Digger, Volume Two by Ursula Vernon

Digger, Volume Two

The second collection of Digger is here, featuring the third and fourth chapters of the highly acclaimed webcomic. Digger is still lost in the strange land she discovered at the end of a one-way tunnel, which now seems more intentional than accidental. A seemingly innocuous fossil she picked up on the way is suspected of having more to it than meets the eye, and the beneficient talking statue of Ganesh has a need that sends Digger and a decidedly...

Details Digger, Volume Two

TitleDigger, Volume Two
Release DateJul 1st, 2006
PublisherSofawolf Press
GenreFantasy, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fiction, Adventure, Comic Book

Reviews Digger, Volume Two

  • Mir
    The first volume took a little while to get going, but now we're on a roll. It's not all vampire squash and masked insane acolyte education jokes, though, there is some pretty dark stuff going on. I can't wait to find out more about the buried gods.
  • Mary Catelli
    Spoilers for volume one ahead.Recovering from her injuries in the cottage of the nineteen-year-old hag, Digger has a few more incidents. She had been drugged with poppy because she had been seen with a demon -- or so the Veiled think the shadowchild is. Fortunately, the statue put its foot on it. So we have many things -- a visit to Ed, digging a root cellar, the shadowchild dancing about at the notion of being a demon (since it wonders what it i...
  • Octavia Cade
    The story continues. Digger the awesome wombat is sent by the statue of a god she doesn't believe in down creepy skin-infested caves, with a mad and fainting teenager from a cult of suspicious and religious bastards, and down in the caves are metal headed bird monsters and an eviscerated god, with a heart kept alive by minions who don't believe in the engineering power of pulleys and levers.Totally mad, but it's certainly entertaining.
  • Donny Forbes
    This is too much fun.
  • Sylvia
    Still on my Kingfisher/Vernon binge. This is an awesome webcomic: great art, fantastical and creepy story. Also I love Digger and her scary friends.
  • Naomi Ruth
    Love how it gets more into the mythology and the world. Love these books
  • Falkor
    The continuing adventures of the eminently practical wombat Digger, who is drawn more deeply into the mysteries of the odd land to which she was transported in the previous volume. She has to cope with a pack of hyenas who want to eat her, a priest who wants to arrest her for consorting with demons, and a strange shadow creature who may in fact be a demon. As if she didn’t have enough stress, Ganesh sends her on a dangerous mission: to go back ...
  • Lily
    Ursula Vernon improves in the second volume of Digger. The artwork has come together into a cohesive style, and the plot really gets going. I particularly like how Vernon changes her style when illustrating Ed's story; she transitions from a fairly realistic (considering that the main character is a talking wombat that walks upright) style to a more "primitive" style that reflects the nature of the mythology that Ed is relating.Superb. You have t...
  • Knitography
    As a whole, Digger is one of the best stories I've ever read. Every character is a delight - Shadowchild, the wombat, the statue of Ganesh, THE SNAIL. It's utterly charming and I love everything about it, except for the fact that it ended. I can see myself re-reading this somewhere down the line, which I rarely do.
  • Christiane
    I very much enjoyed the continuation of the story. There is humor, magic, adventure, cute flying rats, and some serious creepiness. Fans of “Coraline” and other Neil Gaiman books for kids might well enjoy this comic.
  • Fraser Sherman
    The story of Digger, a female wombat whose tunnel mysteriously dumps her in a far-eastern realm continues. As Digger tries to figure out who she can rely on until she gets home, Ganesh the elephant god asks her for a small favor. Very funny, including the vampire squash.
  • Horizon
    This is my new favorite author! I was very excited to be able to carry her books at Horizon. I have been making myself not devour them all at once, but to savor them one at a time. Deliciously quirky!
  • Mark
    Second volume in the digger saga introduces what will develop into the core plot of the series - the cold ones and their undead god. the tone is darker, but the humor is still there and the art is still lovely.
  • R
    The plot continue and you can't stop watching her trying to understand what she found at the end of the tunnel
  • Alexis
    Lots of good scenes and quotes that hit home.
  • Nicholas Whyte
  • Catherine
    A bunch of people told me that I would love this and they were totally right! The snark, the wombat, the gods--now I need to go and buy the rest of them.
  • Cloud
    Read online.
  • kvon
    Graphic novel. A nonspiritual wombat has to deal with gods, demons, assassins. Part of an ongoing story that I haven't read. Nice storylines and clean art, but not personally compelling.
  • Rose
    A really fun, quick read with a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor. The art style compliments the quirky cast of characters well; who'd have thought a story about a wombat would be so enjoyable?