Many Worlds in One by Alex Vilenkin

Many Worlds in One

A Leading Figure in the Development of the New Cosmology Explains What It All MeansAmong his peers, Alex Vilenkin is regarded as one of the most imaginative and creative cosmologists of our time. His contributions to our current understanding of the universe include a number of novel ideas, two of which—eternal cosmic inflation and the quantum creation of the universe from nothing—have provided a scientific foundation for the possible existen...

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TitleMany Worlds in One
Release DateJul 10th, 2007
PublisherHill and Wang
GenreScience, Physics, Nonfiction, Popular Science

Reviews Many Worlds in One

  • John Trefry
    I'm not sure who is the better scientist, but in terms of the prose required to address this multiverse issue, of those I've read, the advantage is as follows: Greene>Vilenkin>Tegmark. This text was a valuable supplement to Greene because I don't think any one suite of analogies can properly conceptualize this complicated stuff, and really, for laypeople, all we are really looking for is some way to understand analogically. Recommended as a suppl...
  • Lori
    An interesting book, but not at all what I was expecting. Based on the title and reviews, I thought it would delve deeply into the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. But no mention of multiverses comes up until the last teensy sliver of the book and then only in conjunction with the author’s discussion of his most recent paper that describes a theory of a universe which arises out of nothingness. Here, the discussion is juxtaposed...
  • Adam
    An amazing historical survey of the development of cosmological inflation theory, which gets more mind-blowing with each chapter. Charmingly and lucidly written, with intriguing historical asides that are little rests from the succession of astonishments.
  • Stefano
    Nice divulgative exposition of the research ideas and results of Alex Vilekin, with a clear and engaging writing style. It's worth reading for knowing the big ideas behind Quantum Cosmology.
  • Rama
    A theoretical search for parallel universesThis book is not for the faint hearted; it requires basic knowledge of physics and cosmology. Parallel universes, also known as multiverse are a set of universes that comprise all of physical and quantum reality. Our universe is a very small island in a vast ocean of numerous universes separated by false vacuum; in essence these are a set of disconnected space-time domains, and our reach to another unive...
  • Fred Kohn
    Not the most wonderful book on cosmology I ever read, but it was good enough. It was somewhat simplistic compared to Steinhardt's book on Ekpyrosis and especially Penrose's book on Conformal Cyclical Cosmology. I suppose that that is either an advantage or a flaw depending on your point of view. I think Vilenkin exaggerates the entropy problem in these cyclic models, but surely there wasn't room for him to totally explain his reasoning in this bo...
  • Jan
    I enjoyed this book, as challenging as it certainly was. I read it upon the recommendation of my science-loving husband, and one of the joys of the book was actually impressing him with my ability to read it start to finish. (He called me Physics Girl while I was reading it--NOT an insult, coming from him--or anyone?? But definitely NOT his usual nickname for me!)I will quote the author from the fly leaf of the book: "The intended reader of this ...
  • Huyen
    My problem with this kind of book is that you can't really learn much from it. Either, you work in the field, know all the math and physics behind it, then it's useless to read this book. Or you don't work in the field, and you try to understand the over-simplified version he tries to explain, but it still doesn't make sense. e.g: If you compress an object, its gravity is enhanced, and if you stretch it, gravity is reduced. if you could keep stre...
  • Richard
    A breezy survey of the view you get from the top of a mountain called Cosmic Inflation Theory. Saying that the view is immense would be like calling War and Peace a long story - and it's a pity, a generation after Alan Guth's monumental discoveries, that the more mind-boggling consequences of inflationary cosmology have not filtered down to more non-scientists. But this is at best a very mixed success: Vilenkin writes with admirable lightness and...
  • Telans
    Честно говоря, когда я читаю подобные книги (о современных изысканиях в области физики и около) меня все чаще посещает мысль, что в наше время физик может высказать любую умопомрачительную гипотезу (за которую писателя-фантаста бы сразу же переме...
  • Read It
    Interesting Book, I am firm believe in the Inflation theory. Mr. Vilenkin did a wonderful job at describing who his comrades where Andre Linde and Alan Guth and Stephen Hawking and also showed some noticeable rivalry for Paul Steinhardt & Princeton Boys. It does appear Steinahardt likes to get under some peoples skin. In the book, Vilenkin does an outstanding job at describing what a true vacuum is, a false vacuum, Negative vacuum, The Scalar Fie...
  • Pavlo Hodysh
    На кінець я дочитав цю книжку. Починав читати тричі, ніяк не міг дочитати, бо хотілось розібрати і зрозуміти всі концепції. Що далі читаєш цю книгу, то більше потрібно розуміти абстракції і складних концепцій. Тим не менше, сама книга дуже цікава, з...
  • Josh Romero
    "It is said that an argument is what convinces reasonable men and a proof is what it takes to convince even an unreasonable man. With the proof {The Borde-Guth-Vilenkin Theorem} now in place, cosmologists can no longer hide behind the possibility of a past-eternal universe. There is no escape, they have to face the problem of a cosmic beginning." ... One can probably guess why I was reading this book.
  • Andrej Savin
    This is one of the most inspiring books on cosmology ever written. It does require a basic (albeit not huge) knowledge of cosmology but it rewards a patient reader enormously. In some ways, it is even clearer in explaining the "universe from nothing" idea than Lawrence Krauss's book. Highely recommended.
  • Evgeniy Lapin
    4 звезды только за сложность для человека плохо знающего физику (для меня). В остальном книга - бомба. Тот самый случай, когда фраза Кларка "Любая достаточно развитая технология неотличима от магии" очень в тему ибо книга объясняет за фантастику/фэ...
  • Aaron
  • Jamie
    Too scientific for me.
  • Brian Bloom
    Pretty cool take on a cosmology book. Offers different views and perspectives compared to other books out there.