John McAfee's Last Stand by Joshua Davis

John McAfee's Last Stand

There was always something unusual about John McAfee. The tech entrepreneur made a fortune from the antivirus software that bears his name, but he also spent years as a cocaine addict, spiritual guru and yoga expert. In 2009, after losing millions in the stock market crash, he decided to retire to the tiny Central American nation of Belize. That's when things really got weird. He started hanging out with killers, prostitutes, and pimps. He fell i...

Details John McAfee's Last Stand

TitleJohn McAfee's Last Stand
Release DateNov 15th, 2012
GenreNonfiction, Biography, Mystery, Crime, Writing, Journalism

Reviews John McAfee's Last Stand

  • Jason Schoenleber
    InterestingReally weird sorry. This guy was nuts and I'm surprised he is still alive, if he actually is. He needs help.
  • Rick Bergmann
    Cool storyInteresting and scary. Would make a great movie. Hopefully there will be a follow up at some point because there is more story to tell.
  • Brian Lively
    As someone who has followed this case for around a month now, I found Joshua Davis' "Wired" single to be the best source of information regarding John's background and his history in Belize.I have been following the story of John's run from the Belizian government since it was first reported that he was wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor. The story was full of anecdotes about his eccentric millionaire drug fiend's run form the l...
  • Benoit Lelièvre
    If this was fiction, I would scream bloody genius. If this was a hundred percent truth also, but I'd worship McAfee instead of worshipping Joshua Davis. Reality though it somewhere in between. I am ready to believe that John McAfee has crumbled upon the weight of his own fortune and power, but some of these chapters are so over-the-top, it's hard to believe McAfee would ever have come out alive. You can't live this life at that age and walk away ...
  • John
    What a crazy rideA presumably factual rambling account of the rise and fall of John McAfee. An interesting early mover in the technology industry. What's left entirely unclear is whether or not in addition to his psychoses and drug abuse, was he also a capable technologist or just a huckster.I think I would've enjoyed this much more if it included some interviews or input from other software developers who worked closely with him.If nothing else ...
  • Timothy Finucane
    This is, hands down, the craziest story I have ever read, and it's all true. John McAfee has certainly lead an interesting life, and all of his achievements seem to stem from his paranoia - from developing some of the first anti-virus software to trying to become the police in a small town in Belize. A real look into one of the computer world's most interesting character, this is a recommended read!And if you can't get enough from this story, fee...
  • Cathy
    Very interesting story about a strange troubled man who developed antivirus software making millions. He became a drug addict and yoga specialist. He lost millions in 2009 during the market crash and moved to his paradise in Belize and became very paranoid. He is currently on the run having been charged with the murder of his neighbor.At this point in time we don't really know if he killed his neighbor. Reading his story you realize the fine line...
  • Seth
    Brilliantly written. An excellent story and almost gonzo piece of journalism, only prevented by the author's metaphorical yardstick between himself and McAfee's world. Not that you can blame him, even the criminally insane wouldn't want to go any further into this almost real-world heart of darkness than a casual visit. A very enjoyable read; definitely worth the price of a cup of coffee and the time it would take to drink it.
  • brian dean
    Man, that John McAfee was an interesting man and he clearly had some problems. The 'book' (an Amazon single -longform reporting that is a little longer than can normally fit in a magazine) wells displays McAfee's mental problems and his huckster confidence. The report ends a little too abruptly for my liking.
  • Missy
    Very interesting Wired article about John McAfee, founder of McAfee anti-virus computer protection. The story reads like a novel but the reality is, this is non-fiction. Some crazy stuff. I'd like to see a follow-up article (maybe there has been one) since the brouhaha with shooting the neighbor's dogs. I haven't heard how that all resolved and where Mr. McAfee is now.
  • Michelle
    This was a very quick read, about 2 hours or so, however it was fascinating. The man is truly crazy! I want to follow the story more as it unfolds and plan to through the author who is still in contact with McAfee as he is on the run. Amazing how such a brilliant mind can snap so completely.
  • Ida
    A glimpse into John McAfee's rollercoaster life. Who knew that this anti-virus exec was so messed up? It's hard to believe some of what he's told the Joshua Davis since so much is really intense, but it would make a great film.
  • Tom Marcinko
    Kindle Singles are the most addictive product since the Dorito itself, first of all.McAfee strikes me as a damaged person, to say the least. This is a page-turning account of a 21st-century Col. Kurtz.
  • Michele Burkholder
    Given the subject matter, this could have been a good book, but the writing was poor. It's just a long article that jumps around in an illogical manner.
  • Unthank
    It reads like the script of an over the top drama sitcom and it's hard to believe its all (mostly) true. Guy sounds off his nut.
  • Warhammer Grantham
    John McAfee, is paranoid, 62 and in the Belize jungle.
  • Jordan
    Wow, this is one crazy millionaire
  • Christopher
    Entertaining story. If true, then McAffe's claims of being "drug free" are delusional. Worth the $1.00 price for the entertainment value, but I question its authenticity.
  • William
    Very light . . . not that good!
  • Henry Leineweber
    Brief but crazy. Definitely read.
  • Ben
    John McAfee is an odd, damaged man. I haven't followed the story too much before reading this but its truly stranger than fiction.
  • Kim K
    McAfee- a genius indeed, however he seems to prefer living his life in his delusions rather than rejoin reality
  • Kenneth
    Paints a good picture of what happens when you have money and have mental issues.
  • David
  • Ken
    A fascinating account into the live of such an eccentric character.
  • Mark
    Obviously, all the money in the world didn't help.... One screwed up man.