Gin Tama, Vol. 2 (Gin Tama, #2) by Hideaki Sorachi

Gin Tama, Vol. 2 (Gin Tama, #2)

The samurai didn't stand a chance. First, the aliens invaded Japan. Next, they took all the jobs. And then they confiscated everyone's swords. So what does a hotheaded former samurai like Sakata "Gin" Gintoki do to make ends meet? Take any odd job that comes his way, even if it means losing his dignity.

Details Gin Tama, Vol. 2 (Gin Tama, #2)

TitleGin Tama, Vol. 2 (Gin Tama, #2)
Release DateSep 4th, 2007
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Humor, Shonen, Comedy, Graphic Novels, Comics Manga, Historical, Historical Fiction, Comics

Reviews Gin Tama, Vol. 2 (Gin Tama, #2)

  • Melanie
    This is getting more interesting and funnier! I'm glad this time I have decided to continue with it :)
  • Atomicgirl
    I finally get's Japanese for . . .
  • Swuun
    I have too many feelings. This is the volume that did the thing to my heart that got me so good I'm still had nearly a decade later, so honestly I'd give this 10 out of 5 stars if I could and also yell at it for making my life so much more ridiculous. I am making a rating exception and giving this stars just because of all that. Gintoki having feelings about Shinpachi and Kagura needing to be in his life now just... Yeah. And that a few pages awa...
  • Scott Lee
    The balance of humor and action is well maintained throughout this volume, and I once again thoroughly enjoyed it. It feels to me like this volume is still introducing characters, establishing setting etc., while trying to provide short narratives that encase these larger series-wide elements. I'm hoping some longer, more complete arcs show up. My preference in Manga is for a true through-line narrative--hence my deep, deep love for Fullmetal Alc...
  • Strange
    Khi bạn đau đầu, cứ tưởng đọc Gintama sẽ làm bạn thư giãn... nhưng không... nó làm bạn nhức đầu hơn... @@
  • Kagura
    I needed a good laugh and this volumn gave me lots of it.
  • Aera
    Ah, Gorilla-San...This volume was quite a wild ride. And all of it was hilarious. I really enjoyed Kondo's courtship of Tae and Sadaharu's introduction. I'm glad to see the relationship between Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura growing as well. Nose Picking Sightings:In this volume: 0 (very surprising)In total: 3
  • Roxanne
    Part 2, is just as amazing since now the thre friends are getting known. Thugs are started to be scred, people want a change and are helping u towards that change, so once again its really cool. In addition to Gintama not fighting with a wooden sword and not a real one O.o Its pretty weird and i wonder why. OH and i just remembered they get another memeber in the group who becomes a main chracter as well and shes just really insae when it comes t...
  • Nightshade
    2019 - Volume 2 is marginally better than Volume 1, so maybe they will keep improving. This volume also has a bonus story at the end called Shirokuro (black and white). I enjoyed the bonus story far more than the actual Gin Tama story! It was about a girl who makes a living casting curses for people until the King of the Spirits turns up.
  • Anhie Greenish
    Daraku : " Whatever the problem is, just kill it and be done with it." " Kill it and go home" " There's a drama on TV tonight that i've got to catch"Gintaki : " Me too"
  • Faisal
    Cant go on. Too much randomness. Gintama is the only one who is funny, but there less focus on jim and every chapter has a different story. Its just a compilation of daily adventures.I guess it was meant more for anime than to be read as a manga for me.
  • anne
    2.5 - It's just a bunch of random events that have no connection to the main plot whatsoever. Heck, I don't even know if it has a main plot. There were events that I found extremely funny and the rest, just too boring.
  • Amy
    This volume is just hilarious, but the tone shifted a little, talking about the sweet burden and bonds between human, nice one, Gin-chan!
  • Ryoko
  • Tyler
    Once again.... HILARIOUS.
  • Joanna
    weird, random hilarious
  • Casey
    Big improvement from the first one.
  • Faye
    Well Gin showed maturity and friendship value in this manga. Zura seems persistent. :]I'm not seeing the Kagura I know...yet. Shinpachi is the only consistent character, apparently.
  • Robin
    Very good! Love this series!
  • Gavin Abdollahi
    Great!Definitely gonna follow this series.
  • Sophia
    This manga is as funny as all hell