Flashover (Georgia Skeehan, #2) by Suzanne Chazin

Flashover (Georgia Skeehan, #2)

The fiery deaths of two doctors turn up the heat for New York fire marshal Georgia Skeehan. And when evidence surfaces indicating there is an arsonist-and a murderer-within the FDNY, Georgia faces blasts of betrayal from every direction.

Details Flashover (Georgia Skeehan, #2)

TitleFlashover (Georgia Skeehan, #2)
Release DateFeb 25th, 2003
GenreMystery, Emergency Services, Firefighters, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Flashover (Georgia Skeehan, #2)

  • Kari Gulbrandsen
    Good book, but why didn’t she make copies of everything?!
  • Gabrielle
    This book is about two doctors that are killed in a fire. The fire shows signs of a "Flashover" which is a term used when the combustion of a room and everything in it go up in flames at one time. While investigating Marshal Georgia Skeehan finds out that both of the doctors/victims made a habit of no letting disabled firefighters have compensation. That when Georgia realizes she might be dealing with an arsonist and a murderer. Georgia must find...
  • Cynthia Scott
    I enjoyed every minute of this book. It read very much like a Michael Crichton thriller/mystery, full of science and interesting facts, as well as the very human stories of the people involved. In this case, the book is about the nature of structural fires, forensic fire research, history of two generations of firefighters in New York.Great read, but hard to put down!
  • Connie
    I had a hard time getting into this book, but once that I did, it was good. This is #2 in Georgia Skeehan series. I have now read the first two and there is one more, so when I find the last one I will probably read it too. I thought at first it was a bit hard to follow. I was a little surprised by who the bad buy was, but it did make sense at the end.
  • Barbara Kugler
    I really enjoyed this book. The characters were well developed, there was engaging mystery and suspense. I have read a lot of police procedural and mystery books and the fact that this was about fire marshals was intriguing.
  • Carole Anderson
    Wow - I love this author. This was an amazing, fascinating, fulling engaging book! So well written, highlighting the sacrifices firefighters make while telling a story that is both horrific and spell binding! Fantastic!
  • Bret Kinghorn
    This second book of the series was just as good as the first.
  • Vicki
    Tense and exciting, with wonderful characters. I'm surprised that this series featuring FDNY Fire Marshal Georgia Skeehan isn't better known.
  • Brucie
    Apparently "flashover" is a description of many significant events in this story, almost a metaphor. Lots of "almost" in this book: almost interesting, almost insightful, almost good writing. I was disappointed by depicted relationships with shallow brutal men and treacherous friends and family. Very simple writing, more telling than showing, and some stupid editing.
  • Ed
    #2 in the Georgia Skehan, NYFD Marshal series.Georgia Skeehan and partner Randy Carter investigate a fire that took the life of a doctor with a history of denying pensions to disabled firefighters. Georgia's best friend, NYPD detective Connie Ruiz, confirms there is a bomb threat and that whoever is behind it knew the retired doctor. They are too late to save a second M.D. from a similar fate. Connie mysteriously disappears and Georgia's lover,Ma...
  • Ruth
    NYFD fire inspector Georgia investigates mysterious deaths that might involve disputes over line of duty compensation for disabled firefighters. Her lover is a suspect in murder of best friend. It is in fact best friend who is the murderer seeking revenge for death of family
  • Kyra
    More 'airport' reading. This is pretty darn good too, except the final plot twist was really unnecessary and pretty dumb. Good characterization, well written, interesting factual material presented in a non-boring way. Definitely interesting enough that I will look out her other books.
  • Scott A. Miller
    Chazin came up with an even better story in the second Skeehan novel. More twists and a villain I caught on to just a little too quickly....but all in all a great read. There is only one book left so I hope that Ms. Chazin is working on the fourth book in the series.
  • Tania
    This copy is an ex library one... But not the library that I work in. It comes from down the road in Wellington.