Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks

Feminism is for Everybody

Acclaimed cultural critic bell hooks offers an open-hearted and welcoming vision of gender, sexuality, and society in this inspiring and accessible volume. In engaging and provocative style, bell hooks introduces a popular theory of feminism rooted in common sense and the wisdom of experience. Hers is a vision of a beloved community that appeals to all those committed to equality, mutual respect, and justice. hooks applies her critical analysis t...

Details Feminism is for Everybody

TitleFeminism is for Everybody
Release DateOct 1st, 2000
PublisherSouth End Press
GenreFeminism, Nonfiction, Politics, Gender, Social Movements, Social Justice

Reviews Feminism is for Everybody

  • Ciara
    i kind of live-blogged this book while i was re-reading it. yes, i originally read it shortly after it was released, because i loved bell hooks back then & felt she could do no wrong as a feminist theorist. this book was my first hint that she can do some pretty serious wrong. in the decade since, her writing has gone steadily downhill & is currently almost completely unreadable, incoherent, hippie weirdness. there are little hints of the man-pan...
  • Samadrita
    Not until recently had I emerged out of the rock I was living under and located the @everydaysexism twitter account. Keeping an eye on their retweets for a little less than two weeks enabled me to discover that women are not only forced to endure the lecherous male gaze (often called 'stare rape' these days) on public transportation, made the object of innuendo-laced, denigrating remarks since puberty but also masturbated at in public without the...
  • Hadrian
    This is an accessible and lively introduction to an extremely important subject. Feminism is by no means a dead field, especially not in the United States, where the fight over bills like SB5 still smoulder in Texas. Broadly speaking, the present movement involves activism against oppression, discrimination, and exploitation. hooks writes about such goals within a broad and inclusive variety of social and ethical positions, reproductive rights, t...
  • Em
    I liked this book and would absolutely recommend it, but I think the title was misleading and it didn't serve hook's purpose, as I understood it. She calls for the creation of feminist children's books, door-to-door chats, accessible explanations of feminism to those for whom "feminism" is the other "f" word. This is just another example of the academization of feminism hooks critiques; Its language is not exactly easy to follow, it assumes sympa...
  • Jessica
    I love bell hooks! She is a little less hardcore and not so angry in this book, which makes it more accessable to the masses.... I guess she did that on purpose, given the title of the book "Feminism is for Everybody." Her earlier works are great if you want a taste of angry lesbian, black feminist. And who wouldn't want a taste of that?
  • Anushree
    Review will come up soon - Till then check this passage out - "We have not amassed enough testimony to let the world know the sexual pathologies and horrors women endured prior to the existence of dependable birth control. It evokes fear within me just to imagine a world where every time a female is sexual she risks being impregnated, to imagine a world where men want sex and women fear it. In such world a desiring woman might find the intersecti...
  • Emily
    Tough book to rate. Take the first and last chapter, and you have an incredibly well written book that perfectly sums up feminism, where it's been, where it lacks, and where it could go. Feminism in theory is about respect, about choice, about re-evaluating beliefs and including and affirming everyone. 5-star all the way.The hundred pages in between are full of humble bragging (the only time she doesn't use generalizations is to either slam a par...
  • Pink
    There's really not a lot I can add to the title. Feminism is for Everybody. This book is especially good for people who denounce feminism, or don't think we need to shout about it any more. It's the sort of book that should be on every school syllabus, to open discussions and make young people think about these issues. To realise that talking about feminism goes beyond wanting equal rights in the workplace. It's not a woman only book, it's not ma...
  • Julie Ehlers
    I'm very glad I read this book. The intersectional discussion of feminism was really interesting and made a lot of sense. There's a big emphasis on intersectionality in feminism nowadays, which I appreciate and agree with, but it's been a little difficult for me to envision how everything would work together in terms of policy and activism. This book was so helpful in this regard, and in that sense it was very valuable to me. I also really apprec...
  • Hannah
    I read this for my Intro to Gender and Women's studies course and I absolutely loved it. It's the perfect place to start if you're interested in diving into feminist studies or even if you're already well versed in the subject. It really is for EVERYBODY (pun very much intended).
  • A
    I read this because I'd like to be better read on feminist theory and wanted a quick/easy "refresher." Also, I recall reading Hooks in a collection of feminist essays way back in 1999 or so and appreciating her particular perspective. I can't now recall what the title of the book was (I'll need to ask the friend who lent it to me) or even what the essay was about, but I do know that Hooks is an instrumental figure in bringing race and class into ...
  • Jessica
    I love this book and think the message is incredibly important. However, not a massive fan of the lady that read hook’s writing as I thought she sounded too robotic. Too uninterested in the topic.Would highly recommend, just a different narrator, possibly even just go old school and pick up the paper edition
  • Jesse Richards
    This had some interesting parts, and filled in some gaps of the feminist movement's history for me, but it gets a low rating for one reason: it states its goal at the beginning - to be a primer on feminism accessible to all - and then fails miserably at it. I would never recommend this as a feminism primer to someone. It doesn't talk much about feminism or the need for it but rather dissects the in-fighting within the feminist movement. It's also...
  • Laura Gaelx
    bell hooks desarrolla un discurso cercano, muy pegado a la oralidad, en el que de forma clara y directa analiza el tratamiento del movimiento feminista, desde los 60 hasta el año 2000, a algunas cuestiones clave: derechos reproductivos, violencia, raza, trabajo, sexualidad, belleza, clase, sororidad...Critica duramente los desvíos del feminismo hacia un "estilo de vida" que no cuestiona las estructuras de poder, sino que busca para algunas muje...
  • Aida Lopez
    💜Es un libro pequeño pero de un gran contenido en sus 19 capítulos.📚A mí me a aportado otro punto de vista,el del feminismo visto desde una mujer estadounidense,que además luchó contra el racismo y chocó con un feminismo burgués blanco privilegiado.📚Interesante también es el análisis que hace de la manipulación de los medios de comunicación .📌Aporta muchos datos pero para mí cae en una reiteración un tanto pesada para la ...
  • Faith
  • Ana ☾
    Feminist politics aims to end domination to free us to be who we are - to live lives where we love justice, where we can live in peace. Feminism is for everybody. 4.5, though I could change the rating later to a 4 because I'm not quite sure yet of the rating.I really liked this book. It was short and to the point, and though it was very basic (because is supposed to be more like a guide or manual), I really liked it.
  • Cinty Herrejon
    "Elegir la política feminista es elegir el amor" Bell Hooks.
  • Suzie
    A while back I was accused of being a feminist, to which my reply was "am not!" After reading bell hooks, I'm going back to that person to say "you're right. I am a feminist, and let me tell you why..."I guess what I learned is that feminism isn't the f-word. Feminists are not man-haters, they aren't all lesbian (not that I thought either of these, but now I have enough material to cite when others make such unwitting remarks), and I think most i...
  • James
    This book is a nice short read covering the basics of feminist theories and detailing bell hooks's experience in becoming a feminist. She touches on a variety of subjects and how they relate to feminism in practice. Class, work, race, bodies, relationships, sexuality, and others are all touched upon. It's pretty good, especially for a beginning text.I picked it up because I thought I could use a little brushing up on some feminist theory, and I a...
  • Meonicorn (The Bookish Land)
    4.5 round up to 5 stars. Now you can check out my Video Review Here .I gained so much from this book, two things I noticed tho: 1) I want to see how Bell Hooks came to her conclusions, what books did she read, and what analysis did she do. I guess I will need to read her other books to find out. 2) I would love to see more about Global Feminism, but it was one of the shortest chapters, which make sense since she's American. But I do like her thou...
  • Qwo-Li
    One of the things I love about bell hooks is that she writes radical books for widely different audiences. This book is for both for an audience that hasn't thought much about feminism and has misconceptions of what "feminism" is, and also for feminists who aren't coming from movements that include an analysis of race and class at their centers. I've used this book in first year writing classes to teach about feminist politics and it's been reall...
  • Daniel Santana
    La política feminista es necesariamente radicalEste pequeñito gran libro logro darle un giro de 180º a lo que yo consideraba como feminismo, bell hooks (si, con minúscula) hace una revisión profunda del movimiento feminista en todos sus más importantes temas de abordaje como la violencia, las relaciones, la espiritualidad, etc. Rescata y aboga por un feminismo radical, como el único modo de realizar cambios sustanciales en las estructuras ...
  • May 舞
    '"Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression." I love this definition...I love it because it so clearly states that the movement is not about being anti-male. It makes it clear that the problem is sexism. And that clarity helps us remember that all of us, female and male, have been socialized from birth on to accept sexist thought and action. As a consequence, females can be just as sexist as men. And while that doe...
  • Irene
    Bell Hooks wrote this book as an introduction to feminism. The purpose of it was to be "easy to read without being simplistic. " Bell Hooks has accomplished what she has set out to achieve. Her writing style leans academic but it doesn't make it inaccessible. You just have to pay attention.What I love about Feminism Is For Everybody is that it distills academic theory about feminism from an insider perspective. As it is an introduction, some of ...
  • Laura Kovácsová
    Komplexné čítaníčko pre každého, kto už nechce len gúľať očami pri všetkých tých debatách o klasických stereotypoch spojených s feminizmom. "Ženy nenávidia mužov." "Ty si taká iná feministka, nie ako tie ostatné.""Samozrejme, že chcem rovnoprávne postavenie žien a mužov v spoločnosti, ale nie, nie som feministka.""Veď to sú len komplimenty."Ešte nás čaká veľa roboty v spoločnosti, kde vládne popri sexistickej...
  • Yasemin Şahin
    Yazar, kadınların da erkekler kadar kendi cinsiyet mekanizmalarının farkına varmasını istiyor. Sadece erkeklere yöneltmediği cümleleri herkesin dil, din, ırk, cinsiyet eşitliği üzerinden savunduğu tezlerle çok güzel açıklıyor. Önsözde; sürekli başa dönerek yeniden anlattığım feminist oluşumu dile getirecek bu kitabı yazmaya karar verdim, çünkü anlatmaktan dilimde tüy bitti minvalinde açıklamalar var. Alınıp h...
  • Lou
    4,5/5”La mayoría de la gente no tiene un conocimiento mínimo del feminismo y no puede adquirirlo a partir de distintos materiales, como manuales de educación primaria que irían complejizándose, porque esos materiales no existen. Debemos crearlos si queremos reconstruir un movimiento feminista que sea de verdad para todo el mundo.”Es preocupante la forma que tienen algunos (¿la mayoria? ¿todos?) medios de comunicación de desvirtuar al ...
  • Batool
    I guess i'll start with Bell definition of feminism which is: “Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” I really like this definition because it doesn't only focus on women or men and neglect everybody in between. And it kinda recognize that there are issues that men suffer from because of sexism as well and i think it's important thing to say. She said in the book a lot of dies or assumption in the world ...
  • Liz Janet
    Basically, intersectionality is boss!