Wandering Son, Vol. 5 by Takako Shimura

Wandering Son, Vol. 5

In the latest volume of the acclaimed series about transgender kids exploring their unfolding identities, we've reached a big event; the junior high school entrance ceremony. The boys wear black uniforms with stand-up collars based on mid-19th century European military uniforms and the girls wear navy blazers, tan skirts, and red ribbon neckties. Enter our heroes; Nitori-kun is forced to wear a boy's uniform while Takatsuki-san has to wear a girl...

Details Wandering Son, Vol. 5

TitleWandering Son, Vol. 5
Release DateNov 2nd, 2013
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Lgbt, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews Wandering Son, Vol. 5

  • David Schaafsma
    In volume five the kids we have been following begin middle school. The story began with a boy-who-wants-to-be-a-girl befriending a girl-who-wants-to-be-a-boy. We follow them and we slowly see other gltbq issues highlighted in ways they would not have been highlighted anywhere before in YA lit—until maybe this decade (especially trans issues). In this school the boys wear black military-style and the girls wear navy blazers, tan skirts, and red...
  • Aleksandra
    4.5 starsThis manga is my favorite slice of life story. It's well-paced and well-balanced, with endearing and complex characters and tackling important topics. Wandering Son is charming manga about trans girl Nitorin and trans boy Tatatsuki and them entering middle school. They had a fallout in previous volume so now the story is focused on Nitorin and Mako friendship, as well as Tatasuki and Sasa friendship, also new pupils and endless school sh...
  • Bryan
    I absolutely LOVE this series! It helps that I can relate to the characters and their situations. Our wonderful protagonists start middle school and meet a new character who is...as they put it “so awesome”! I agree.A flaw, if it can be seen as so, is that some secondary characters that I’m curious to learn more about have very little “screen time”.Anyway, very excited to continue reading on into the next volume!
  • Jason
    The transition to junior high takes up a lot of narrative space, but I like the new characters (especially sarashina) and the development of Chiba's character. She's one of the more complex characters and I love reading about her! And that's saying a lot because almost ALL of the characters are complex. The series continues to be strikingly down-to-earth and genuine.
  • Stewart Tame
    Not bad, though distinctly less interesting than previous volumes. Perhaps I'm just getting used to it or something. The first year of junior high begins and new characters are introduced. Still more cross-dressing than I would guess goes on in the average school, but that's part of this series' appeal.
  • Cheri
    So enjoying this series!! It's getting so complicated, which is the best way for a series about trans kids to be. My heart goes out to these guys as they stare puberty in the face, waiting for changes which they'd do anything to trade for the opposite.
  • David Basora
    A better book, overall, than volume 4. Saorin's character is becoming one of my favorites, along with Makoto, because they always seem to say what they mean. Saorin tries to lie to herself, adn fails, which seems to just make her angrier. Chii is getting annoying, not to mention her lackey Momoko, but the new play has promise to finally clear the air more between Yoshino and Shu, and hopefully Yoshino and Saorin. But seriously, we need to tone do...
  • Chris
    It’s still very sweet.
  • Sarah Schanze
    It's fun to see the kids growing up, and a couple of new characters. Still cute and sweet and funny.
  • Jocilyn
    Among one of the loveliest manga series I've ever had the privilege to enjoy. Without knowing exactly how long this series will run in English, Volume 5 might conceivably pass as the turning point. The main characters transition from elementary school to junior high, as their relationships transition from friend/foe to a range of deeper understandings and shared bonds. Most of the minor characters who had at one point or another only appeared in ...
  • Alex
    Something of a transitional volume. The kids start Junior high and there are more uninteresting squabbles, but as these chapters unfold a few new characters are introduced (the new Sensei is hilarious)and some old relationships begin to progress. There's some nice incident around the fact that the main characters are approaching puberty and really don't want to be, Shuichi does not want his voice to break and Yoshino truly hates having to buy a b...
  • Shawna (BacchusVines)
    3.5The teacher is weird. I like Chii-chan. Other than that, the story is moving nicely.
  • Lara
    In this volume the kids start middle school and are struggling with their feelings and with how their bodies are changing. I like that the ways they respond in certain situations feel so realistic--lots of blowing up and storming off and having trouble apologizing for their actions when they've made someone else feel bad. But it's still really choppy at times and I have a hard time figuring out what's actually happening, and it seems like nothing...
  • Jennifer Lavoie
    Shu and friends are in Junior High now and the drama is still unfolding. Though the series started humorous, it's getting a lot more serious. Shu still has feelings for Takatsuki, and Saori is still angry at everyone. But there are new characters everyone must deal with at their new school, and new friendships form and Shu and Takatsuki still try to figure out their lives and gender identities.
  • Robin
    This volume in the series seemed to be exposition for the next book or two, introducing some new characters and establishing the ambiance of a new school. I'm curious what will unfold, especially concerning the adult characters.
  • Jennifer
    I love this series. It is so real, complicated, confusing, and dramatic, but in a very realistic way. Puberty is traumatic enough even without being unsure of your sexuality. Shimura does an amazing job of fully encapsulating the experience from all sides.
  • Emily
    Rereading my copies of Wandering Son = so many feelings about these KIDS and their quiet but poignant gender strugs ;__;Also the most heartbreaking moment of the series (according to me, that I recall) is NOT IN THIS VOLUME, but I can SEE it being set up and I'm already upset about it.
  • andrew y
    the art got a lot better. i can actually tell the characters apart now.BUT. now I'm definitely reading a fairly average slice of life comic about middle school. it feels not quite right. I'm probably going to keep reading anyway.
  • Were Wolf
    They started middle school! I can't!
  • Infinite Scythe
    I want more Seya interaction QQ
  • Nic
    My review of volumes 1-7 is on No Flying No Tights.