A Game Worth Watching (Worth Series, #1) by Samantha Gudger

A Game Worth Watching (Worth Series, #1)

All her life, people have told 17-year-old tomboy Emma Wrangton that she’s not good enough, smart enough, or strong enough to succeed in life. Somewhere along the way, she started to believe them. Without the promise of a respectable future after graduation, all Emma wants is to cherish her senior year by playing basketball with the guys and spending as much time as possible with her best friend before he heads off to some fancy university, lea...

Details A Game Worth Watching (Worth Series, #1)

TitleA Game Worth Watching (Worth Series, #1)
Release DateJan 16th, 2013
GenreYoung Adult, Sports and Games, Sports, Romance, Contemporary, High School

Reviews A Game Worth Watching (Worth Series, #1)

  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    I'm going to be honest, I read this book because it worked with a goodreads group challenge and it's on kindle unlimited. BUT . . . I had no idea how much I was going to love it! I put it off forever because I thought I wouldn't like it. Stupid, it seems to be the ones you put off that you really enjoy. Emma is a kick butt basket ball player. She plays with the boys at the court on the weekends. She's been playing with these guys for years. But s...
  • Kerri Williams
    A Game Worth Watching is a book worth reading!!!I had the privilege to read a book after hubs wentt to bed Valentines night and my birthday morning and it didn't disappoint!Now that you have that straight, listen to me when I say...A Game Worth Watching by Samantha Gudger is a must read book.It's sweet and had me smile, hug myself and damn it, I cried! Yep the salty ugly kind of cry.Honestly, 5/5.It was very well written and had me from go. I lov...
  • Tash
    2.5 starsTitle: 3/5Cover: 4/5Plot: 2/5Writing Style 4/5Twists: 2/5Female Main Character: 1/5Male Main Character:4/5I hate the main character, Emma. She has a really great best friend, mad basketball skills and other stuff she doesn't care about. All she can think of are the bad stuff. THE BAD ATTITUDE TOWARDS ANYONE DOESN'T HELP AT ALL. She snaps at everyone for no apparent reason. She didn't grow through out the story. Things just happened aroun...
  • Mika Pisueña
    I hope there will be a sequel. Major cliffhanger really. I hope to read more of what happened to Emma, will she end up with her basketball fairytale ending? Also There are a lot of things that needs a closure here. Like her family for instance, I wanna know if they'll make amends, and why did Coach Knowles leave in the middle of the game? And will Emma be able to go to college? Ugh, so many questions so little pages! Please, oh please a sequel wi...
  • Diana Ouma
    3.5 Solid stars! I really enjoyed this! I loved the pace of the novel and sports stories are my guilty pleasure! I am a huge fan of underdog stories! Both Emma and Riley were amazing characters, especially Riley! I wish there was a tad more romance. Also, I understand being a tom boy but I didn't like the hate being thrown at the whole girl species. Girls are portrayed as these selfish, manipulative beings ( which we can be) , but we are too comp...
  • Melissa
    I really liked this Young Adult read. This is a well written novel. I like that this series is called the WOrth series, it drew me in. This is a story about Emma, she has it tough and her self esteem shows it. Emma is tough and I loved getting into her head and trying to figure out what made her tick. This was not an easy light read, but I loved it. I read half of the next book which starts off right where this leaves off but this has a great end...
  • Purvika
    When I started this book I expected a typical YA style where there will be a game geek , a best friend a new stud lots of romance and less of the game. But when the story progressed it showed it was way more than what I was thinking. It had none of what I expected rather totally game and game. I loved how Basketball was the highlight of the story rather than couple and their romance. In fact the minimal of romance made it more adorable. I loved e...
  • andrea have sassy books to read
    i like this one I mean who doesn't love a good tomboy storyeverything start when EMMA our current heroin is call and push by her bf and future coach to the basketball team, oh boy but it wasn't the boys team oh NO it was the girls one and this was a huge break dealer for herthe thing is Emma was despised by so really nasty bitches the other girls the girls in the team, because she was really poor, so Emma is and had been always an outsiderbut at ...
  • TSN
    Re-read December 2018Yep, still one of the absolute best books I've ever read!Re-read May 2017This book easily enters my top 10 best-ever books. Probably the top 5 list as well.It is amazingly good! If you haven't read it yet, then do yourself a favor and do it.It is very well written and I was hooked pretty much from the first page. It is one of those YA books with no age restriction. It is totally enjoyable no matter how old you are.It defini...
  • Srijeesha ~ The Directioner
    So this book. *_* I just loved this book. It was on my Team Challenge. Me, Purvika and Divya had a Buddy Read on this. And we three buddies loved this book a lot. :D I am lookind forward to read this book once more! :D It's not that typical High School Love Story. It is different! Everyone can give it a try! I would Suggest this book to everyone actually! :D I am sure you will like it. :)
  • Son
    wow!! this book was so much more than i thought it would be...was expecting a light fluff read but it tugged the heartstrings a bit and yes i admit there were some tears.. Great read by a first time author!
  • Kathy
    I was thinking this book was a stand-alone, and it actually kind of is because it wraps up without a real cliffhanger and one wouldn't have to keep reading except for wondering what happens next. And had it just ended I would have been ok moving on but it has a preview of the first chapter in the next book A Shot Worth Taking... so now I have another book to add to my never ending and ever growing to-read list. (Did that rambling run-on sentence ...
  • Kelly
    My review copy was provided by the author as part of the blog tour for A Game Worth Watching. Read my post at Have Book Will ReadA Game Worth Watching was a sweet, quick read that I enjoyed. It dealt with real issues, that a lot of teens face, with sensitivity and on a level that was perfect for both young teens and more mature lovers of the young adult genre.Emma’s family is somewhat dysfunctional. She lives with her dad and 4 brothers, in a h...
  • Andrea
    Before saying anything else, let me say that I would without a doubt absolutely hate playing basketball with Emma. She was constantly yelling at her teammates and being all-around bitchy. She thought she was better than them, both on and off the court, and she wasn't afraid to let them know it. In reality, though, one person doesn't make a team, no matter how good they are. That attitude is just going to make people hate them and NOT want to list...
  • Darcie
    This is such a good book! It is written for such a broad age range, it's perfect to read with your 12 year old daughter. It has a great storyline well developed characters and is an all around well written book. This book is inspirational and uplifting!Emma's life is full of disfunction but her life comes together with basketball. Her best friend Riley is such a strong character and amazing friend, it's fun to watch their relationship develop. I ...
  • Mo
    I would rate this book 3.45. Emma's family are so twisted, I felt I had to shower throughout most of her home scenes. Emma's mother left her father, brothers and herself. The brothers are bitter especially Lance. The father is on auto-pilot and they completely ignore Emma. She's the only girl in the family.Her best friend Riley and the group of guys she plays basketball with her are her salvation. Riley is a sweet guy who looks out for Emma in ev...
  • Marcy
    I like Emma instantly because she's the sort of character who's strong, unassuming, doesn't let teenage-girl dramas affect her and did I mention she plays basketball too? After reading Dairy Queen series and On the Fence, I've now got a thing for female characters who are athletes. Just give me these qualities and I'm all for it.I liked Emma for many reasons, but I must admit there are some parts that I thought she was not being brave enough espe...
  • T.H. Hernandez
    I absolutely loved this book. Emma Wrangton is one of the most complex young adult characters I've read in awhile. She's dealing with so much, including a sucktastic home life, mean girls at school, and a childhood best friend who she believes will be leaving her behind after graduation. What she doesn't have, is any faith in herself.She loves basketball, loves playing it, knows she's good at it, but doesn't believe she's good enough. And that fe...
  • Arzumcan
    5+++ Stars!! I loved, loved, loved...this book! It was amazing! I can't explain this book or the feelings it made me feel without telling the whole story! Which is no fun, for those who haven't read it! LOL! But just for those who can't decide whether to read it or not; there is a badass, basketball player, Emma! She is truely amazing! She has two younger, two older brothers and a father who despise her for a reason she has NONE control over! But...
  • Elena
    It has been several very long months in which I didn't find a book as good as this one to read. I enjoyed it from start to finish and loved the main characters Emma and Riley. The author created a beautiful story and I am grateful to her for his. The story even made me cry while reading some parts (it doesn't happen often for me to cry over a book), the most memorable one being in the scene where Emma asks her father to buy her sneakers and knows...
  • Michael Burhans
    An amazing, even surprising first effort for a young author. Highly enjoyable story told in gripping fashion. Though the idea that the two main protagonists would end up in love was no surprise, indeed it is almost a requirement in this genre, how they got there was a fun and happy ride. The female protagonist was someone that pulls you in and makes you cheer for them, even when she might not be cheering for herself. The male, a good guy like you...
  • Pascale
    -“Sometimes it’s not the physical stuff that inflicts the deepest wounds.”-“Poverty child. Loser. Poor girl. Tomboy. As far back as she could remember labels had defined who she was and what her future would hold. Maybe now she was entitled to add a few of her own labels to the list: Basketball player. Coach. Friend. Girlfriend. And maybe, just maybe, college-bound.”-Excellent. A first for me by this author but it certainly won’t be t...
  • Marie-Eve Castonguay
    This book is my life. I use to play basketball alot when I was in primary school and I loved, but then high school came along and I didnt have time for basketball anymore. I despise girls because I just don't get them. Girls are squeaky. Yeah like they squeak and they screm and they complain ang ughh. Guys are just way better friends in general. I loved this book so much I need a spin off ot something!
  • Rohan Ranjan
    Emma..em..hope and aspiration..along with determination..Brilliant book..definitely worth a read..Em is by far the outstanding character..along with her bestfriend riley who defines the meaning of a friend..Definitely goes to show that sports can redefine how you look at a person.The story has its ups n downs..but at never any point do you feel like putting it down..
  • Eunice
    awesome story, i commend the author for a job well done, as the the title says it's a game worth watching. It's about believing and loving yourself. I do recommend this book :) what a great book to read
  • Carey Fletcher
    I could not put this book down! I stayed up way too late finishing it. I loved the characters. It was well written and edited which I appreciated.
  • Ashley Talavera Lumba
    Thrilling, warm, heartbreaking, and inspiring..with a sprinkle of comedy! PerFect! I didn't expect to love this story, but I did! #justREADit!
  • Ornella (Nyx)
    3.5 StarsThis book managed to make me cry a few times. Emma annoyed me a few times, but I still very much enjoyed this one.
  • Jessica Fether
    Maybe even 4.5 ... Loved this book! I'm hopeful for a sequel. I don't mind a few loose ends but it felt like this ending had a lot.
  • Michelle
    Reviewed for YA Books CentralA tear-jerking story of bullying and finding strength when it seems there's none to be found.The story:Emma is a tomboy of the highest degree. All she wants to do is stay on the basketball court with the guys she plays with, avoiding her family and all girls at all cost. That is, until the women's basketball coach shows up and all but begs her to be a part of their team, to lead it. To say she was reluctant would be a...