Hope's Road by Margareta Osborn

Hope's Road

From the author of the bestselling Bella's Run comes another captivating rural romance set in the the rugged, beautiful high country of East Gippsland.Hope's Road connects three very different properties, and three very different lives …Sixty years ago, heartbroken and betrayed, old Joe McCauley turned his back on his family and their fifth-generation farm, Montmorency Downs. He now spends his days as a recluse, spying upon the land - and the g...

Details Hope's Road

TitleHope's Road
Release DateMar 1st, 2013
PublisherRandom House Australia
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Cultural, Australia, Fiction, Womens Fiction

Reviews Hope's Road

  • Sharon
    Tammy McCauley is kept busy running Montmorency Downs the family property situated in East Gippsland in Victoria. This property has been in the family for many generations. As well as working hard on the farm, Tammy is also having to deal with her abusive husband which is starting to take its toll on Tammy. So the day her huband comes home and announces he's moving out, Tammy should be relieved, but she's not. Tammy must now come to terms with th...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    In Hope's Road, Margareta Osborn's second novel, she returns to the Victorian highlands and the rural community she knows so well. Montmorency Downs is home to Tamara McCauley who inherited the dairy farm upon her grandparents tragic death. Tammy loves the land and is proud of her heritage but when her marriage breaks down Tammy risks losing her family legacy as her faithless husband tries to force a sale. High on the hill at the boundary of the ...
  • Charming Language
    Hope’s Road is a more mature book, in some ways, than Bella’s Run. At the heart of this novel is a long running family feud, which subtly touches the lives of many residents in the farming community of Naree. Bella’s Run, with its young and adventurous protagonists was more like a frantic road movie, whereas Hope’s Road is a sweeping family epic. This new novel relies less on shock value and delves deeper into what makes the characters ti...
  • Jess
    Hope’s Road is home to three distinct properties: Old Joe McCauley lives up on the hill, Tammy McCauley owns and runs Montmorency Downs just below the hill and than there is Travis Hunter’s place on the other side of the road. In many ways this novel is about these three properties, their owners and the differences and similarities between the generations. It’s a feel good novel about the human spirit, life’s high and lows and what it mea...
  • MarciaB - Book Muster Down Under
    The Blurb"From the author of the bestselling Bella's Run comes another captivating rural romance set in the the rugged, beautiful Australian bush.Hope's Road connects three very different properties, and three very different lives …Sixty years ago, heartbroken and betrayed, old Joe McCauley turned his back on his family and their fifth-generation farm, Montmorency Downs. He now spends his days as a recluse, spying upon the land - and the grandd...
  • Bree T
    Some sixty years ago, Joe McCauley returned to his family farm Montmorency Downs on top of the world, ready to propose marriage to the woman of his dreams. But while he’d been away working hard to earn the money to pay for the ring, his beloved had settled down with someone else – his very own brother. Joe turned his back on his family and never spoke to them again. Even though he managed to find happiness in his own marriage later on, he cou...
  • Lauren K
    Hope's Road is Margareta Osborn's second full-length novel to be released with Random House. It's packed with plenty of family drama, a strong, hard-working heroine and of course romance. Set in a country town of East Gippsland, Tammy McCauley is fighting to keep Montmorency Downs- the property that characterises her family heritage and hard work ethic- up and running when her abusive husband leaves her for the town publican and wants a financial...
  • Sam Still Reading
    I received an eARC from Random House in exchange for this review, but my thoughts are my own. I deliberately haven’t read anyone else’s reviews yet either!I am quite ‘into’ Aussie rural lit at the moment, having been introduced to it recently by both publishers and family who gave me books for Christmas! I always thought I knew it all about the country, being a former resident, but I’ve changed my mind. There’s so many different types...
  • Jessy
    This story connects three different properties and three different lives. Old Joe Mc Cauley was heart broken 60 yrs ago and he left home and their fifth generation farm, Montmorency downs. He spends his days as a recluse and spying on the land and his grand daughter. Tammy Mc Cauley, Montmorency downs is the last remaining tie to his family. With her husband's behaviour and attitude in their relationship, wonder how long she can keep her cool and...
  • Brenda
    Joe and Thomas McCauley both fell in love with the same young woman, and Mae chose Tom, as he was the elder of the two, and would inherit the property, Montmorency Downs, in the beautiful East Gippsland area of Victoria. Joe was devastated, and walked out the door, never to speak to or contact his family again.Now, sixty years later, Joe is old, tired and lonely. He lives on the hill, high above the property which should have been his, and spends...
  • Marg
    When Margareta Osborn's first book, Bella's Run, came out she came and visited my local bookstore. Bree and I went to the signing and chatted with Margareta for ages. I duly bought the book, which Margareta signed, and that was that. I never actually got around to reading the book. Now, having read Hope's Road, I am pretty sure that I am the one who has missed out by not having read Bella's Run and I will be rectifying that as soon as I can! I fe...
  • Stacey Houllis
    A beautiful Story writing by Margareta Osborn with an unexpected ending. It is about Tammy Mc Cauley is busy running Montmorency Dawns a farm she inherited formed her grandparents. Tammy has to deal with her abusive husband who is also having an affair with the local Publican. He comes home one day announces he leaving and wants his share of the farm. Tammy realizes her marriage has failed but also she has accept the fact she needs to sell the fa...
  • Gailene
    I absolutely loved this book, was hooked from page 1. I loved all the characters, especially uncle joe, he might have been a grumpy old man but he had a good heart. The story was full of all emotions, laughter, love, tears, happiness and sadness but was a great mix of emotions. I loved the fact that even though it was fiction, you could find something that relates to you in some way, whether it be the storyline or one of the many characters in th...
  • Kathryn
    When I finished HOPE’S ROAD, I had to spend a few minutes looking around my room to readjust. To remind myself that it wasn’t me at Montmorency Downs: loving, laughing, struggling, surviving. Margareta Osborn’s characters are so real, so vivid, I loved (or hated) all of them. And how fabulous to be transported to a part of my own Victorian countryside that I know so little about, and get a deeper understanding of the work the farmers do, th...
  • Sonja Mestrom
    Being an initial skeptic of this genre, this is the second rural romance I have read. Much the like the first.. I found this engaging and fast paced, and whilst unlikely to win literary awards, supremely enjoyable! I liked all the characters quite a lot, and found it wasn't completely predicable. If you are a skeptic like me.. I encourage you to read hope's road! I don't think you'll be disappointed!
  • Shona
    396 pages. A young girl, losses her mum and grandmothers in a car accident, on her birthday while at school. A story about how the 3 men left behind pull together and help raise her. About how protective they become of her. I think they smother her to much, she needs room to grow, then she meets Matthew and life slowly changes for her.
  • Bettina
    Growing up on a dairy farm myself, it was nice to see a dairy farm finally feature in one of these Aussie rural books. Enjoy reading all of Margareta's books and can't wait to read more. Tammy was a tough heroine in this book and was glad to see her a Trav finally make it in the end, and to see someone like Joe set in his ways, finally mellow in his old age. A great read.
  • Suzanne
    A really quick read filled with dramatic events that unfold on the page for the reader. One gets caught up in the desire to see romance unfold after a marriage from hell. Interesting spin with the family relationships too. A recommended read for those Aussie farm/bush romances.
  • Sophie
    Took awhile for me to get into this book but definitely worth the effort.
  • Paula Clark
    Great storyline and characters with a beautiful, yet emotional ending.
  • Deb Bodinnar
    Another great story from Margareta! Would love to see a sequel to this one to see what happens next.
  • Renee Murden
    bit too much swearing for my liking but love hearing about the Gippsland area, which is close to where l live.
  • Jaye
    Another fantastic read from the wonderful Margareta osborn. I loved this book from start to finish.Couldn't put it down.
  • Jessica
    Another excellent book by Margareta Osborn. Loved it!!!
  • LorettaLynn
    Very enjoyable read. This one has a bit of everything, It’s funny ,sad and one of a kind. I think this one is well wroth giving a read too!
  • Justine
    Really enjoyed "Hope's Road-" the Australian bush,adventure, fun, drama and romance.
  • Michelle
    Lovely scenery. Inspired me to go for a drive and enjoy my local scenery . I hope it promotes local tourism. Enjoy the rural scenery .