England, early 1800sMY GRADE: CMY THOUGHTS: Arabella is in her mid-twenties. We got no backstory on her at all which is a big mistake for an author to omit that information. I learned nothing about how she came to be a courtesan. Why someone set her up to be accused of murder is a mystery too. The story was silly and dull, PG-13 rated and just too plain and simple. I felt Arabella didn't take the murder accusatio...
  • A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
    4.5*Book source ~ Many thanks to Kensington for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.Arabella Beaumont is London’s most infamous courtesan. When an old friend turned enemy ends up dead by Arabella’s monogrammed paper knife (letter opener) the law is ready to arrest her as a murderess. However, her rich and highly titled patron, the Duke of Glendeen, declares that Arabella will be remanded to his custody and therefore free ...
  • Rogue Reader
    What do you say when your 8 year old niece sees your copy of Death and the Courtesan and asks, "what's a courtesan?" The answer is perfectly acceptable and appropriate to Pamela Christie's first book: "a woman of society, elegant and gracious." There's more to a courtesan of course, and Christie's protag, Arabella is the embodiment of the best of the profession's characteristics: shrewd, intelligent, resourceful and beautiful. She's admirable too...
  • Susan
    This book was trying way too hard to be clever and so ended up being tedious. At first I was annoyed by the little summaries at the beginning of each chapter. Then I appreciated them. I read to page 85 (part way through Chapter 8), skimmed the chapter summaries - not read but skimmed because even the summaries were tedious, learned that I was correct in my early guess as to 'who dunnit', then put the book down happy that I can return it ASAP to t...
  • Jay
    Found this series by accident and I like it. I like that it's not a romance even though it's set in the regency period. This is a light mystery - nothing scary; I suppose I could have figured out the villain before the protag did but I didn't care enough to try. I just chose to enjoy the ride instead and I'm looking forward to the next book Death Among the Ruins
  • Diana
    A tasty little confection about Arabella Beaumont, Regency courtesan, head of a peculiar and diverting household, and murder suspect with but a month to find the real killer before being hanged. She's independent, better read than most of her clients, and well nigh irresistible. Quick read, and a fun one, too.
  • Meg
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The heroine, Arabella, famed courtesan thrust into the role of detective to save her own life, is enticing, witty, and quirky - with an underpinning of a bold sense of social justice. I can hardly wait to keep reading about her adventures in the second volume! This book was a bawdy, humorous, and incredibly well researched and written escape of pure pleasure.
  • Amy
    Arabella was intriguing as a woman taking charge of her life and family. Some of it was funny, some too silly. Glad to get it from the library and would probably read the next one if I see it there when it is published.
  • Fran Prisco
    Very cute!
  • Robert Kradoska
    an English novel- a courtesan is accused of murder but solves the crime
  • Eave Melody
    Racy, witty, fun, intelligent, irreverent. Loved it! Hope there are more Arabella Beaumont mysteries! Delightful. Delicious. Loved it.
  • Karen
    It was cute, a nice quick light read, I liked it.
  • Leslie
    This is an interesting look at a part of the Regency period usually only alluded to in scathing terms. Arabella and her sister are both courtesans because of their spendthrift parents and brother. Unlike the ladies of the time, these women have a kind of freedom. Unfortunately Arabella is about to lose her freedom and perhaps her life when she is blamed for the death of another courtesan. Very slim circumstantial evidence apparently was all that ...
  • Jane Mettee
    I thoroughly enjoyed this cleverly written book on several levels. It was a good mystery but it kept me laughing all the way. An unusual combination and well done by the author. As the British would say “the humor was a bit naughty.” The characters were perfect in their roles from our heroine Arabella, to her benefactor, to the minor and major villains. Interesting how the author wove it all together and made it work. It was was even historic...
  • Sunny Pashte
    A comedy and a thrillerThis is a fun book based on British characters. The summaries at the beginning of each chapter made it exciting as I progressed. There are certain amounts of sexual innuendos but wittingly used. I enjoyed it !
  • Melissa
    I know many of you said this was a good book. Maybe I would have liked it better in another frame of mind; although I must admit this novel left me bored and skipping to the end was probably the best and fastest way to end my reading of this book.
  • Krista
    A romp of a Regency mystery, as told from the perspective of Arabella Beaumont, the eponymous courtesan of the title. Think Harriette Wilson meets The Thin Man--society murder of the sophisticated, screwball variety.
  • LemontreeLime
    This was a delight! I assumed it would be a parody of sorts of regency romance, but I did not expect it to be so laugh out loud funny. Looking forward to the rest of the series! Be forewarned the humor is downright Benny Hill crude at times, don't expect Jane Austen here, but it totally works.
  • Barbara
    A very silly story with implausible characters acting in unlikely ways. It was also a lot of fun.
  • Tonya Mathis
    I liked it. Bella's snarky. I'll read the next one.
  • Angela
    delightful romp during the Regency Period in England. The history is spot on and characters are fully realized.
  • D.H. Hanni
    Closer to 2.5 stars. It was okay. Light, fluffy read that held my attention to the end but I think overall, it was just meant to be style over substance. Arabella is a courtesan in London in the early part of the 19th century who is being accused of killing a fellow courtesan. Clearly she didn't do it but her airtight alibi for the night of the murder is a Duke so he can't publicly vouch for her whereabouts. Which doesn't make sense since everyon...