Lizzie's War by Tim Farrington

Lizzie's War

A family epic laced with authenticity, wit and unforgettable characters. Liz O'Reilly has a husband in Vietnam, 4 kids under the age of 12 (and one on the way), and a burgeoning crush on the family priest. An unconventional love story.It's Summer 1967 and Mike O'Reilly's just shipped out to Vietnam. Liz O'Reilly is trying to keep it all together for their four kids – 6 year old Deb–Deb (who believes she is an otter), 8 year old Angus, Kathie,...

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TitleLizzie's War
Release DateMay 2nd, 2006
GenreFiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Adult

Reviews Lizzie's War

  • Julie Failla Earhart
    Tim Farrington’s 2005 novel, Lizzie’s War, opens with a helluva first line: “Detroit was burning.” I was immediately pulled in to this story of two wars. Taking place between July 1967 and Labor Day 1968, the novel is reflective of the period. At home, riots are burning the country and in Vietnam, men are dying at an alarming rate in an unpopular war in an unforgiving country.Captain Michael O’Reilly, USMC, has shipped out for Da Nang. ...
  • Sandra Hutchison
    This lovely book is all about war. The most literal battles in it are waged by a seasoned officer in various harrowing scenarios in Vietnam, but there are also the spiritual battles of a Catholic priest with his calling, his own war history, and his attraction to a lonely parishioner. Most centrally, though, it's about the battle of tough-minded Lizzie to keep herself, her children, and other families around her from falling apart while their hus...
  • Irene
    I had mixed feelings about this book. It's about a Marine Wife living at home, raising 4 children while her husband is fighting in the Viet Nam war. It was a "slow go" for me getting started but once "into it" i found most of the content very interesting. The wife's emotions, being alone and handling her kids and life without the support of her husband was good. The husband's life fighting in war was equally as good. I couldn't figure out why the...
  • Emily
    This book is what real feels like. The emotions and thinking of the characters is what one would expect considering the issues addressed in this book. The only thing that seemed amiss was one of the characters stories just ended without a full explanation. Other than that the book was one of the better ones I have read in quite a while.
  • Susan
    I loved it! Not only did the Vietnam war cause anguish, uncertainty and death, those at home had the same feelings and outcomes with marriage, family, loneliness. A great read not only for that generation of people but for all voracious readers.
  • Patrice Bisogni
    A great representation of this era (when my parents were teenagers!), a tribute to military families, and a reminder of the horror, wastefulness, and randomness of war. In the end it's really a beautiful love story and a story about families (and extended families). Loved it!
  • Jane
    I have mixed feelings towards this book. While it was well written I remember the Vietnam era and the war and protests everywhere. Mike O'Reilly, a captain in the marines is deployed to Khe Sahn in Vietnam in 1967 while his wife Lizzie is left at home with four young children to deal with. Lizzie's story shows the fear, loneliness and anger that she has to confront. Mike's story tells us of the tedium as well as horror of that war and probably al...
  • Angie Cory
    A Motherly PerspectiveRarely is a book written regarding the upheaval of life of a soldier's wife. Maintaining a household was not the norm for women during the Vietnam era, even though women were beginning to break the rules. The dreaded double Marine knock on the door, delivering the unspeakable. The conceptual religion bringing no peace. The book gives the reader a year in the life of Lizzie during the 60s, a tumultuous time in and of itself.
  • Sharon Griffin
    This book began with a somewhat shallow or flip tone about Vietnam War and the family whose lives were affected by it. Not until an injury mid way through, does the author bring a more realistic tone. Again as in many current books, we see the switching of point of view from several characters. It is mostly through the eyes of a mother whose husband is fighting in the war.
  • Jenny Taylor
    Quite possibly the best novel I have read this year! Set during the Vietnam War, the sentiments on war, military life, marriage, motherhood, religion, and racism, so beautifully expressed by Farrington, are still pertinent today. By turns humorous and heart-wrenching, Lizzie's War truly touched me in a way that few novels do.
  • Margi
    Such an interesting story about those fighting in Vietnam and those left behind to carry on in their absence. Liz is left to take care of her four children while her husband is off fighting the war. This story portrays the struggles of war not only in the trenches but on the home front.
  • John
    Wanted to like it more. Taken in at beginning but lost interest as it went on. Author is a good writer, but that wasn’t sufficient. Germaine character had most potential for me, but Farrington was taking his time expanding his role. Gave up on book halfway through.
  • Susan Belvo
    I borrowed this book on a cruise was a spectacular read...I absolutely loved the characters-the strength of this woman who is trying to hold her families life together while her husband is off fighting in Vietnam. Just let Vedic...Brought me to tears....
  • Bev MacMahon
    Poignant and humorous at the same time.
  • Laura Edwards
    Devastatingly beautiful. I'd like to read some other books by this author.
  • Maureen Bachman
    The spouse and surviving at home.
    WowI really enjoyed this book, it was full of everything from frustration to love, loss and everything in between, it has a little bit of everything.
  • Brian O'Leary
    Awesome book about the war told from both the soldier's perspective and his wife's perspective, has great human emotions. One of my 10 best books ever written.
  • Elizabeth
    I really enjoyed this book, nice insight into experience of a military family, good pace.
  • Dorothy Timm
    It was so interesting to see how Liz and Mike experienced the Vietnam War, her as a wife at home, and him as a soldier. I also noted how the children reacted to it.
  • Ken
    Tim Farrington’s novel, Lizzie’s War, focuses on married couple Lizzie and Mike O'Reilly and the wars that each are fighting. Set in 1967-68, the narrative centers on the title character, who raises her 4 kids while her husband is in Viet Nam, struggles with an unplanned pregnancy, and thinks about what it means to be married to someone so far away and the person she was before marriage and kids. Mike, her husband, fights in Viet Nam, while l...
  • Kandi
    Upon finishing this novel, my heart is filled with respect for our men and women who leave to fight our senseless wars and also their families, for their sacrifice. Much like the character of Lizzie in this story, I'm against any foreign policy that sends our loved ones off to fight, but I still support our brave soldiers who feel it's their duty to protect, serve and die for our Country. They are all amazing and I want them to know that we here ...
  • Timothy Bazzett
    I read Lizzie's War a few years back now and thought I'd reviewed it then, but I guess I didn't. It is perhaps one of the few novels about the Vietnam War that shows both sides of a marriage affected by the war. Lizzie was the wife of a Marine officer deployed to Vietnam and the narrative has a kind of variable viewpoint. First you see what the husband is doing and enduring and then what the wife is doing and enduring. Their letters play a big ro...
  • Karen
    I really liked the characters in this book, and was invested in their journey's, however there were times when the book fell a little flat, and made me bored. The ending was also a little rushed and I felt that some of the stories were underdeveloped (view spoiler)[ especially the relationship between Liz & Fr. Germaine. It wasn't that I wanted them to dwell on their feelings for one another (If you could even call it that. I think they found sol...
  • Lizzie
    I read thtis book and cried at least three times. The author Tim Farrington is brilliant - I happen to be lucky enough to be a writing seminar he teaches. After reading this I started to listen more closely in class... Just kidding, I always yhought he was wooooonderful.Introduce yourself to an amazingly funny while breaking your heart story about a military, catholic family facing distance, comunication, personal frustrations and the world every...
  • JoAnn/QuAppelle
    This is the newest book by Tim Farrington, who wrote a book I really loved, "The Monk Downstairs". I liked this new book, just not quite as much as his other. "Lizzie's War" is the story of Lizzie and Michael O'Reilly and takes place in 1968-69, during the Viet Nam War. He is a Marine officer who is in VN and she is at home in VA with three children, expecting a fourth. The story alternates between her life and his, and is an interesting juxtapos...
  • Teresa Mizusawa
    As a military wife myself I was able to identify with the characters in the story. I liked how the point of view would alternate between the battles in Vietnam and those at home. Many of the emotions described in the book are very real and applicable to any wife who put her dreams on hold and had to send her husband off to fight a war. Being a Marine Corps wife made much of the vernacular easier to understand, and appreciate. Mr. Farrington did a...
  • Cathy
    I really enjoyed this book. I liked the way the author told the story of this family, dad off in Vietnam and mom working to hold it together at home. I think the author's message was to capture the incredible difficulty of "keeping the home fires burning" (I can't imagine). He also tries to give you a peek into the mind of a duty bound soldier (agree or not). There are some very funny passages in this book, especially Mike's battlefield sarcasm i...
  • Peggy
    Farrington's ability to write inside the head of many disparate characters makes me green with envy. Ditto for his terrific dialogue.I am so happy to have discovered this author and his talented writing.Every character is finely drawn, realistically portrayed with warts and flaws included...ranging from a Marine under fire in Vietnam, his pregnant wife (Lizzie) and 4 kids left at home, and the local priest who is wrestling with his own demons.The...