123 versus ABC by Mike Boldt

123 versus ABC

Mike Boldt's bright and playful picture book asks a big question: Which is more important, numbers or letters? Numbers and letters, the colorful characters in this story, compete to be the stars of this book. Their debate escalates when funny animals and props arrive—starting with 1 alligator, 2 bears, and 3 cars. Who is this book really about? In the end, the answer is clear. This fresh and funny picture book plays with both numbers and lett...

Details 123 versus ABC

Title123 versus ABC
Release DateJun 25th, 2013
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Number, Counting, Humor, Storytime

Reviews 123 versus ABC

  • Cheryl
    Too funny. A meta book about a friendly rivalry. And wow, the counting doesn't stop at 10! Can you guess where it will stop? Sure you can. Love the epilogue (and yes, though it's not labeled, and one page long with 15 words, that's what it is...).
  • picturethisbook.com
    In order to successfully process information, it's hard to avoid the presence of either numbers or letters. The fact is, even though they are often taught separately, in real life, we need both — often simultaneously. Here, letters and numbers are thus cleverly intertwined in an amusing story that will appeal to children who are already fairly familiar with numbers, counting and the alphabet.The premise is this: the letters and numbers in the b...
  • Christie
    Personally, I didn't love this book. I found it awkward to read, but I like pretty, flowy children's books and this just didn't seem pretty or flowy. Much to my surprise my 8 year old thinks this book is the best. She reads it to her sister before bed every night. So mom doesn't like it. Child loves it. Sounds like the theme of many things to come :) 4 stars from the littles :)ETA: Daughter is now dreaming of being chased by disgruntled letters. ...
  • Memory Kopp
    The book 123 versus ABC by Mike Boldt is a very fun, colorful and exciting book. There images are very fun and silly and I feel help to hold the attention of the reader. The cover full of brightly colored animals with the letter A and the number 1 smiling as they ready to begin their “epic battle” to see who the book is really about. All the excitement on the cover makes me curious to see what this story is all about. The author uses colored ...
  • Tasha
    The letters and numbers just can’t agree in this book! Is it a counting book or an alphabet book? You will just have to read on to figure it out. As the pages turn, it just gets more confusing. Sure the first animal to appear is an Alligator, but there is just One. Then there are Two Bears, Three Cars, and on and on it goes. The book is narrated by the number one and the letter A, both of them arguing over what the book is really about. Happily...
  • emma
    One Two Three Versus ABC is book of not only numbers, but only letters! This upsets both sets, who both firmly believe that this is a book about letters-or numbers. When one alligator arrives, then two bears, and three cars, the letters and numbers are still positive that the book is about one or the other. The mayhem continues until twenty six zebras arrive and they finally settle on the fact that the book is about both letters and numbers. 123 ...
  • Holly Beauchamp
    Genre: Fiction Picture BookSummary: I came across this book randomly at the library and having never seen it before; I thought I would check it out. The premise is Numbers and Letters are arguing as to what type of book they are in. They begin to bicker back and forth rattling off numbers and letters of the objects that appear before them. All the while the reader is counting AND reading the letters of the objects. As the numbers and letters incr...
  • Erica
    A and 1 can't get along. They each think that the book is a book about themselves. 1 says the book is about numbers and A says the book is about the alphabet. Each one pleads their case and then alligator shows up and as more an more things show up, they slowly begin to realize that the book can be about both letters and numbers. Each grouping of new animals and objects are highlighted in the text and I found myself wanting to count each monkey o...
  • Shelli
    I’m sure it must be challenging to make a number or alphabet book that is fun (goodness knows have read many a boring one). However, Mike Boldt did just that in this number vs. letter war story. The illustrations were perfect! Each page was bright, colorful and filled with personality. In the war between the numbers and the letters I vote letters! I would rather read a book anyday over solving math facts. However, in 123 versus ABC I learned t...
  • Rebecca
    This hilarious book has Number and Letters duking it out over who is more important and who, exactly, is the star of this book. Various critters and objects add to the fray until a conflict resolution is found. But then there's this little twist at the end...This will be a great read-aloud but not for a preschool crowd. I think it will work if a bright preschooler (or two) reads one part and you read the other, but I would stick to first graders,...
  • Holly Mueller
    I read this for the September Sharp-Schu book club coming up this week. This funny book is an argument between the number 1 and the letter A about whether this is an alphabet or counting book. Of course, it's obvious to the reader that when ONE alligator appears, it's going to be both! It takes 1 and A a little longer to come to that conclusion. There's a cute ending, too. I saw that Beth Shaum said exactly what I was going to say - that it's the...
  • Kristina Jean Lareau
    1 and A argue over whether the book is an ABC book or a book about numbers...turns out they are both right! I thoroughly enjoyed this abc/123 book. Even with digital illustrations this is one of the first books of its kind that I was interested to continue reading. 1 and A reminded me of Pixar characters in their dynamism and expressions. I can't wait to use this for my counting...I mean, ABC...storytime.
  • Amy-Lynn
    The letter A and the number 1 both show up to announce that the book you about to read is an alphabet book, no it's a number book. The two debate back and forth as 1 alligator arrives, followed by others that fit into both alphabet AND counting categories. Very cute and lots of fun to read aloud with student participation. Would make a great reader's theater play! Would also be appropriate to share with younger and older children.
  • Diane
    Can numbers and letters coexist in a picture book? That is the question answered in this story. The letters are just positive it's a "letter book"; while the numbers are sure it's a "number story". Who's right? It appears that they both are. The illustrations in this book are in brilliant colors and a treat to look at! I love this book. I can't wait to read it to my students.
  • Stephanie Croaning
    I like that there are some original ideas coming out in the alphabet and number book category, like this one and Z IS FOR MOOSE. This is a funny picture book where the Letters and the Numbers vie to see who is superior. The result involves robots wearing sombreros and wolves on unicycles playing violins and xylophones. It is all sorted out in the end...maybe.
  • Margie
    This is one battle which will have readers rolling around the storytime circle with laughter. Both the numbers and the letters believe the book is written for them and them alone. Lots of animation and snappy dialogue will fully engage the listening and reading audience.My full review: http://bit.ly/16d3Wxs
  • Suz
    This is a great book for pre-school and kindergarten teachers to use to teach the difference between letters and numbers. It is a fun book with two very big personalities 1 and A who argue if the book is a counting book or an alphabet book. It would be a great mentor text to use as a lead-in to sorting letter and number manipulatives. I can't wait to read this book to my class!
  • Barbara
    Here's a great book to use with kids 4-6 who are learning their letters and numbers. Every kind of animal A-Z and numbered from 1-26 cavorts upon the page. Colorful and humorous illustrations are just waiting for you to pour over, count, label, inspect and laugh. Kids who love to count will have a heyday with this book.
  • Leslie
    The letters and numbers can't decide who's book this is, but in the end, it all works itself out. Fun predicting how it is going to work out and what is on the next page. Also, a fun readers theater with half of the class reading A's lines and half reading 1's lines.
  • The Styling Librarian
    123 Versus ABC by Mike Boldt – what you might expect would be a simple ABC book becomes quite complicated with the numbers interfering and insisting it is a 123 book, hilarious and fun book that I believe many children will request to be read again and again!
  • Ryan
    4 Stars It’s hard to find something new and unique in an alphabet or numbers book. But, this one has done it. It’s an argument between numbers and letters revolving around who this book is about. This argument is settled in a fantastic way!
  • Afriendlylibrarian
    I loved the ending. What a great read - a book about numbers and letters in the same book.
  • Cassie
    The perfect concept book for a child that knows their numbers and letters.
  • Halli
    A very cute ABC and counting book, where the letters and numbers have to learn to work together. Great illustrations, and a fun twist at the end!
  • Lorna
    Clever story, lots to look at, great illustrations - fun!
  • A
    Very cute idea to mix an alphabet book with a counting book. Liked the ending! Loved the illustrations too! Parts of the story reminded me of "The Twelve Days of Christmas".
  • Jewely Lewis
    This fun fiction story’s hilarious narrative caught the attention of my students and myself! The story includes characters – with letters and numbers being the main characters. The characters argue with one another about who the book is actually about (123 versus abc). The story counts to 26 and goes through the entire alphabet simultaneously. This story is geared toward a younger audience such as those in the primary grades. The illustration...
  • Lara
    Another silly alphabet (or number!) read. I read this for an alphabet storytime, so it's obviously a book about letters, right?The kids and I both had fun with this one. It's great for audience participation too - have the kids count with the pictures, or name what is appearing for the letter. Lots of giggles with the discussion/arguments between the characters, and knowing smiles as they realized before A and 1 that this book is about both count...
  • Ashley Newell
    Little one is very into numbers and letters right now, so this is a delightful book where he can turn to any page and have plenty of letters and numbers to choose from with exciting colourful illustrations. This book can only get better as he grows and will be better able to understand the banter between the numbers and letters! Thank you Mike Boldt for personalizing our edition!