Chimera (Jim Chapel, #1) by David Wellington

Chimera (Jim Chapel, #1)

A fabulous new talent-the heir to Patrick Lee and James Rollins-delivers his first published novel: a wildly imaginative tale that combines elements of horror and science in the vein of Michael Crichton, in which a circle of unlikely heroes must uncover a nefarious cabal and prevent it from unleashing a diabolical threat that could destroy the world7 fugitives escape from a secret military facility in upstate New York, leaving a trail of bodies i...

Details Chimera (Jim Chapel, #1)

TitleChimera (Jim Chapel, #1)
Release DateJul 23rd, 2013
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreThriller, Science Fiction, Horror, Fiction, Suspense, Action

Reviews Chimera (Jim Chapel, #1)

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    Excellent book. I considered going to the 5 star rating on this one. I can't really because it doesn't quite hit me the same as the best books I've read, but it's a great thriller.I suppose most of us know what a Chimera is. Most (since you're readers) know that there are a couple of applications/definitions for the word. First the mythological beast but also "now" a biological entity with more than one type of DNA..a "hybrid" at the genetic leve...
  • Bob
    David Wellington is one of those authors who have been on my radar for a while. I've picked up copies of Monster Island, 13 Bullets, and Frostbite, and I remain excited about all of them, but they've yet to make their way to the top of my TBR pile.When I saw Chimera: A Jim Chapel Mission come available for review, I knew I had to seize the opportunity to finally make David a priority read . . . and I'm glad I did. Less of a straight-forward monst...
  • David Lucchesi
    kinda predictable but it has really good characters and a cool writing style. i liked the plot but it was nothing i haven't seen before so it was really easy to know what was coming next. that spoiled the suspense. i still enjoyed it though and would voluntarily read it again if i had no other choices. i am giving 4stars 'cause i related 2 the characters and think they where written good.oh yea! got this bk on first reads for free. think it was a...
  • Amy Rogers
    ScienceThrillers Review: Before I go all reviewer-geeky and dissect this new science-themed thriller novel by David Wellington, I want to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading Chimera. The old saw about a good thriller being one you stay up late to finish held true for me on this one. Chimera is an excellent example of a satisfying, conventional modern thriller.In fact the more I think about it, the more Chimera looks like a book that successfully fol...
  • Jessica
    I’ve read some great books recently but this one seriously stands out. Its a smart, entertaining read that delivers. Its my first book by David Wellington and while I’ve wanted to read his others the TBR mountains has somehow prevented me from doing so. I ignored it this time and am delighted I did because I’ve discovered an author who’s other books I will make sure now I do get to.The blurb interested me and Harper Collins was so generou...
  • Zedsdead
    Some mystery person in power uses a drone to break a team of genetically altered killers (chimeras) out of a super-top-secret prison camp in the New York state boonies, then instructs them to track and kill everyone involved in their creation. Jim Chapel, a one-armed desk jockey and former special ops captain, is drafted by the CIA and Department of Defense to kill the chimeras and save their intended victims.David Wellington has written a romanc...
    2013-08-21 to you by OBS reviewer Sammy*Beware of possible Spoilers*By page seven I was hooked.On page ten I was confused, but perhaps I shouldn’t be. There was a flirty woman and then she sees the hero has a prosthetic and can’t deal with it. So she totally backs away. Can we say shallow? No matter she wasn’t in the book long anyway. However, this was actually brought home fairly regularly throughout th...
  • Randy
    Take a desk job former Army Ranger with one arm, throw in some genetically altered humans with super strength and wicked tempers and you have the potential for an interesting read. Jim Chapel lost in arm while serving in Afghanistan. He is called back into action to help hunt down 6 subjects who escaped from a high security Department of Defense facility. Unsure as to why he has been called in for the job, he none-the-less begins to track down th...
  • Steve
    I've been following David Wellington from the days when he posted his novels in serial format on the Internet, and his writing is solid and well-crafted. This book, his first published by a major publisher, is of a different genre than he has written in the past, almost a Ludlum style. Interesting premise and back stories with a very satisfying ending. I wonder if Mary Shelley (Frankenstein) and Philip K. Dick (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep...
  • Samuel
    This book stretches one's limit of logic. An one armed ex-spec forces soldier manages to kill these Chimeras where groups of active Spec forces soldiers can't? Chimeras are strong and move so fast as to be able to dodge bullets sprayed from multiple machine guns but yet cannot dodge being batted by this one armed ex soldier?A story is a story but I feel that there should be some foundation of plausibility.....Sorry to say that instead of trying t...
  • Steven
    Not my typical read but I became from the publisher as a goodreads giveaway and I thoroughly enjoyed it and found the main characters to be very sympathetic for what I initially conceived of to be militaristic novel. I will definitely try some more of Wellington's works and I look forward to the sequel.
  • Angela
    I must say I love David Wellington. I was totally hooked on his vampire series, (13 bullets) and now I can say I will need to read all of this series as well. Chapel is a great character. Smart, strong and determined. This book is full of action and suspense. I was hooked right away. I lost a lot sleep reading this book. I thought it was great and I loved the story line.
  • CJ
    Wow! The government sends a one armed, semi-retired veteran to hunt down single handedly (literally) a group of genetically modified superhumans who are stronger, faster and more durable than regular human beings which comes in handy for them because they cannot control their rage and aggressive, violent tendencies either. The one perk is that the superhumans don't seem to have any superhuman intelligence. Plus that various departmental groups wi...
  • Oleksandr Zholud
    I really liked the Positive, the post-apocalypse zombie novel of the same author, David Wellington. Therefore I decided to read his other books even despite the fact they are in genres I usually avoid (I avoided zombie novels too, presupposing they are primitive trash). This one is weaker but still enjoyable.This is I guess a techno-thriller. Seven subjects escape a high-security detention facility and are free in the USA. They are superhumanly f...
  • kevin powell sr.
    Awesome!!I've read many of Wellington's books and I'm truly convinced the man is not capable of putting out bad stuff. This book was incredibly entertaining and not at all typical. You may think you know what's going to happen next but it takes you in another direction.
  • Thea
    i really liked this new series and am looking forward to reading more about Jim Chapel.
  • B.
    Listened to the audio book. First book in a long time I bailed on before finishing. Wanted to like it but wound up unsatisfied. Trite, juvenile and read with little finesse.
  • Susan
    Interesting blend of science fiction and mystery.
  • Brian
    DNF wasn’t into it. Started out interestingly enough, but by the time I got halfway through I lost interest.
  • Talia
    Entertaining. I got this free from a Little Library. I would like to try another book by this author.
  • Jane
    very light.
    This is a wonderful read. Action packed from beginning to end.
  • Vince Waechter
    The basic story was good, a secret government project gone wrong. The story telling could have been much better. Jim, the unstoppable super hero was too much to believe. He would get beaten and shot but like the energizer bunny, he would keep going as if nothing happened. The sex was much too explicit (2). Made me uncomfortable, the level of sexual detail did not add to the story.
  • sixthreezy
    I've wanted to read a lot of David Wellington's books for awhile, because he writes about awesome things. He has a series of werewolf books, zombie books, and a larger series of vampire books. Some of his books are actually available online to read as serials, which is really cool of an author to do. It gives someone who is interested in his work, a chance to preview his earlier writing and then go for the big stuff if they like his style. I for ...
  • Natalie
    Chimera introduces Jim Chapel, a Special Forces veteran who rides a desk after being fitted with a prosthetic for the arm he lost. One day Chapel gets called into a very shady meeting by a man he refers to as Laughing Boy, a fairly unhinged CIA agent. Chapel is met by two very high ranking clandestine officials of different agencies who inform him that he has been handpicked to deal with a situation. A number of extremely violent and dangerous fu...
  • Amy
    I was so excited when I got the email notifying me that I had won this book from Goodreads. I was introduced to David Wellington through his zombie series, and moved onto his vampire and werewolf books as well. Each of these series had their own unique feel within their perspective sub-genres, and I enjoyed them a lot. Chimera departs from David's usual fare of supernatural horror and moves into science gone wrong and government conspiracy.The bo...
  • J.C. Martin
    Chimera is such an apt title for this book. The best way to describe the story is that, like the mythical creature the novel is named after, it is a hybrid: technothriller meets sci-fi meets mystery meets adventure meets political thriller. Wellington has taken the best aspects of these different genres and put them together into an explosive whole.I was hooked and intrigued from the very first page, when mysterious forces release a group of men ...
  • Daniel
    I had originally planned to give this book a 3-4 star rating, but between reading Chimera and writing this I have since changed my opinion.This is the first (and probably last) review I will ever write. I'm reviewing this book because I got an advance copy through my job. Having said that, I felt the need to throw my thoughts out there because this was the only advance copy that I actually read in its entirety. Moreover, it was the first time I f...
  • Laura
    Not sure if I like the combination political thriller/medical thriller genre, but Chimera isn't a bad example. We have a former Army Ranger,Jim Chapel, sidelined to a desk job because he lost an arm in Afghanistan, seconded to a Top Secret Agency (or two) because - no surprise - he's the only one who can possibly do the job that needs being done. All information about the job are Need To Know, and, well, he doesn't. Oh, and no surprise: he goes r...
  • Kari
    I have to say that Chimera is one of the better books that I have read this year. I devoured this book! When I was done, I felt like I had run a marathon. It's non-stop adventure with a touch of romance added into the mix. What could be more exciting than escaped genetic mutants who seem to be following a kill list? The main character, Jim Chapel, is a war veteran who is missing an arm. Don't worry, he has a very cool prosthetic arm. He's tough a...